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George Kuanoni
lake stevens, washington
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I'm a retired construction worker 1 year ago past sept. bored with retirement life, i miss the daily challenges of my mind and body which work does for me, i love to do all types of construction. I enjoy reading books on realestate, i have 2 of Dean's books BARM and PFRERN but did nothing untill today i decided to become a realestate investor and join the DG family, so i'm the new kid on the block. Gathering my power team together joined REIA chapter, first meeting next week, the name of the game is NETWORK NETWORK NETWORK,i have learned and gleaned so much from this site it's priceless and also to see you all care and share with others. Thank you DEAN, DG STAFF, and DG FAMILY George41

Cars, Harleys, Deepsea fishing

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fulltime Realestate Invester
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Completed High School

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Congrats for taking your first step in real estate investing by linking with your new family. It is important that you read Dean's books so you could have a broader knowledge of real estate. You are welcome to ask questions anytime if you need further clarification. God Bless.


Thanks Sandra

I attended my first REIA meeting last monday night, and met a lot of likeminded people, I had a great time.
Exchanged buss. cards and grabbed all the brochures they had. They also had a Special speaker CHIS WISE, the creditline MILLIONAIRE very infornative, we also had cake and coffee because it was his Birthday. Looking forward to our next meeting,we had over a 100 people in attendance



I was reading the Seattle times newspaper today, and in the sports section backend pages c8 to c15 posted was the LEGAL NOTICES for a TAX LIEN AUCTION 12/11/09 starting at 9 am. they have 450 unrelated parsels.houses, condos, raw land etc. some in forclosures. Any DG families in Seattle? you have 2 months to do your research on these properties, get your credit together, find other investors, or partner w/money or good line of credit, or ask a family member w/money you can borrow from. Cash, cashier's check money order or certified check only. Redemption period is 1 day before Auction 12/10/09 till 4:30 pm. They have all the info on owners listed names, addresses, except phone, I ran comps on 2 properties on TV, impressive figures. For more info get a copy of the Seattle times dated 10/20/09. I just wanted to share the good news with my DG families so you can all prepare for the HARVEST. George41

I'm IN Seattle

Hi George

My name is Jordan. I'm 22yo, Live in Everett, currently no job, schedule pretty wide open. Wouldn't mind getting together and chatting about RE and seeing if there's potentially any way we could help each other out.

You can shoot me an email at drplunk05@hotmail dot com



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Hey George,

Welcome to the DG_family! It's great that you are taking immediate ACTION. Local REIAs are a great place to meet new friends, develop potential partner relationships and to just enjoy the Networking that goes on. You will be exposed to many opportunities to "purchase" an array of Systems, Books, CDs, DVDs, Seminars, Bootcamps, etc. over time. Observe from a distance and don't jump too quickly. The REIAs are awesome opportunities to get FREE "NUGGETS" and after a while you'll then have gained some wisdom as to where you'll best spend your hard-earned $$$$. Keep your focus on what Dean teaches and has to offer and don't get too "distracted" by others''ll do just fine.

Wishing you limitless $UCCE$$!

Go help others solve their problems and when you have helped enough of them you'll be FILTHY STINKING RICH!



Hey john!

Thanks John for the welcome and info.
I like to attend these events, so
I can network with other likeminded
folks. I know they always want to sell
you the quest speakers products.