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About Me: 

I am a wife, mom, and soldier
I like to read, sing, being creative
I love to do and see results

Real Estate education and Crafting

Topics I've Participated In

Basic Info

Military Supply Support
Have Child(ren)
Some College

Sites I Visit

Mainly Just This One


2011 A year for complete change

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Short Term View:

I will take action

I will stay positive

I will get results

The next step is coming!

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I have recieved Dean Think a Little Different package! I have gone through the material....Next I will sign up for the Academy....YAH....This will help keep me grounded and focused...due to current Military commitment I will be leaving very soon but this will not stop me....

Hi Denise!

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Thanks for stopping by my journal!

I like you goal!

Get Started!

Don't Quit!


Looking for Terry Regal DG team member!!!!

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Need to get this message to Terry Regal...
Good Day Terry!
I am so excited....even though deploy and have no real place to lay my head I do however have a new address and am ready to at least start the process....I will prayfully have a good living area with in a couple of days....I will then set up internet and phone. Q.) Do I need a printer/scanner to make things a bit easier?
Thank you for or time and patience....


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Welcome to the DG site. You will get a lot of valuable information here.

I recommend you use it wisely by reading as much as you possibly can.

Good luck.


Thank you Karen

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Good Day Karen,

Thank you for your advise....I am now ready to start putting what I have read in to action. I have ordered and read Dean's "Think a little different" course and the two free books I was given when I went to the simanar in Clarkville in Dec 2010. I have read them both as well as reviewed some of the blogs on Deans site.

Due to my Military status I am in need of much assist with the right processure for me and taking the right step to get started...

Again Thank you Smiling

Starting DG Academy!

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I am so happy!

I have taken the 2nd step and joined the DG team....



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I am currently on a roll I will be able to take action...can hardly wait to see the out come!


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I have 1800 #
I have Myfax #
I have business email
I have found 3 home FSBO(need to send letters request to lock up there property for sell)
Still working on my website through Dean Free website offer
Place ads for Agents & Brokers
need to be transparent I am deployed but will still work to close 5 deals quick....

Not stopping...keep up