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Donald Myers
Catskill, New York
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I am a Full Time Real Estate Investor and I also invest in tax lien certificates as well.

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Real Estate Professional & Sales Consultant
Have Child(ren)
Completed Post Graduate

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New York properties, Upstate & NYC

Occupation: former retail salesperson, now commission sales,real estate investor
Children:Birthed 5, 2 at home

Education:Completed Junior Year at private school

Status: Single

Sites I visit are R.E Investment clubs such as Probate, New York Investors, Chicago Investors and So Cal properties.Would like to do assignment deals first, then move into REOs.

Schnectady, New York House for Sale

Do you have any pics of this property? Also, do you know of any single-family properties similar to it located closer to NYC such as Peekskill,Poughkeepsie,Wappingers Falls? I am stranded in So Cal just outside of Los Angeles without a convertible and need to get home!

New To This

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I'm a newbie here and I'm treating this site as my new face book lol. Just wanted to say what's up and I hope you make lots of money and have crazy fun. I'm looking to build my buyers list now and get really involved with the DG Fam.


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Are you one of Buck's kids? Buck Myers Inv from tulsa OK.

Property in Massachusetts

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Hi. Yes there are some cheap peices out here. Most of what I hear is from word of mouth.

Talking with neighbors has been one way for it has not stopped.

People chat for the heck of it and tell me more.

Too bad I can't get something for myself. I just need to try it out when I have more time.

Sorry I have not written back sooner.(computer error).

I'm around today..

Have a great day.

NY Investor

Hi Artdecoddancer,
I just sold a property in Wappingers Falls and also have available rentals in the Peekskill area as well as Georgia. let me know what your looking for since i get property coming in all the time and i email as soon as i get something new in. PM or contact me

Roanoke Virginia Properties

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I got your message. I left you a voice mail on your phone. Are you willing to pay cash for the properties or are you going to rent these properties? Cant wait to hear from you. Thank You


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Hi this is Philip
What I am going to do for you is bird dog homes for you here in Roanoke Virginia.
I will send you the MLS listings of the criteria you want.
Sort through them if you need more information on one.
You can contact me or the Realtor at the
bottom of the MLS listing. If you contact the Realtor just tell him I referred you to the listing.If you are interested in this. Let me have your email so I can sent you the listings
Thank You
PS: I would prefer 20% at what you buy the house at.

Need Investors

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We need to find cash investors that are intrested in investing in the state of Michigan. We are in south-east Michigan. I have my property files filled with exceptional deals, I just need to find that cash investor, before my deals are all gone. Any help would be appreciated.

vacant house in forcloser

The is a 3b ed two bath ranch, style. Sold for 310,000.00 in 06, bank owned 153,000. clean priced right , estimate housing cost in the area projected to increase bt 3.5% in next three years

Cash Buyers

Mr. Myers

Like the gentleman above mentioned - What are the cash buyers requirements from properties that interest them?

I am in Florida and cash buyers are always welcome and my goal is to create a win win situation for me as well as the cash buyer.

Can you provide their requirements for properties that interest them.


I have just began a new marketing campaign to bring in buyers in the tri-state area.
I am interested in marketing your properties to buyers that respond if you are willing to joint venture, I don't like to add any money to your price because I feel that is unfair to my buyer.
Please contact me if you are interested.
O.T. Stewart