Real Estate Investing Weekly Wisdom #300 - Without Confidence, Nothing Works.

If you watched the livecast last week, you may remember Dean talking about confidence. Starts with a commitment then comes the courage, capabilities and THEN you're confident. When confidence begins, that's when the results start.

Do yourself a favor and take Dean's challenge this week, stop thinking... You'll be amazed by how your life and mindset will change!

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thank you Dean!

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another awesome Weekly!

I've made the commitment to watch your Weeklys and your live webinars because I know that I can always learn something from them! And the more I learn, the easier it is for me to have the courage to take action, no matter what the obstacles may be; and as you say, this in turn helps me build my confidence, and feel good about everything that I'm doing in rei!


Without Confidence, Nothing Works.

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Hi Dean,

Another " Yes We Can " Weekly Wisdom......Thank You......Smiling

" Without Confidence, Nothing Works " that's so true in anything we want to do in life.....Eye-wink

Have a Great Week.....


yet again.....

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YET AGAIN ! Dean your timing is impeccable I have been able to succeed because of the confidence I gained and I know with this momentum I will move steadily to be able to help others on their way as well

yet again.....

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YET AGAIN ! Dean your timing is impeccable I have been able to succeed because of the confidence I gained and I know with this momentum I will move steadily to be able to help others on their way as well

Blinders required

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You are so right. My "thinking" has gotten in the way of excelling at blazing speed.

Also, it's very rare to have someone like Matt help to super charge my business. I'm all in and I'm wearing my pink undies and will do whatever it takes.



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Thanks Dean for sharing! You have to get out of thinking it won't work, or what if this or what if that... you then give birth to it happening! I worked on our education and learning making many many mistakes because of my way of thinking that I really had to get out of. Once I did I finally got my first deal closed and the next and the next! I think people are their own enemy and if they will just open their eyes and do exactly what they are taught it will happen!


Powerful message

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Hey Dean!
You're so right, we can get rid and let go of those negative thoughts and limiting beliefs. Great analogy of the bottles in the river!

We signed up for Matt's training and are so excited to implement the videos and learn how to qualify a virtual assistant! Thank you and Matt for this amazing opportunity for this turn key wholesale business for less than $1,000! We all in, this day job has no chance now, January 5th is my date to give my notice! My MAP (massive action plan) is in place and I will succeed!

Thanks for all you and Matt do!

Make it a great week!


out with the negative in with confidence!

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Good afternoon Dean!
Confidence is so important, and as you've been preaching, we need to stay away from negativity.

I've literally been tuning out and walking away from negative conversations for the past 3 months and I feel a lot better about myself.

My confidence level is on the rise as a real estate investor!

Thank you and keep hammering it home!


Think, plan, do, review, tweak it!

As a man thinketh so he is. Thinking = brain storming > decision making > commitment > courage > capabilities > confidence > results

Stop thinking and just DO IT!


Great video Dean.We tend to forget how important it is to have confidence in what we do.Thanks for the reminder of knowledge.Have a good day.

Weekly Wisdom # 300


I am confident that I can be successful at REI; but, my biggest set back to succeeding is 'I am financially challenged' - many credit obligations at this time. The offer is extremely reasonable, and the mentor or teacher, Matt Larson, is one of the best. I hate to have to miss this golden opportunity at this time but I will never give up. I know that in order to succeed, the following ingredients, Dream and Commitment, must be present. Thanks Dean. Looking forward to your Weekly Wisdom.

I got Matt's training Dean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I am sooooooooooooo super excited & telling everyone to get the training too, the newbies who have not gotten a deal yet. I know how important the educ is Dean & am riding this wave to becoming a multi millionaire, I am not letting go Dean, thx so much for everything. I will pay back when I am successfull & train others, I will do boots on the ground & help others. God bless.

PS If your in San Diego Dean would love to meet you & buy you dinner.


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I do have those thoughts sometimes but I can usually get myself out of them pretty quickly. I wish I would've known about the programs with Matt Larson coming over to help one on one or the boots on the ground I've been hearing about for some time now. Had I known about them, maybe I would've been able to move on this RE a lot sooner. I was a member of the success academy and DGIE, but I just don't think I know enough to make a deal. If someone would've shown me one on one I would be a millionaire by now. Nobody ever called me to offer such a program. Wish they would have.

Hi Dean

Great Message on confidence, your right you have to believe you can do it, before you start, thanks always for the wisdom.



Thank you Dean. I love your weekly wisdom. My sister and I are wanting to do RE , she purchased the PMI plan but we are not getting what they promised. I keep hearing this can work ANYWHERE but I don't see it happening in southeast Kansas. There is nothing here. No job market--I am not giving up but I have yet to figure out how to over come the barriers that keep getting thrown in our way. Thanks for listening.

Committment, Courage, Capabilities, Confidence / RESULTS!!

Dean: Great Weekly Wisdom...haven't been participating in Weekly Wisdoms or Daily Wisdoms lately No Excuses...a lot of projects going on!!! Perfect time to jump back in with this weekly wisdom which truly hit home I find myself in deep thought sometimes thinking about the past or future which in reality gets me know where But I must admit lately that I have been so committed and in the here and now that I haven't had much time for thought but just DO that I can move forward in my life!!! I do not even let negative people affect me

Because I am committed I had the courage to deal with many opportunities in Real Estate these past 2 months and produce results
Life is a journey that provides us with opportunities along the way and we can either choose to welcome those opportunities with commitment or defeat! My choice is with Commitment.... Have an awesome Week Dean / Staff and DG Fam

Commit,Commit,Commit is the takeover of the sub-conscious

Dean; You have amazing power and telepathy to get your amazing points across. You truly are a excellent educator. I too, have bee reading books like a madman in " why do I do the things I do and don't jump at opportunities when they arise." Six years ago my health took a "CRAP"and I have been traveling very, very fast at getting all my faculties back in my head. I think you said what the problem is "Stop Thinking" is the solution. I am shifting gears and letting my Infinite source of power take over and make a "True Believable Commitment" in this REI Strategy.

Thank you so much,

Roger Bray


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Hey Susan - Read your message.. Already reached out to the the coaching team to contact you and see what needs to be done to spin those "can't happen here" thoughts and make sure you have the capabilities to gain the confidence to make it work where you live or maybe in the next town over.. Be on the look out for a call;-)))

Have a great day


Yes you have to have confidence

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to do anything! Real estate takes a lot of confidence, but taking steps everyday builds confidence and things really start moving.

10 secrets to success

Hi All, if anyone would like a really simple & easy to read & understand book on the keys to success and inner peace pick up a copy of Wayne Dyers book "10 keys to success and inner peace." It is a small book that fits on any night stand or when you travel. And it pretty much condenses every thing He talks about in his other books into this neat small hard bound book. Enjoy

Great video

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THANKS for another great video Dean! Confidence and commitment, 2 big C's. I keep saying I have all this training through DG, this great site to bounce questions off of folks doing it, top investors here in Charlotte that I network with, have done some flips, new builds, and have some buy and holds, how can I not have the top confidence a man can have? I laugh when I think about it, a Marine, a stinkin United States Marine and I struggle with confidence and discipline, oh my drill instructors would have a field day on me. Appreciate all you do to keep us motivated and moving forward!

Great weekly wisdom

Thanks for sharing!

Whats going on..

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You may Commit to something but only after you've thought it over. You call the Courage up to gain the Tools and Skills you will need...Your Confidence grows as you Learn and Do more..If You then get Results you now know the truth and your confidence becomes more complete... You and your thoughts are separate... Any thought can come into your head. Thanks Dean, Daniel..


Greeting;s Dean Graziois and Family~ ~

I need some assistance from my coache's. I had to step away since I had experienced unemployment formore than 7 yrs. Life was just now turning around for me and my family. After faithfully applying for more than 400 job's on-line and approx 35 job's in person during the period of 2006 - 2014 with a few tem agency positions that only lasted 3 to 5 month's. To God Be The Glory, I was NOT in a lot of debt and my Crd Score only took a small dive. So, the team of 5/6 is doing well. I have decided this time in my life I and one or two other person is really, truly ready and committed to the task of forgoing and seeing what the end shall be. Now, previously we had submitted a total of 65 deals between Reba and I and ALL Offer deals came back to short without ANY 2nd offer request whi ch puzzled many of my real-estate friend's in our city. Also, knowing up front that the Ohio area is not like most area's I kept interrecting with my coach at theat time are you sure this number is going to work? and his respond was Yes, but NO in reality it did not and those 65 deal's went DEAD. Our time and Your time is very Value, so I'm not here paying my monthly bill on time for the last 1 1/2 yrs for Knot. So, plz have a reputable, valuable Coach to asst with us. I really would like to deal one on one with yur business partner and let me know the cost. I do not want to waste any time. I just left last week driving and selecting all types of Commercial, Residential, and Commercial Construction Perm Deal's for Pastor's who are wanting to build between $ 1mill -$4mill Churche's. I still have my Underwriter for Commercial Deal's of these types. Let me know. you have my number on file with Income Solution. Let's Make it happen in 2014'~ Make It A Great Day. Love You Too Pieces.~ ~


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Dear Dean, It seams that our brain constantly gets in our way. Thanks for reminding me once again on how important it is to believe. If we stay in that positive place so much good can happen. Once again another week of powerful messaging.



Matts Master Training

Budgetary constraint currently prevents my signing up for the payment left for the EDGE needs to be replaced within 60 days.....Have you and Matt considered recording and producing the training and student questions on DVD's so those of us that are not presently prepared to enroll can purchase the training at a later date.....just a HOPEFUL THOUGHT.....

I totally agree

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I have noticed that when i start worrying about how I am going to have money for food and gas until I get another paycheck that is when I stop working on opportunities to actually make sales, it is counter-intuitive, but overthinking something that is probably going to turn out ok is just a WASTE OF BRAINPOWER.

I have also been reading books like crazy.


Dean Thanks for your weekly talks to us They are all so very good that they pick me up and make me know that I can do all but then I let my mind talk myself out of it. I think I over think everything and I need to get going and do. I am trying now but I am afraid that I will do it wrong. I am going to reread you 30 day book and get starter. Thanks for all you do for all of us. It must be nice to know that you have changed so many lives. Thank You Crossover Sandy

You nailed it......

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You nailed it, from "Stinkin' Thinkin'" to "Scared Thinkin'" to "What was I thinking?", the common denominator was the THINKING!!! Our thoughts can really screw this whole thing up!
As you've said Dean, if we march forward with confidence, the end result will be what we want it to be. I truly believe that. When doubt comes in, it changes the results.
Confidence is the byproduct of our education, actions and experiences. It comes from failures as well as successes. It comes from not dwelling on and reliving those failures and successes but from learning from them both and moving forward accordingly. From the cliche "just do it" to "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.", the belief that they are true is necessary if not mandatory for them to be effective. That belief brings with it the confidence to go forward.

For those who need some encouragement about confidence, I offer the story of the wood duck duckling. Wood ducks nest in hollow tree cavities as high as 60 feet off the ground. There is no food up there, just protection. In order for the ducklings to feed, they must jump from that 60 foot off the ground hole, with no assistance from their parents or siblings, and then walk, sometimes as far as 1 mile, to the nearest pond or lake to feed. Talk about confidence, these little ducklings are only just hours to days old and they are confident to take that leap because they inherently know that if they don't, they will not survive. ( Sound familiar?) So when you lack the confidence to make that phone call to an agent or talk to a new buyer or seller, just think how much easier that is than jumping out of a hole, 60 feet up from the ground. I'm confident you will think so too. Eye-wink

Another great WW Dean. Smiling
Until next week....
Andy Sager
DG's AndyS
CFIC & IE member
2013 & 2014 EDGE alumni Laughing out loud

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