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Ft Lauderdale/Miami, Fl
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I have loved real estate for most of my adult life. I took a class in RE Principles and passed the course about ten years ago but never got my license cause life issues interrupted.

About a month ago while on Facebook I noticed an advertisement with Dean about his free seminar and attended, which led me here. Yes, I have attended many other RE seminars but thought it was not for me but I am determined to kick my fear to the curb.

I purchased the book 'Profit from Real Estate' and it is very clear I can do this so now getting my first deal is my goal and I feel like I am just being born to a whole new endeavor. This forum is amazing.

Thank You Dean!

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Ft Lauderdale, Florida/Miami

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Hi all,

I am in Ft Lauderdale, Florida/Miami area and still working on my profile and love this website forum. I am still a little 'green' but have loved real estate for the last 20+ years. I am currently reading 'Profit from Real Estate Right Now' and have had several 'aha' moments while reading the book and I know I can do this. Would love to network with others in my area.


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This site is great for inspiration, motivation and networking>

Thank you for the welcome

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Yes it is