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James C. Gilbert
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GilbertGlobalInvestmentInc. Was a dream i will fulfill later this year. Jim

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Good Morning!

Hi James,

One of my dearest friends name is Gilbert, (I thought that maybe you were him, I have invited him to join the site a few times)

Then, I get to your home page and see that you joined the site on my son's birthday.

I never ignore coincidences.

So, I am taking this opportunity this morning to say Hey, Welcome to the site and Good Luck!


Like to be your friend!

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Hi Angela, New to any web site,never blog before;Bad speller,not good with grammar,This is third attempt to reply.I'm ,66 years of age,retired,Married.My computer skills are bad,I have a lot to learn. Jim

Mr Jim Gilbert,

I am honored to be your new friend. Smiling

You came to the right place to learn, bad speller/grammar/computer challenged/whatever ... nothing is a problem here, everyone is looking to improve their life in one way or another and I have found the most generous, knowledgeable people here willing to help and give advice. Great to have you on board!



I sent you a PM, looking forward to hearing more about you and your family!


Enjoyed Vidio

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Keep it up Dean,it's helping. Thanks Jim

Thank you Valerie & Cindy In Kearney,Missouri

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I Just want,others,To know,how friendy,Deans,staff,are.I was having trouble,loging in to the DG site;Called 1-866-510-8060,Valeria,was very patient,very helpful.I called three different,times all three persons same.Very friendly. Jim