Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #179 - Darn Internet!! Courtesy replay for LIMITED TIME!!

Watch the replay Now at:

Out first Live Web cast was smoking hot, we we’re dropping one gold nugget of information after another. It was insane. Then, like the freaking Titanic 100 years to the date…we hit trouble.

Now if you watched live you know that for the first time in 5 years my office literally lost its internet about 45 minutes into the broadcast and we were down for 5 of the longest minutes of my life. We lost a lot of you...and for that I apologize immensely.

But, all is NOT LOST! To make it up to you we worked our tails off until late in the night and got the replay ready for you to watch - without any dead air!

Whether you are a newbie looking to get in your first deal or one of our rock stars wanting to go faster, on this live cast we delivered. So I urge you to do whatever it takes and find an hour, with your cell phone off, turn off Facebook and watch as nothing but pure wisdom gets dumped right in your lap, delivered to you, my dg family like we have not done in quite some time.

Go watch right now or find the time to do it soon as I will NOT be keeping this up for long.


P.S You’ll also have a chance to watch the EDGE 2012 live from your living room as it unfold in real time... details revealed in the replay also.

Great Job Dean!

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Thanks for the great livecast Dean!
To all those that were in the chatroll, it was awesome reading all your questions, comments and greets!

UR the best teacher--

Thank you both for all the info. since not having done anything with this yet that was very helpful. I agree with Matt that if it takes 10 years to get this investing working for me, so it will.

Thanks for the constant knowledge and tools

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Great livecast - I watched the ending this morning. Very psyched for the EDGE and more knowledge, more tools, more networking. And thank you for not making the EDGE one big selling fest. I've recently been at "another guru's" event and every presentation was just a commercial for a product. I could have spent $40,000 at an event I paid to go to for education! Geez! But not with you Dean. Thank you for giving and giving us what we need. See you soon!

Dean and Matt

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Can say enough

Hi Dean and Matt, you know Dean I seen you on TV so many times before and one day I said Iam going to give this guy a chance what do I have to loose and I can say because Iam a hard worker this is the most awesome Realestate Education and training Ieve ever recieved in my life and Ieve been around some of the best, R D Kesser, Trump, AND SO MANY OTHERS and you Dean are truely the grestest ever along with Matt.Thank you for this info and I say that with "ALL MY HEART" and with so much "EXCITEMENT AND I TRUELY MEAN THAT SINCERELY".Last night I went to a Motel to ask them if I could use there Lap Top to view this program ( COLLEGE CLOSES AT 9PM)and they said yes and then get on and couldnt view it or listen to it and said to my self "BOY DO I HOPE DEAN RECORDS THIS AND WE HAVE A REPLAY AND THANKS DEAN FOR COMING THROUGH FOR US ALL AGAIN YOUR BEYOND AWESOME AND THE VERY BEST!!!!!!!!!IEVE SPENT THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS ON REALESTATE PROGRAMS AND NEVER RECIEVED ANY THING CLOSE TO THIS!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO VERY, VERY, VERY MUCH, WHAT A DGer FAMILY AND WHAT A DEAN GRAZIOSI AS WELL AS MATT LARSONs YOUR THE BEST DEAN, HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEK AS WELL AS MATT, YOUEVE MADE OURS!!!!!!!!!, SINCERELY, JIM

Loved it!

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Always gain knowledge and motivation from your blogs, but this was awesome! Thanks, Dean and Matt for taking the time to share. Am sorry I am missing EDGE this year, don't think I could have had any more family events on that same weekend. Hope that next year's EDGE isn't last weekend in April!

It was GREAT!

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Hey Dean, you didn’t loose me! Patience is a virtue that more people need to develop.

Everything I heard was GREAT! Looking forward to the next one. I got some great ideas from this telecast.

that was fun!

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and of course, enlightening, as always, when Dean speaks!

So excited about the upcoming Edge event, and happy to know that DG is making it available via live webinar to all who wanted to attend but for one reason or another are not able to go...



Hey Dean & Matt,

GREAT job with the webcast last night, in spite of the blackout the information was like you said "AMAZING”. I’m already applying what I learned and have found 2 properties that meet the criteria that was set forth in the training(by the way I’ve only been looking for about 3minutes) so I see understand the earning potential. I will be making at-least 25 offers this week, and fully expect to have a deal going by next week. I’m not sure if I will have a realtor in place by then but who cares, I know what to look for and will do my due diligence and try not to make any errors.

I realize that you receive tons of email so I do not really expect a reply, but I would like some suggestions on building an investor / cash buyers list. We are looking for someone who would be willing to fund our deals and is willing to split the profits, also act as a mentor. Of course we will do all the boot on the ground work (ie: finding properties making offers etc.). We are located in Central Ohio and are focusing on the five county area surrounding (Columbus) Franklin County. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Even if we make a mistake, what I like to call a learning opportunity. We will finally be in the game and that’s EXCITING!!!


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For the love of God, I finally understand the 25-1. Time to put it to work.


Dean please make your video compatible with iPhones they do not have flash players.. Thank you..


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This was great.You guys could have been on for 2 hours and I would still be glued to my computer.I wrote pages of notes.I just hope I can read my scribbling.May go back & watch again.So much you covered that I was struggling with,now you have made clear.Thanks Again and GOD Bless.

Corpus Christi,Tx,USA

Sad to say but I am one of

Sad to say but I am one of the people who are lacking the confidence. I have the eastern European accent and I am worried that people are not going to believe what I am saying. I know I have to start. I have all the knowledge from Dean and I just have to do it. I cannot wait anymore. I am going to ask my husband for help. Why I did not think about it before... Thanks Dean. Amazing Livecast.

i'm one of them

I'm one of the people that don't have the confident to go foward i need a partner to help me at least for the first few steps. Them i can start on my own there is anybody of your student a newby maybe, so i can start this week. Also i want to ask you a question.
to be an investor, i don't have to be a real estate agent, my lic is in referral right now an i was thinking of going back as a real estate agent.


Hi Dean (and the gang),
I thought I would just drop you a short note to let you know how much I enjoy your site and it's content. I live in England and purchased one of your books (Profit from Real Estate right now) to read whilst on holiday. Needless to say, I couldn't put it down and joined your site the moment I arrived home. I've listened to the repeat of your live web-cast (which was great by the way) and I'm always waiting for your weekly blog recording. Obviously much of what you teach can't be used in England due to the different legal systems, but there is always some little snippet that I can use or adapt and I find the way you connect with people nothing short of inspirational. Keep up the good work and I can't wait for what comes next.
Kindest regards to all, Ted

Replay of LIVECast

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Thanks so much for allowing a replay of the live event. Your bad luck was my GREAT luck! I always miss your events because of my set schedule - so I was allowed to view you and Matt sharing so much.

25 to 1

Hi DG family, I'm a newbie and after watching Mondays web decided to take action. I contacted an agent and asked for 30 to 50 listings in my area. She asked if I was an investor and I said yes. I emailed her the criteria of what I was looking for, seller motivated, price reduction,vacant,and listed as is with the hot zip codes. She reply stating if I have been pre-approved and that once i've been we can take a look at some houses. Should I start looking for another agent? I thought she was pretty understanding about of what I wanted being she started out as a private investor herself that's why I chose her. Also should I have given her an address of a REO i'm interested in? I told her that I would properly check if I could go VA loan. She said she would check on it as well. Again I'm new at this and still reading Deans book, Be a real millionaire. Just wanted to break out of the FEAR.


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are you interested in a 50% off house in Oklahoma, as a buy hold for your portfolio? I can assign it to you asap. contact me.

How to utilize what we learned from the 25/1 video of Dean&Matt.

Dear Dean,
We used your advice and called a few R.E. Agents to find investor friendly one. They seemed very motivated.They sent us a portion of REO homes. They want to know what contracts we will be using. We are in San Diego,CA and they want us to use the CAR Forms. They also want to know if we have proof of funds. Is this 25/1 system only working for all cash buyers? Or does this system work for owner financing too? What do you recommend?
MDEG Investments


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Just Keep On Keeping ON... God Bless...

Thank you Dean and Matt

I was there and lost you guys for a few minutes but it was great. Good job! I watched it again the next day with my friend who had come to visit me. Tried to tell her what I was up to and it seems to have gone over her head. I am thinking she does not really believe in me but no problem. I am going to be a wealthy lady one day and I told her so. Since then I have watched the replay again. Well, Friday will be here before we know it. I just can hardly wait.

<> Link not working <>

<> Hi, I have tried at least a dozen times to watch the video that is linked to this blog. I click the link, the screen comes up, I click on the arrow to begin, and a message comes up that says " 300: Player Initialization Failed: Reference Error: Error #1065. " I replied to the email twice about it, but no one has responded. I have no problems seeing the blog videos he sends, so I don't understand why I can't see the linked ones. ( The same message came up when I wanted to look at the people who were contestants recently.) Can you please help !!!! Thank you !!!! Maryann

Video playback

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Going off of Maryann's error message, that means there's something on her computer that isn't working, no fault of the actual video itself.
Just to clarify, Dean's Weekly Wisdom and the livecast are two different file types. His Weekly Wisdom is in a .mp4 format while the livecast is in .flv (flash) format.

Here's a link how to upgrade/update your flash playback capabilities. It's based on youtube but it will yield the same results. (If you don't believe me, maryann probably can't play youtube videos at this point in time either as it's the same format)
You are in essence updating your Adobe Flash Player.
This is based on a pc (windows) system, not sure how Mac users will fare.
The instructions are after "YouTube videos won't play?"

Good Luck!

Video playback

Thank you Mark for responding. I will definitely try what you said, but oddly, I don't have any trouble w/ Utube videos.

You're welcome

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maryann.ny wrote:
Thank you Mark for responding. I will definitely try what you said, but oddly, I don't have any trouble w/ Utube videos.

You're welcome. Let me know how it works out. If you still have problems I'll look into it further for you.
It sounds like there's a setting that may be set incorrectly. Adobe just updated their flash player recently, so upgrading is the best first move at this point.


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Thanks for another weekly wisdom video. Believe and Achieve! Smiling -Joe

Being Deans Students

Just wanted to Thank Dean! His motivational talks did us alot of good! Me and my partner just completed our first deal! I must admit we were dragging our feet a bit but listening to Dean say "Do it Now" over and over did nudge us to get going and hopefully will be smooth sailing from here!


I absolutely loved this video. Cant wait for the next one! THANK YOU DEAN! =D

Weekly Wisdom # 179

Hi Dean,

Everyone expects you to be a hero all the time. I guess the human side of you showed up when the internet broke down during your live webcast. I would have been pretty ticked off too if that had happened to me. Sometimes things like that happen. Remember, machines sometimes break down. Nothing is perfect forever. However, as you know, it's the recovery that really matters. And as you said, you recovered nicely. The library will be closing in the next 25 minutes. I will return at another time to look at the live webcast with you and Matt Lawson and take notes. It was not possible for me to be tuned in to the live webcast. The library closes at 9:00 p.m. It is so very nice that Matt Lawson does this with you.

Till I view your next words of wisdom, enjoy the day.

I Still Continue to Watch

all the videos on all sites that I can. I aslo watch over and over THE EDGE c/d's. I am learning everyday. I don't compare myself to anyone on this site. All I can do is' DO ME!

I'm still learning to navigate through this site. If I come across any bumps in the road, I call on my Coaches for advice. I've even met some Minnesotans here on this sits. How Cool is That?

I see that some people are doing this without a computer, some with a headache, me, myself, I doin this with out a vehicle, and I just ordered BAMDIT SIGNS. I'll have to find a way to get them out somehow.

If you want something bad enough, you'll find a way, I am..

Signing out,

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