Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #213 - The Power of Now

Do you ever look at Dean or others on this site and suddenly start feeling bad about yourself? Do you get stuck in reliving the painful choices of your past? Do you start walking down the mental road where you experience self-doubt and second guess your choices?

Well...if you do, you're in good company. See why in this video and discover a surprising truth that will change all that for you, if, you let it.


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first off if you hadn't gone into r.e. and teaching you wouldn't have had the privelage of meeting me at last years edge Smiling. seriously, we all make mistakes. it's how we overcome those mistakes that defines us. i've made a few hee hee. people that don't take chances and make mistakes don't learn much in life. i'm still waiting to have that quiet confidence you spoke of. i know i'll have it. i won't be denied.
keep moving forward, rob


My mind races with so many different points to respond to in your jam packed weekly wisdom. I have to say that I know with every fiber of my being that I can not allow myself to give up or fall into depression. I could sit here and give you a long list of obstacles and issues impacting me at this time but that is not what I choose to focus on. These are hurting times but I know that I am blessed and have the favor of God. I just touched on this at church this morning when I told someone things are getting better but still not good. It is a time of testing and Thou art the potter and I am the clay. It is like tempering steel and I will come out a stronger woman.
I just finished listening to my favorite mentor Zig Ziglar who passed away this past Wednesday and I took notes on his "How to be a Winner". Also in this past week I took a closer look at procrastination and laziness and divine intervention led me back to the book "The Richest Man Who Ever Lived". Every minute of every day I am thinking and working towards the future and bettering myself. Add to that Joels message today on "A Restoration Mentality".>broadcast.
The greatest success book ever written is The Holy Bible. I wish the best to everyone this Holiday season. feeds hungry children

The Power of Now

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Hi Dean

Another great weekly wisdom...Thank You.....

We all make mistakes....some can be undone, others can't....

Not all mistakes are bad, but only if we learn from them.

We can't let our mistakes keep us from trying again......that's what makes us that much stronger......

And Yes the Villain inside all of us keeps showing up......but it's in our power to keep chasing it away.....

Have a Great Week.....



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Hi Dean
Thank you for another awesome weekly wisdom! You are inspiration, role model to me.Truth is, I use your videos, audios, and even your picture as background on my pc when making calls to agents,buyers, sellers for motivation and for the push to take action! To fight the villain inside.

Thank you, God bless!


Dean in a Funk??!

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I cannot picture you in a funk...really??!!... but I can honestly relate, because I am there there lots of times; I'm also a worrier (not a warrior, a worry-er); but that is why I keep coming back to this site, because listening to your Weekly Wisdoms, and participating in the forums help me stay focused on my rei, and keep me moving forward.

I look forward to the Weekly Wisdoms every week, so as long as you keep doing them, I will keep watching them and leaving a post! deal?

thanks again Dean! Appreciate it more than you know!



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Dean seriously, we all make mistakes.Thank you for awesome weekly wisdom!

Always striving, never perfect

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But that's the goal - reaching higher all the time, while the enemy tries to pull us down. But He that is within me is greater than he that is in the world. Jesus saves every day. Died once for all, but Savior for all times.
Love your transparency and sharing. We are all in this race together.


Ive been struggling lately with my attitude and something just told me to get on DG tonight, so I did and came across this video. Thanks for being transparent and giving HOPE to others. This is just a reminder that you and your successful students are human just like I am, and If I live in the NOW I can accomplish my DREAMS. Thank You for caring about others and making others a priority. Keep up the good work, God Bless

Dean- Read Your Book!!!

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Point well taken. If you have time read our chapter in your book Your Town Your Real Estate Profits. Talk about shoulda, woulda, coulda. There is no telling where Jeremy and I would have been had we not met you. Remembering the past reminds me of where I never want to be again. You always care, Thanks Dean...Jan

Another Thank You

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Hey Dean,

I want to start with a thank you! Thank you for somehow always knowing what to post at the right time. The last few months have been a challenge for me with both investing and with being a NYC broker. I was on cloud 9 after the buying summit in June and thought I was on top of the world. Well the daily doses of villains and negativity worked overtime on my mindset and I really started to question my decision making and my future. When I do reach really low 'lows' I sign on here and get my energy back. I actually was in such a funk recently I didn't check your weekly blogs for a few weeks. I closed myself off to everything and today I decided to get back on track with the weekly wisdom and of course your message touched home as you always do. Thank you again for not only being an inspiration but for being real. It helps to know that even at your level of the game, you go through the same things. It's not always helpful if the person you are learning from has everything together and cannot relate to real daily mindset issues.

No pain, no gain

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Adversity is the only way to learn. Learning is the only way to live. Living is the only way to grow. Growing is the only way to find purpose. Purpose brings understanding. Don't you think so?

Hey Dean

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I've been feeling like I'm in a funk lately. But I think it's because we are getting closer to achieving our goals. We have been feeling like we are climbing on a wall, and the closer we get to our dreams the more it feels like the law of gravity come to play. It's almost a scary feeling, and that's when I start living in the past full of regrets but trying to stay positive. When I watch your blogs Dean it helps me stay positive.

I really appreciate this video blog because its nice to know that it's normal to get that way. Now I know what I can do when I start feeling that way.

Thanks Dean

moving forward

Hi Dean, Thanks for sharing. One of the things I've found that helps me is the life coach sessions offered on DGIE. I have not gone into the funks that I usually do because I am doing my homework, reading my limitless beliefs and working on my vision board. Doing those things repeatedly has really helped. I used to think people like you and (another mentor) Tony Robbins have it made with no problems, etc. But then I realized that's crazy - you guys probably have more problems than average people but you just know how to deal with it all better because you've been disciplined and done your homework. Thanks for all the wisdom you share with us. Smiling

Mistakes Make Us Stronger


I have just recently discovered you and the awesome potential of your business system in real estate, and I hope to be posting in the very near future of my first deal.

I just want to say that I use to be and still do from time to time beat myself up for past mistakes, but I have come to the mindset to keep pushing forward and always look to new possibilities that will make my life richer and fuller. Mistakes are what they are but they do make you stronger and wiser. I believe
mistakes are catalysts that help me to make my life better because you learn from them. However, as you stated you can either let them bring you down or you can learn from them and just realize they are what make us who we are now.

I look forward to posting again soon with good news of my first deal!

Many Thanks!
Rachel Smiling

The mind lies....

As usual, Dean, you are willing to be transparent in order to help others, and that is one of the reasons I trust you so much. I also get in these funks, sometimes before I even get out of bed!! Like you, I am on a journey with the mind/ego and have discovered that the mind loves to get you off track. What is so amazing is that we give our thoughts so much power and they are usually not even true! You gotta, gotta read The Work by Bryon will blow you away!
In gratitude,


you are always uplifting to hear and know you share being human also

My own funk state..:-)

I just wrote a message thanking Dean, wishing all a very MERRY Christmas and telling a bit about my own story, I do not see it here, where did it go? B Laura

Hitting the nail on the head as usual


Thank you for being you and sharing your struggles and success with us. Hearing your weekly wisdom today helped me realize how much of a funk i have been in. It is a new day and need to be in the now to move forward. We will keep ruuning into the obstacles in the future if we keep looking back at the past.
Thank you

Nice to Hear

It's not, but is nice to hear that someone successful still goes through the same things that the ones trying to make it are. It shows us that no matter what your going through success can still be achieved.

Thank you.

Like Accidents

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Dear Dean, It amazes me that no matter how much better we become , there is still always the next mile. It's always good to remind ourselves, thanks so much for reminding us. There are no accidents.
Kevin Warner

Thank you for your honesty : )

I listen to your weekly wisdoms EVERY does my 7 year old. Everytime you come on, she runs over to the computer!

You are an inspiration and a very generous person and God has blessed you because of it. The more we give, the more we receive.

Thank you for your persistence and willingness to continue sharing with us your wisdom and guidance.

God bless and Happy Holidays!

Power Of...

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The Power of Now is also working for me. I'm meeting & networking with people now, that are go-getters like myself. I haven't done a deal yet, but my power teams I'm developing are coming along just fine. The first deal is not far away! Thanks Dean!

We are all Human!

We live, we learn and then we laugh!

Thanks Dean for all you do. Its really great to wake up and find the "Weekly Wisdoms" that show us no matter how successful we become we will still have challenges.

So my goal is to not just to be a successful Investor but to be successful handling life's mental challenges.

Keep up the great work!

Rock bottom !! :(

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Dean , I really felt like you ware talking about me, this past 3 days its been the worsted. Recently got divorced and I think I just hit rock bottom Sad

I just became a member here, but I have no idea how/where to start this Real Estate opportunity.

Anyone can help ? or to tell me how to start ?

Thank you Dean for sharing whit us !!

Happy Holidays !!

re: Power

Wow Dean that really sounds familiar and the way you handled that was great. A great man once said "Life is like a camera, just focus on what's important. Capture the good times. Develop from the negatives and if things don't turn out right, just take another shot! Bishop Dale Bronner. Life will take you through some changes, yes we have all been there. This is one of the things I do for a living I could be in here all day with this one LOL but I have a lot of work to do today.
Another quote: I only have 2 positions: I'm either up or I'm getting up! Don't let ANYTHING keep u down too long!!! -Bishop Dale C. Bronner. You are an AWESOME friend, businessman, super, disciplined, smart, fun to hang out with on the DG family forum, you are great because you light up my day and I share you vids with my family, wonderful dad and husband. Talk 2 u soon Smiling

Thats right!

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Great weekly wisdom blog. When I see my old pictures, sure does make me think of the past. And the wrong dicisions I made. But most of all, i wish I could have been more stern on what I wanted to say. You see, My parents were very over protective. My father always said no to everything when I asked. Yes to some. This also makes me angry and negative sometimes. I believe that if a parent is over protective, the kid will not have a life and not be prepared for the life the kid wants in the future. It just makes it harder. THis might explains why I havent made a deal yet. Im sorry, I shouldnt blame them. I am finding ways to reprogram my mind and staying positive. Being a scorpio, I tend to think of the past, past, past. You are right! Stay in the present! I think how it would be in the future if I made profit in a few deals how it will feel and what I would pay off and buy for myself. But even looking in the past and future too much, it does get in to your head and mess you up. Staying in the present is the right path to take. YOu are right. Staying in the present more often than staying in your past or future, makes you feel like your feet are back in this universe. Thanks Dean!

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Just Went Through This

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OMG! Dean, I just went through this last night. Didn't sleep till 3 p.m. Thank you, for your video it has reminded me not to live in the past.
I too felt depressed and I know that gratitude is the best way to snap me out of it.
Thank you for the reminder.

Someone always has it worse then you.

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Great weekley wisdom. I too strugle with the negatives. Three things I do to put a quick end to that is, one. go back and watch some of your weekley wisdoms. They give me hope. The second is to look around and admire what I do have, my house, my family, and my kids. I am going through a tough time financially as are many. What I do have is two whole sale deals under my belt, with six more waiting to close. I work as a paramedic and a police officer outside of Philadelphia, in a predominatley urban area. I see some really heart breaking things. Young kids raising themselves, and their little brothers and sisters, sacrificing their child hood to improve on their siblings, because there parents are virtualy non existant. Heroin and suicide devastating family's of all classes. I look at these things and think to myself, as tough as my life may seem, there are still thousands of people who would kill to be in my shoes. That gives me humility. The third is to pray. I would not be complete without my faith in god. That gives me energy. Keep up the good work Dean. You are changing thousands of lives that you are probably not even aware of, including myself and my childrens.

Determined To Start Anew


I have been watching your weekly wisdom videos for the past 6 months and still haven't gotten started. Your current message about thinking about the past and getting into the old funk of negativity really strikes home. This prevents me from trying something new like real estate investing. I am trying to forget the past and start anew but it seems so hard to do. I am determined to stay in the present from now on!!

Keep those weekly videos coming!

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