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My weekness is finding enough time to do all the things I need to do to get started.And I understand about where Matt,Greg & other students where before they became successful; But realistly, most of us have full time jobs, then go home to our home life & also try to watch 8 hrs of videos,read books & study workbooks & try to keep up on DGs web site.It's really great stuff and I will continue to plug along and set the steps so I can leave my job also. It's just with all I have to do in one week I think it'll be later not sooner.I would gladly pay if DG had his weekly blogs on CD so I could listen while driving as I drive 400 miles a wk.It would keep me motivated.Thanks

new book

I want to purchase 2/3 of your newest book on one order as gifts but my email account is not working properly and can not send at the moment.Would your office contact me ASAP. Thanks

FL Mobile Home Park

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Hi Frank,
Would you, or someone you know, be interested in a FL Mobile Home Park (pocket listing) that offers 91 MH sites, 36 RV sites, 16 rental cabins, multiple income streams: boat launch, laundry, liquor, food, boat rental, etc.. If so, the purchase price is $2,600,000. Market value is $3,500,000+/-. Net Annual cashflow is $575,913.60. A financial spreadsheet is available upon request.
This won't last long, so let me know ASAP.

Robbins workshop in San Jose,Ca

I will be attending the Tony Robbins workshop in San Jose on June 26-29 and would like to know how to get together with the Dean Graziosi group there. Thank you.