Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #147 - How Reality is Tied to Your Core Beliefs

Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog
You don’t always automatically identify what reality, fact or truth is. Your initial reaction to that statement might be “NONSENSE!”

But this week’s “Weekly Wisdom” reveals how accurate that statement is – AND what you can do to avoid letting false beliefs dictate and control your reality, success and happiness.

Reality vs. Our Perception

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Great! What we perceive to be the truth and what is really the truth can be entirely different. This admonition to examine what we think in respect to what is the reality can be eye opening. May we always look with an open mind and realize the truth of what we are experiencing. Thank you Dean for bringing this to our attention.

I like the purple car best.

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I've thought about this a lot since reading "Totally Fulfilled". It has been very helpful to me. If any of you DG'ers haven't read that amazing book yet, you are really missing out on some life changing wisdom.
Brody is adorable. You are a good dad, Dean.

Thank you Dean

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For more wisdom. I am glad to see you spending time with your son at work. Great looking kid.

Thank you Dean for all you have done for me and my family.

To all the other DGers read Totally Fulfilled it will change the way you look at everyday life.

Steve and Veronica.

Oh how true it is!

A childs personality is formed by the time they are 5 or 6 years old depending on the individual. When you look at a child just realize you are looking at big people in small bodies. I see them as precious. Children start learning while they are in the womb and they are like sponges. They pick up beliefs and habits and all kinds of things from other people and their environment. Brody is so cute and very well behaved - looks just like you Dean. Knowing you Dean as I do I can see that you really don't have anything to worry about with Brody and Breana. You and your wife are hands on and you have a wonderful family. I feel certain that the children will be working with you before you know it. Kind of like the Trump family which to me is very impressive.
I am so grateful to have had the experience of reading all your e-mails over the past few years and I am so glad that I took advantage of your Think A Little Different program. I can not begin to tell you what it has done for me even at my age.
The world is full of endless opportunities. Circumstances and environment from my youth did leave me with limiting beliefs that I am still working to overcome and I have the book Totally Fulfilled. I am half way thru it and I just finished reading your latest 30 days to fast cash. That is my priority above all else. Maybe someday I can sit down and have a nice leisurely chat with you but in the meantime and if I never get that chance I want you to know just how grateful I am for your presence in my life even from a distance.


Thank you for the reminder of belief vs reality.

Philosophy of Dean

I've been reading a lot of philosophy lately and one quote I came across that is very famous from Socrates is that "the unexamined life isn't worth living." Socrates goes on in different areas about how you should question your beliefs and the way you live your life and really scrutinize and ask yourself and others why they believe this or that and why this is the way you've chosen to live.

Watching this video made me realize Deans blogs are really introspective and philosophical and would be worthwhile for anyone to listen to.

Great Perception

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I agree entirely. More empowering wisdom this week. Your son is a very cute kid also, looks like he is a big "Cars" fan.


Thanks Dean, great message today. I've not read Totally Fulfilled but I think I might need to pick that one up!

It's interesting to me how some of us will take a message like this, internalize it, work to affect change in our lives but not see that same work or possibility in others. I don't mean that to sound negative or judgmental, I just wanted to point out that sometimes WE'RE the one that people are afraid of or intimidated by. We're the real estate agent Dean talked about, metaphorically speaking. In reality (or in fact), WE are the ones who have embraced life's opportunities and are taking action! I bet every one of us knows someone who would like to do the same but is hesitating.

I challenge each and every DG'er to take further action. Take someone under your wing or forward this video blog to them and tell them why you're sending it. The wisdom in this goes beyond real estate and is a fact of life. If we focused on helping everyone EXCEPT ourselves, think of how many people would be taking care of us in return.

I am where I am today in my life (and none of you know where that is, whether it's a good place or a bad place, but it doesn't matter) because of choices I've made. I've had a LOT of help at times and at others, I've felt totally alone. You are all special people and if the few DG'ers I've met are an indicator, you have the ability to help someone change their life...just like Dean does.

Take action today! Help a fellow human being. Send this on! Change a life.

Thanks for listing to my rant...

Charlotte, NC

Perception vs reality

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Thank you Dean for those kernels of wisdom. In sales we say that perception is reality. A customer's perception is their reality regardless of whether or not they are right. We should all take that to heart. Our perceptions are not always correct. I need to be more introspective of my perspective.
Thanks for the reminder!

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powerfull way to described what's real and what you think it is.thank you Dean.Brody looks just like you and well behaved,and I like the blue car better.

whats reality

Thanks Dean another great blog.limiting Beliefs. that is such a good point. vs reality. I want to thank you for all your help,and wisdom, in which you share to give us so much knowledge, and explain things, so well that is so true in real life. Your son is a good looking kid, I see he has his collection of cars. Have a good day,Carol in texas


Good looking son.

An elderly gentleman pulls out in front of you and cuts you off in traffic.

The elderly gentleman that cut you off goes on his way happy and unaware.

Are you going to let him ruin your morning and stay mad or are you just goint to smile, tip your hat and proceed on your way as if it never happened.



How true - YOUR reality is the way YOU perceive happenings - don't let any one else persuade you and take a look at your beliefs to see where they came from.

Good One - cute boy - "take your child to work day" - we have that here in my office Smiling


core beliefs

i have found this to be very true. past events and perceptions do affect our daily realities. keep up the good work

Weekly Wisdom

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Very appropriate title considering this week's content. Dean, I became aware of this beliefs vs reality conflict about 4 years ago and have been struggling to re-program myself ever since. I continue to listen to you and a handful of others and there has been incremental progress. No, I'm not where I want to be but I am no longer where I was. Your new book "30 days to Real Estate Cash" is instrumental in helping me overcome some of my beliefs, as well! I have called real estate agents and interviewed them with confidence-not worrying about their perception of me or my lack of knowledge. I've been a member since 2009 and I've made more progress in my first homework assignment than I had in all the years before. Thank you for the impact you are having on my life and success! And your son is adorable and very well-mannered. Smiling

Ogal Gaines

Thank you for reminding us

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Thank you for reminding us of what is reality. It encourages us to overcome the fear. Brody is adorable. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

Weekly Video Blog #147 - How Reality is Tied to Your Core Belief

Your comment on the Weekly Video Blog #147 - How Reality is Tied to Your Core Beliefs is so real and right on time. I really needed to hear that statement. It made me over come some of my fear and regrets that was holding me back. Thank you for being there.

Good Topic

Thanks Dean
Well chosen topic.
cute kid


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I have already thrown out all of my programmed beliefs...I learn long ago they didn't I attempting to prove to - that I can achieve the goals I've set for me in REAL ESTATE!

Thank you Dean! See you at the Workshop in Allentown, PA on Tuesday 9-13!! So excited.

Your boy is definitely you in appearance. He's truly full of cuteness!



Right on!

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I've known this and tried to help others understand it as well. Thank you so much for reminding us today! Smiling

Reality & Core Beliefs . . . and looking for a Nashville partner

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Dean, an excellent reminder about what a simple fact may be and what meaning we give it. This was exactly what I needed to hear today. My imagination has been working overtime the last few weeks assigning false meaning to some of my thoughts and feelings.

Also, I am several weeks into the Success Academy coaching program and am looking for partners in the NASHVILLE, TN area. If you are an investor I would love to put you on my buyers list.

OR - If you are someone looking to get started I would be happy to work with you and share profits. What I need as much as anything is someone to help get out bandit signs (I would provide the signs).

Know thyself!

Socrates also said "Know thyself"... looking inward is key to a happy life. Examine your perceptions and set yourself free.

Cute cute cute little boy!

Limiting vs Limitless Beliefs

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Hi Dan;

Thank you for the words of wisdom. Good advice to us all....
Oh, by the way the boy is the cutest.....


Your kids...

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are going to have a seriously solid foundation to work with in life. I don't say that because of your financial success but because of the belief system they will have to work with.

I highly recommend to everyone my favorite book, (no offense Dean), `The Science Of Success' by James Arthur Ray. I've read others similar on this subject but this one is the most complete, I believe. It's my bible.


Right On Target Dean

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You know Dean and all who read this, I came from a family of entreprenures big time. I was also guided towards schooling and a "professional life" but the reality was they were business owners. I mean, all the Aunts & Uncles and I was raised closely around my 32 First Cousin, plus I have a 5 year older sister, Judy. My parents have passed now, and in their 90's, and while the push to having the college backed professional career didn't take, in the end I'm thankful that they always said, "You have choices! This is what we'd like but to be happy you must find what you like to do first and foremost." How lucky am I to have that guidence. I went on to spend my 20's on the road as a Guitarist, Singer/Songwriter. Buti always had a side business. I was 27 and had 32 employees growing 14,000 pounds of Alfalfa Sprouts a month out of Eugene, Oregon, with long hair (I had hair then!) putting most of the profits into fighting Pesticides and working to get Dioxins OFF THE EARTH! So Dean, if you read this I'd like to say thank you! Your child is healthy and was not born with an exposed spine or 3rd arm because of what you said. That's right! Others who caught this truth you speak of this week broke out of their PROGRAMING and joined in a mutual effort, like we are doing through this magnificent Dean Graziosi Family you have been so right on to share, and DIOXINS ARE NO LONGER MANUFACTURED ON EARTH< and Spinaldiffida is mostly gone. It still shows it's ugly face, but only because DIOXIN'S are sometime the after product of other environmental contaminations. And so with the NEW WEALTH so many of will aspire to and be successful in making, we must also remember that we not only make a difference in the lives of the people we get to help in this business, but with the money we can take on great causes. And if not our own we can join others. Remember when Dean "needed" to help the people of Joplin, MO? This is leadership. This is "fine" stewardship of money. This is why I want to be successful with real estate at my age of 61 now: To get to the other side and give more, not for more vacations and cars and boats. Those things are fine. But if we continue to break away from our own "self image" then we (me included) that there are no limits within this business. And maybe now, 7companies later, I will become this professional that my parents had once dreamed of, but on my terms!

Re-wire our way of thinking and perception.

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A good Wisdom was share this week. It is how we perceived and think of what we are going to do with our future. The truth of mind setting and goals.
Handsome boy you have. God Bless him.

Thank you,
Wening (Fort Lee, NJ)

" The mind is everything. What you think you become"
“I do not believe in a fate that falls on men however they act; but I do believe in a fate that falls on them unless they act.”
- Buddha

Today's Weekly Wisdom (re "what's reality?"

Dean, I really appreciate all your "word's of wisdom" and today's regarding "what's reality?" is right on target and very meaningful to me as I get my week going! You share so freely with us, many thanks always!

Your little one is indeed delightful!


Thanks for the reminder, Dean.

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I'm a work in progress. peace

Weekly Wisdom

Great blog, Dean. Thanks so much for sharing this wisdom to help overome the apprehension of entering a new arena! Stil building up my confidence and knowledge so I can Fly.

I appreciate the encouragement. Good looking son...God Bless you both.

Reality is whatever you make it.

Thank you, Dean. Your son, Brody, a adorable! Great message today. You're absolutely correct. Your reality is whatever you make it. If you think you CAN'T, your right. If you think you CAN, your right. I remember someone being asked how in the world they accomplished such an impossible feat and they replied that they didn't KNOW that it was impossible to do so they just did it. It's amazing how our own thoughts control our lives and the action we take (or don't take) in becoming a success or a failure. When we learn to control our own thoughts and remove those self imposed limits on ourselves we will be able to do whatever it is we dream of. Have a great week!

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