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Gary Dent
Norwood, PA
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I have tremendous faith in god and am a very proud catholic. I beleive there is nothing you can not achieve if you are willing to set goals, Develop a plan to achieve those goals, and take action to make your goals happen.

I like anything out doors, I love reading about my Catholic Religion and real estate.

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Paramedic/Police Officer
Have Child(ren)
Some College

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Im sharing your wisdom.l

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I have to tell you I nearly fell off my stool after veiwing this weeks blog. I literally just had this conversation with a co worker on Saturday. He is a great guy who I have known 30 years. He has been going through some really bad times for several years and honestly I have been shying away from him for many years. Then for some reason on that day I said to myself, This guy is still a good guy, he's just overwhelmed with life and he's surronding himself with negative people. I started talking to him and the next thing I know were on watching your video blogs. I have yet to do my first deal and I'm already infected with the "let's help each other out" attitude. Needless to say,I set him up with your to do list, now, soon, and eventually. We than watched several other blogs together and I also sent him your link. I don't think he has any interest in real estate, but I know he's very interested in taking his life back. When we were done I could actually feel a sense of hope about him and it took very little of my time. Keep on blogging