Weekly Wisdom #368 - 2016 Secret Weapon (GO GRAB THIS)

Happy New Year!!! Ok let’s get this party started... I'm sure you have set some resolutions and goals to help make this your best year yet... And Good!! You should!! But the last thing you want is for this year to be another year that by February 15th life is right back where it was before setting goals. Not this year… Not on my watch!!

S first, I'm giving you my secret weapon (My Cheat Sheet) that I've used in my life for over 9 years to not just set goals, but basically predict my future by creating goals that become a reality. To get your cheat sheet go to http://www.deanslivecast.com

I've got a few things up my sleeve to help make sure this is the year that you set goals that stick and you don't get sucked back in to "life as it was". Once you understand this secret weapon to reach that next level of life you will use it every day in everything you do. Total game changer. It's wayyyyy beyond just setting goals!!

Second, if you have been a part of the DG family for a while you know I only "Go Live" when I have something incredible to share. Well incredible is an understatement.

Watch this and get the details on a Special Live Web Cast I'm doing in January. When you see why I'm doing this and how it can impact your income in 2016, you won’t dare miss it…

(to register and get your cheat sheet go to http://www.deanslivecast.com )

So watch this video, get my special 2016 kick off message…get my action sheet to set goals that stick and see how you can reserve your seat for my live web cast.

From my family to yours I hope this will truly be the most blessed year of your life. I make you a commitment now as one of my 2016 goals, to provide you all the capabilities I can to help you achieve all you desire.

(to register and get your cheat sheet go to http://www.deanslivecast.com )

You deserve it!!

Can't wait!

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Learning from you and Matt is a privilege. I'm ready for more! Thank you for doing this~

I can't wait.....:D

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I don't want to say that I follow you blindly Dean but before you even said what the livecast was about, as soon as I heard the words " Going Live, Jan 19th, 5 pm Pac.time" I had my calendar in my hand and writing it on there because I know, if you are going live with information, I need to be there and hear it! Smiling

You may remember my post on last week's WW. I did just what you said for this week, I looked back at 2015 and saw so many positives from the year and so many pieces that I had put into action that should make 2016 even better. It definitely puts your mind and mood into a different positive direction.
So I am looking forward and looking forward to next week's WW and the livecast on the 19th. I'm already registered. Smiling

Until next week.....

Andy Sager ( DG's AndyS)
CFIC & IE member
2013,2014, 2015 EDGE Alumni:D


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Always excited to learn more from you and Matt! Thanks for twisting Matts arm to share with us. Really looking forward to it!

Make it a great week!

you know what I like

Dean its always so up building to be around you and you are the """REAL DEAL!!!!!!!!""" Cant wait for this info, """timing couldnt be better""", """so excited, have an AWESOME DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!""", Jim


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Sweet Dude just got $3,800 fr a bandit sign in san diego, i wouldnt miss the livecast for the world im having surgery that morn to remove a carcinoma fr my face but i'm still watching later love you man


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New year and what a way to start it off with a great livecast with the two of you, the info is always good.

Thanks guys

Weekly Wisdom #368 - 2016 Secret Weapon (GO GRAB THIS)

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Hi Dean,

Looking forward to seeing Matt, and You together again on live webcam.....Smiling

Thank You for all you continue to do.....xo

Kindest Regards,

a lot going on

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since trying to complete a deal over the last 2 years i'm still not getting it done, i would love to get one done but i'm finding myself falling back in to the routine. i see a lot of deans Facebook post with the feel go stuff and i love it but it's hard to believe when you spent so much with little to show for it. my goal is to keep humping but it would be nice if dean or matt would take the time to call and talk with me to see what i may be doing wrong i gave you all i have how about 5 minute!!!

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