Real Estate Investing Weekly Wisdom #304 - Whats your excuse?

Excuses not only creep in, they can DESTROY the life you DESERVE!!

But NEVER again after this week's video.

Last week Dean said "you can't afford to miss this video" and he was right, wasn't he?!

This week is no different... Don't miss this.


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Once again, thank you so much Dean. These videos honestly somehow keep getting better and better.

No more excuses, just pure taking action!!

Thanks for the knowledge, motivation, and of course support.

God Bless


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You are right Dean and your timing is impeccable this is just what I need Smiling


Comfort, comfort zone, being comfortable

It keeps us stuck to the point of not being able to see the forest for the trees. There is something about working to be comfortable and to stay comfortable we have the tendency to do things to numb and dumb ourselves. This creates confusion and keeps us stuck and frozen in place. To make a correction in ourselves we need to choose what we will focus on and limit the time or do away with that thing we have been focusing on or doing that keeps us numb and dumb. At least until we get real with ourselves, get our balance and are better able to have control of ourselves. No one can do it for us. Maybe it is one tv show or a sport or books etc. that consumes your mind and you find yourself unable to break away from. When you add to that the noise of the world and being pinched financially or whatever it makes it real difficult. The thing is once you realize the problem you can find the solution and commit to jump in and just do it. Oh! and one more thing, an excuse is nothing but a well planned lie.


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1. I let life's problems suck me in and disable me from moving forward!

2. I let fear stop me dead in my tracks from reaching my goals!

3. I let naysayers crush my beliefs in the REI education I received from Dean and make me doubt what I was doing!

TODAY I'm tossing them in the trash Dean thanks for the Motivation to keep on PUSHING! Persevere Until Something Happens. I had to respond to your Blog because you speak from the heart and it can be applied to anything in someone's life that prevents them from being successful in anything, thank you for helping me clear the fog! Keep on Keeping On! Smiling


Thank you, Dean.
You're right, excuses are comfortable. Excuses are what prevents me from taking action. No action means no offers.
"Don't have time." "Family and friends require my attention." "Worried if I will not know everything."
It is time to quit these excuses, and take any obstacle and make it into an opportunity.

Thank you, Dean, for all that you do.


A great leader once said "

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A great leader ( on this site Eye-wink ) once said " You can make excuses or you can make money. You can't make both!" This is so true.
While there are many variations to this statement, my favorite being " POOP or get off the pot!"( I cleaned it up a little for this site Eye-wink) the meaning doesn't change.
So no whining, no complaining and no excuses! DO SOMETHING DAILY to move yourself forward.

Thanks for another great WW Dean. Smiling

Till next week,
Andy Sager
DG's AndyS
CFIC & IE member
2013 & 2014 EDGE Alumni Laughing out loud

Moving Forward

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Hi Dean,
I'm Getting team in place to help, I'm so use to doing the work that it's hard to change but I know I can make more money with the pen then with the hammer.
Look forward to the next WW

health sabotage

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It's so true Dean. Now that I am working with an Anthony Robbins coach, I realize that I have been using my health as an excuse. It's not that I wasn't sick a lot, because I was. But at some deep level that has become my "convenience" for not having to take action, because I was sick so much (recurring pneumonia). At the San Jose event with AR I learned so much about alkalizing your body, and I have been doing that ever since. I'm now taking the right supplements and drinking tons of water to stay hydrated. Getting my energy back. So now I can kick out those tax returns (that I still had not filed) by September 15th. In the meantime I am learning so much from Matt's 4 weeks to freedom course, that there really is no excuse left.
Keep those Weekly Wisdoms coming. Love you.


great blog Dean: I think people in general make excuses in life,I know I have. Mine was dont have any money for a investment property. There is a way in life to obtain some things. By following your education,and receipes,you have given all of us,that is no excuse.Take care Dean you and your family have a Happy Holiday. Carol in Texas

The Artist's Way

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Hi. Thank you for the weekly wisdom. I just wanted to mention something in case it helps anyone else. I'm reading The Artist's Way by Julie Cameron - where you write morning pages and do affirmations and find ways to get around whatever is blocking you from doing what you really want to do.

Also drinking the green food drink you recommended in the morning - finding that helpful too.

Thanks again.


It's Never Too Late...

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Thank you very much Dean for this and all other weekly messages. We all need that continuous inspiration. Here is the excuse that has affected me for a long time. We all have heard the phrase "It's Never Too Late". That may inspire some people to move forward and actually do something, but it may be a trap. If we continuously think that "It's Never Too Late" and we do not take action, like it has happened to me countless times, we will never get anywhere.

So, I'll throw this and all other excuses away and make that "Is Never Too Late Moment" my Now! I am starting with what I have and I'll get the rest on the way.

Thanks again!



I really enjoyed the subject you spoke on Excuses.I agree excuses are not the way to go.This weekly wisdom subject on excuses is a fact .Thanks Dean another great wisdom fact.

Whats your excuse?

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Hi Dean,

Another weekly wisdom for us to think about.....

We all have excuses....Sad....We have to stop making them......Eye-wink

Thank You for all you do......Smiling


A Combination of Excuses is my Problem

When I heard you speak about excuses, it immediately strucked me that I have many more excuses than I anticipated. However, one thing is for sure, Something is holding me back from doing that First Deal...what it is, could be questionable, but negative thoughts, people, but most FEAR, are the biggest one.
I have been watching and learning from you Dean, just like Greg Murffey who also watched you for years, before he did his first deal. I don't know exactly what it is that holds us back, but I know my day will come.
Thanks, Dean, and please, say hello to Matt.

So True

Great blog as always Dean.


Hello Dean, I always have an excuse for everyday that goes by without doing something.... I listen to your weekly wisdom almost every week and say to myself he is so right!!!! And yet here I am still nobody to turn to too get me going. Where do I go to find honest people that dont put you down for doing what you want with real estate. This is my biggest problem now, a bunch of haters and naysayers. Thank you Dean and staff for all you do! Diane

Excises & Matt's Masters Class

My printer just broke down and I don't have the money to buy a new one..which was the recommendaton. Right after that, while in the
mddle of week 3 of Matt's class, My computer went bezerk!! Never heard so much noise..whistles blowing, very loud miscellaneous noises and when I unplugged it, because I couldn't shut it down, the interior. wireless took over and the noise continued with a vengence! I just sat there in a state of panic..I had absolutely no idea as to what to do. It ultimately stopped and I let the computer rest for a couple of days while I reviewed and took action on week 1 and 2 assignments.once again. Well, all is well now, my computer is working once again. Thank goodness for System Restore! Excuses? None here..I long ago took to heart Dean's quote "You can make money or you can make excuses. but you can't do both." One day I'll be able to replace the printer Semper Fi D-LO.

Quitting excuses!!

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I love this! I quit smoking 5 years ago just like that, I made up my mind to do it and I did, never went back. I have been working on this very thing with our children of quit making excuses. As kids grow and they see their parents making excuses and now they have been conditioned to making excuses and the cycle keeps going. I see this very crippling for people but I will not make excuses, I will make things happen as long as it is in God's plan not mine.

Thank you so much for sharing!!!!

Tina Scott

"Excuse" me for saying!

Happy Labor Day Dean!

How right you are when you mention that excuses are comfortable. Something else that is comfortable when we decide to take action and once action is taken once, twice and three times, we notice a comfort. Not only is there comfort but accompanied with comfort is a sense of accomplishment. Now, I think this is beyond comfort of backing off because of what we feel or justify as ligitimate "excuses".

P.S. Andy quoting Dean G. " You can make excuses or you can make money. You can't make both!" is as real as real gets.

My best regards,

excuses be gone

Great message from Dean again. A great book/cd to pick up about excuses is a Wayne Dyer book called "Excuses be Gone" He talks about the reasons and cures for the excuses.

What defines an excuse?

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I am just wondering what is considered an excuse.

For awhile (a few years) I believed that sleep is for the weak. To understand why I thought this you really need to have my whole history but theres no time for that. Now obviously sleep deprivation decreases cognitive ability so some sleep is required.

So is "I'll do this task tomorrow because I have been up for 36 hours" an excuse?

What about "I am badly hungover but I have business opportunities (networking events etc.) today," should I decide not to go to them?

Some excuses are obvious, I would rather (fill in the blank) than do work, but there is a balance of work and play that must be achieved to avoid burnout.

Although wholesaling didn't end up being my calling (I do have thousands of buyers though, so don't hesitate to send me a deal), Dean Graziosi is the reason I am fully committed to learning different business models and ultimately being a Venture Capitalist. DG, for that I thank you.

Thank you! Will get out of

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Thank you! Will get out of the rut! No more excuses!

Another Awesome Weekly!

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Thank you Dean, for taking the time to keep motivating us week after week!!

I usually don't make many excuses to take action with my rei... but when it comes to my taxes, that's another story! I've been putting them off because of 'lack of time'; but after watching this Weekly, I won't make any more excuses! Starting to work on them today!!! Yikes! Eye-wink


that was awesome Dean

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yes quit excuses! no more excuses, sometimes they say in church that people have a ministry of excuses LOL same thing, finding excuses instead of reasons to succeed! love it

thx again Dean & fyi am absorbing Matt's teaching & taking action! Soon will have another deal!

No Excuses, not even a little one?

Hi Dean,

Thanks for another great inspiring video.

I really appreciate your "weekly wisdoms" as they bring me new inspiration every time.
I don't know how you do it, but I am grateful to you for doing so and sharing yourself with millions of other followers.
It's really great to listen to a positive and optimistic message from you every week Dean.
I know this has been put to you before probably heaps of times, but hey Dean, how about doing a "Daily Wisdom Video"?
Just kidding Dean!
I'm sure there's not near enough time in your day to even consider that notion.

Thanks again for the weekly Wisdoms though!

Hey Dean!

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Well said, excuses are comfortable! I appreciate all you do to help us become totally fulfilled!

Make it a great week!


Another awesome weekly wisdom to apply in life is not allowing myself to make excuses for myself and I would like to add for other people, just recently I removed a rehabber from my power team and RAISED MY STANDARDS!!! I started becoming really comfortable with that rehabber and lowered my standards while giving that rehabber extra time to get the rehab done.....Well no more excuses ....I had to remove those excuses / raise my standards. By making excuses for my self or others costs valuable time, lost opportunity and $$$ which I choose not to happen in my life....Life is a journey with continual ups and be experienced / I go around this world once...DONT MISS THE DANCE!!! Have an awesome Week Dean and DG Fam!!

Thanks Dean

I AM going to carefully now examine what I say and do so I can be able to be success in my rei business.
My excuse before was the following listed before

1) I had thoughts of my local market was not working for wholesaling.
2) Was lazy calling realtors and sellers
3) Lazy of looking at houses.
4) Didn't make a to do list each day

Now I'm glad I crushed those excuses I'm primarily focus in my local market so I can be able to get that deal under my belt and also each day I'm seeing myself doing much better I did yesterday in my rei business.

My Favorite Quote Of Today: "When someone belittles you they are being little. Don’t fight battles with small-minded people. They’re not going where God is taking you."- Joel Osteen



Hi Dean thats really great to the point info on this subject "excuses", no one gains from them they distant them selves from the main goals.Being honest with our selves is hard for some but its worth it to look ourselves straight in the mirror and say to our selves "Iam I BEING HONEST WITH ME" and if not we are cheating our selves and will reap that bad fruitage.We need to be honest in all we do and step out of those comfort zones and make those changes that hold us back "THATS REAL GROWTH".I hate comfort zones and excuses!!!!! And so should you!!!!!! out there is true growth land (when we leave them)!!!!!oh how sweet it is where the sun shines year around so to speak and we will have great success.I never want to stop GROWING AND GETTING BETTER AT LIFE, JUST LOVE IT, MUCH SUCCESS EVERYONE WE ALL CAN HAVE IT IF WE JUST DO THE WORK, THANKS DEAN!!!!!!!!!! GREAT STUFF!!!!! Jim

Excuses are nothing but

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Excuses are nothing but nails used to build a house of failure! Its hard, but they must be eliminated!