Real Estate Investing Weekly Wisdom #292 - Kill YOUR Stinking Thinking

Sometimes you don't even realize that the wrong thinking is directing your life like a puppet on a string. It's the type of thinking that silently kills our momentum or goals but worst of all, our dreams. This week, Dean shares a strategy that once and for all can have you recognize this evil monster and how to crush it for life. Comment below and share some strategies you've used in the past that helps kill the stinking thinking...

Great Point

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Looks like I am the first here this week. Dean bring up great points about our thinking and how it can change things for the good or bad. Thanks to you and my great partner Roberta I have come a long way and will continue to help myself and others as long as I am able...Keith

Right Again

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Dean Is right again. I never think of these things that Dean Dose and how they can get in the way of your success.

Dean you hit it on the nail

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Dean you hit it on the nail, when I switched the types of job I had my initial desire to do better propel me to inquire those who were doing what I wanted to do now at the moment I didn't know but I made a clear decision and you learn as you go.... I had no guidance unlike here that we receive from you and all others on this site re confirms I made the right decision..... now to log in those 10, 000 hours malcom Gladwell mentions thanks again

The Mind

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You're right that you have to have your thinking right. My wife is the hardest one to make realize and you can't do it alone without help. She looks at the worst and wonders why she can't get the bad thoughts out of her head. Talked to her this weekend about reading good books to help as you can't do it on your own.
Maybe I can get her to listen to this video.
Thanks again

Stinkin thinkin

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Hey Dean, thank you for sharing, I know that real estate investing works, we started with you 12/12 and we have closed 8 deals now. We have had a rough time but alot of our rough time was getting out of our old head and the way we have been taught all of our life and if you want something done right to do it yourself. I have always worked hard and so has my husband but we are working on working smarter not harder. This has helped us so much in our business and now we are on our way to closing hopefully 2 more deals this week. Thank you for your education and all the successful students who share their experiences and how to overcome the stinkin thinkin of what could happen...

Tina Scott

Situations bring Opportunity

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You are so right! We need to be positive and believe that good will come from our efforts. I also believe that every situation brings an "opportunity" and from that "opportunity we can learn and take something away that will help us down the road.


Stinkin' Thinkin'

Enjoyed this "sermon", Dean. You remind me of the one or two priests whose sermons I've always found simple, yet enjoyable, and that always hold a nugget of pure gold at the core. This particular mini-seminar is so true. Keep up the good work! *Irene

Find that opening! Avoid the wall!

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After beating my head against a wall for several years in an extremely tough market, I said "Screw this!" and....NOPE, I didn't quit! I MOVED! All the way across the country! From the Pacific coast to the Atlantic coast! Literally! The move has been such a good one that I am now living in a 15th floor condo on the beach!

I put everything I owned that wouldn't fit into my Corolla into two very large storage units in LA (still there).

Within a week of arriving at my new location, I did a deal making $30K. Double close. I have never looked back! I was DETERMINED to make it happen!


You're Awesome Dean!!

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thank you so much for helping us stay motivated, stay away from negativity, focus on where we want to go. Even though I've been part of the DG family for a few years now and done several deals, I keep watching your Weekly Wisdoms because they help me stay on track, with the right mindset, especially when I encounter obstacles!

I'm going to Tony Robbin's event in a couple of weeks which I know will empower me and have a huge impact on my mind!

Thank you for all you do to help us improve our lives!

Accountability Buddy!

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The best thing for me and my stinkin thinkin is to have an accountability buddy. Someone that reminds me of the big picture when I get stuck in a frustrating situation. I rely on Chip, Gena Horiatis and Nate Armstrong to get me motivated and back on track. Everyone's allowed to have bad days, just try not to have too many in a row Smiling

Best of Success,

It's contagious

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Stinking thinking is contagious. Stay away from them. Thanks for getting me hooked up with Tony Robbins. I just finished the ultimate edge and am listening to it a second time. It's a life changer. I am distancing myself with some people that are stinking thinkers that are very close to me but their negative ways are too contagious.


I have yet to close a deal. Sometimes team members or agents can destroy your momentum. I don't have the experience so I feel that I can't do it without their assistance. This leads to "stinkin thinkin" and stops me in my tracks. I have to overcome this. With or without, I may have to take an alternate route to get to my destination.

yes sir

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i maybe the king of negative thinking, i fight it the best i can but there are times when it gets the best of me. with all the education i've got from dean and the hundreds of houses i've looked at i still haven't gotten a deal yet, but i refuse to quit. hearing this weeks wisdom has given me a shot in the arm and it's back to work for me.

Kill YOUR Stinking Thinking

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Hi Dean,

Another great weekly wisdom.....Thank You For All You Do for your DG Family....Smiling

" Stinking Thinking " is as bad as the " Nay Sayers ".....I steer clear of both....Eye-wink

Have a Great Week......


Stinkin Thinkin

I was raised by very negative parents and a very depressed mother so avoiding this type of thinking has been hard for me, but I do it in several ways:
1. Do not watch the news on TV.
2. Do not read the newspaper.
3. Do not hang out with negative people, unfortunately this includes my sister.
4. Try to only have positive self-talk including morning & night affirmations.
5. Keep a gratitude one old man once told me, "I'm grateful that I woke up this morning!" (I guess you have to start somewhere.)
6. I listen to positive, educational CD's in my car no matter how short the trip. (Try Tony Robbins CD's.)
7. Associate with positive people, especially those doing RE investing!
8. I watch the Daily Wisdoms on Insider Elite everyday! It doesn't hurt to watch them more than once!
Dean, thank you so much for all that you do!
Linda Bowen

Your results are the outcomes of your thoughts.

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Great weekly video Dean. Your so right, I have family members that all they do is focus on what could go wrong so nothing seems to go right for them. I trying to change their mindset to where they focus on the positive outcomes. Its hard because their minds are conditioned with the negative thinking. But I won't give up on them.

Aim for the Opening

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Great blog about continuously aiming for the opening and not the wall.

It also reminds me of what Matt and Ali said during EDGE 2014--do as I say and you will achieve the same results. Don't over think it but take action and the results will follow.

Thanks again.


The Blockade

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I've allowed the age old Paralysis of Analysis into most of the opportunities I've considered over the years, to the extent that we're on a first name basis...This time it's Get Thee Behind Me! It's MY turn...Game On!!
Thanks Dean

Thank you Dean

Thanks for another thought provoking Weekly Wisdom.

It is not possible to fix that thing that had such an adverse effect on me in my life. It haunts me. I choose to forgive even though I can not forget. My spiritual life is what gets me thru each day.

I was reading in a book by Zig Ziglar and he starts a chapter with something written by William Arthur Ward as follows: Real optimism is aware of problems but recognizes the solutions, knows about difficulties but believes they can be overcome, sees the negatives but accentuates the positives, is exposed to the worst but expects the best, has reason to complain but chooses to smile.

I claim this and do my best to live this way.
Have a good week.


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Fantastic weekly wisdom !! Life and investing is absolutely a roller coaster. You said you also ride that roller coaster and everyone on this planet is a passenger. The BEST drivers just like you said FOCUS on the clear path OUT of the stinkin thinkin or obstacles they are in. That is the SECRET for people to LEARN and PRACTICE drivin out of the bottom of the coaster. We ALL will be in that situation. The question is how do we drive out of it ? Your weekly wisdom steers u$ right into the winners circle !!! Thanks for another awesome learning tool. Just the reminders alone are part of the practice we need !!


thank you for another insightful message. no matter where I am, when I think of all your energy focusing on us, your students and friends, it always turns my world around and helps me to move forward in a positive direction. I watched the xmas video this morning about the handing out the money and you explaining to your kids about poverty. what great scenarios you are showing us. gd bless and be well. herbie


thanx for taking time and replying linda. when I scrolled down I read your post because it was definite and lined out. gd bless


keep pluggin away dan. so what. every step you take is a step closer to your goals. just keep walking

Thanks Dean!

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This weekly wisdom hit home at the right time. I have more people around me with their stinking thinking it was almost taking a toll on me. My family doesn't believe in this investing and so they'll try to convince me that I shouldn't get into it. But like you said earlier in your video its all about the proof and that's what keeps me going knowing that I can do and will do this. Thanks Dean once again.

Stinkin Thinkin

Great message, it is amazing what our minds can convince us of. I agree that this goes along with the naysayers, they can totally destroy confidence and desire if you let them. I have found that I am surrounded by them. I also keep hearing the still small voice of God. I believe with all my heart that I am meant to be here pursuing this track. Thank you Dean and every one for the support.

Stinky Thinking

Thanks Dean for the video of inspiration.I will definitely focus on the plus more often.Thanks.

Great Video

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Thanks Dean for the reminder to beware of the stinking thinking that creeps up on us all. When I feel the negative side creeping up I just laugh and tell it no way not today. Then I think about everything that I have accomplished in my life and this helps me overcome the negativity. When I get other folks around me being negative, I walk away thinking to myself I am glad I am not like that any more. Even just recognizing that picks me up. Other times I just get on the IE site and chat with fellow investors and that will cheer me up and get me motivated to get more done as well. So Thanks everyone as well as Dean.

what a great weekl wisdom.

Thanks for sharing. .

Here is what I do to eliminate tht stinking thinking..

I declare each day that I will become a millionaire and I act, think and dress like a millionaire so I be able to overcome it.
Miami Beach, Fl

Stinkin Thinkin.........

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Great WW Dean.
There is no doubt that stinkin thinkin can kill. It kills hopes, kills dreams, kills the future and can kill your soul. I was once there. I was just filled with it. Today was just a day to get through and tomorrow had no purpose. But I've taken the spin. I turned that frown upside down. I now think of what I want my future to look like and work towards it. I now think how great it is to be alive. I now think of all the good possibilities of today as well as tomorrow. Through my years of being here and following your advice and wisdom, Dean, I now wake in the morning being thankful that #1) I have woken up, #2) how great the life is that I have created for myself and #3) how I can share this feeling with someone who needs it. To that note, just the other day, I listened to my neighbor complaining about all that is going wrong with his world and THE world. He talked about the murders he saw on the news and the wars being fought in other countries until I finally had to stop him and asked him WHY it was so important that he watch the news if it made him so upset? These were happening in areas he didn't go to nor that he had any ties to. He then told me how he has no ambition or motivation to do the things his property needs to have done ( he owns a fish farm) and that his livestock is doing poorly because of it. Once again I asked WHY he felt this way? It finally hit him that all that bad news he was hearing and reading was just making him head in the wrong direction. His thinkin was truly stinkin! He said he was amazed at how I could work as hard as I do in the heat and the long hours and I told him, "I didn't mind because it makes my life a better life to live." So hopefully he will take my advice ( yours actually Eye-wink ) and go on a news diet and see how he feels after that. Maybe change that "stinkin thinkin" to positive thinking! Thankfully he can see the proof of how good that can be just by looking at me. Smiling

I am one of your successes! THANK YOU! Smiling

Have a great week.

Andy Sager
DG's AndyS

( Once again, sorry for the long post Sad )

Stinkin' thinkin'

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Awesome WW Dean! Makes me think of Jen's inspiring EDGE presentations!

This stinkin' thinkin' can get us all at some point during a day, week, month or year. Tts just how long that we allow ourselves to focus on it and have a negative affect on our emotions that can be determine by us.

Thank you Dean and the DG family! I'm so grateful and appreciative to have found you all! Our lives will continue to change for the better if we direct our paths with a positive mindset. Its all about the story we tell ourselves, so why not make it amazing!

Make it a great week!

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