JJD - Chronology of Helping Others - Vol. # 1 (The Start)

JJD - Chronology of Helping Others - Vol. # 1 (The Start)

My story begins early on (well early for me & my beloved wife)back in 1999 or so. We picked up our very first house. Which became our primary residence. We knew absolutely nothing about real estate investing. Nor did we have any experience with Real Esate Investing Programs or such. Living in the area helped in this particular situation, as it was literally right under our noses. My father had played the role of "surrogate bird-dogger" and noticed that the elderly neighbor had passed. And there was uncommon activity at the residence nearby. He kept his eyes and ears opened. And even went as far as approaching the "new" persons coming and going around the property.

Now this could have been a "probate" deal but it didn't reach court or any of that depth into the legal system. It was rather just an issue of a departed homeowners estate that was left or "willed" to survived family members.

We actually picked this property up for below FMV, that is Fair Market Value. We made money upon signing the contract. However, this property was considerably distressed. Meaning, it needed a hefty amount of work and TLC.

Being in a strong ongoing relationship AND needing somewhere to live. My wife and I agreed to purchase for an agreed upon price with the NEW group of family inheritants. And, we are very glad we did in fact choose to, well, "Bite the Bullet", "Chew the Cudd", "Talk the Talk", Walk the Walk", "Go Out on a Limb" you get the idea.

I was actually sweeping the front stairs tidying up a bit AND a passerby immediately asked if the property was for sale and how much. I declined and stated: "I actually just purchased it". Since the day of purchase we have done everything from: New Roof, Remodel of Garage, ALL New Landscaping, Tuckpointing, Interior Revamp, Painting, Hardwood floors and laminates. Install all new appliances, Walkways, Security Gates and Lighting, Plumbing and other various miscellaneous tasks and upgrades.

First Deal: - Purchase
Second Deal: - Refinance (Pulling $10k)
Appraised at 3X purchase value
Third Deal: - Refinance w/HELOC (Pulling $60k)
(Home Equity Line Of Credit)

Next, in this journey it is now time to List this property. In the rough state of economy. Because we bought wholesale........OR IN THIS CASE.....BELOW wholesale, we still stand to make a profit in addition to all of the Refi monies of about 200% or 2X give or take some change profit from this property. We have had several offers that would render us free and clear of any obligations and responsibilities. Although, we feel we can net slightly more to give us that subtle edge of a bit of a tail end profit as well. (Once finalized we will keep everyone updated.)

Fourth Deal: - After much thought and consideration, AND have more knowledge after reading Dean Graziosi's Book - "Be A Real Estate Millionaire" I became familiar with REO's and Short Sale type properties. REO= Real Estate Owned (Bank Owned). Passed this knowledge on to my VERY SUPPORTIVE wife.
Then We consulted with several Real Estate Agents/Realtors. IN OTHER STATES by the way. As we both had our hearts set on our dream house of: Beach, Waterfront or at least tropical. SO, we found 1, 2, 3 or a half dozen or so Agents that got bored, upset, aggrevated and such with us. A few to date have since gone out of business. There was one tho! She stuck with us through THICK and THIN. She actually went so far out of her way and drove us around to literally look at nearly 100 properties. On one of the trips, we had a showing in a property that I had a liking for.
The property had a tenant. Was filled with belongings. And, was a bit harder for my wife or the realtor for that fact to "visualize" the potential and possibilities. THIS was a waterfront property, short sale, was on market for a considerable amount of time. After physically seeing it. (This was our FIRST House on the Showing trip that day out of about 30-40) I said, Yep, "This is It". After hesitantly or I should say thoroughly thinking about it. She came to agree with me. We then put in a modest but lower offer than asking price. To OUR Amazement, the Bank worked with us and That Tropical Piece of Paradise is now OURS with yet again the possible realization of Triple Value.

Fifth Deal - Unable to REFI listed House
NOTE: We learned: After trying to procure a REFINANCE on an already listed property: YOU WILL BE DENIED. This being due to stricter banks and loan companies. In order to refinance a property, (at least with the several major players we solicited)(Chase, Citibanks, Home Lending Center,etc.) The Property in question MUST be off of the market for a MINIMUM of Six (6) months.

Response to 2nd Offer to counter ReNegotiated & ACCEPTED by myself & wife this morning 7/20/10.
Purchasing Agent to correspond of tomorrow a.m.

Final Walk-Through for Buyers scheduled for a.m. of 7/22/10.

SIXTH DEAL - (7/22/10) Sale of Primary Residence.
(7/26/10) All Documents Signed.
(7/27/10) Receipt of Escrow Received
(7/29/10) Professional Inspection
3:00p.m. (7/29/10) Survived Inspection Smiling
10:30a.m. (8/04/10) Buyers Bank Appraisal
2:00p.m. (8/30/10) Updated Seller Survey
10:00a.m. (9/06/10) Final Walk-Thru Passed
12:30p.m. (9/08/10) Close of Escrow / Closing
3:30p.m. (9/08/10) Closing Completed
4:36p.m. (9/08/10) Official Finish/Departure

Arrived at closing 1/2 hour early. Gathered any necessary documents, info etc. Came prepared with pens, notepads, filebox. All parties present, including our attorney. Title Company handled finalization. New Buyers pulled 10k out as we got a peek at their revised HUD-1 showing a loan amount for 10k over agreed terms. Mortgages closed. New Fingerprint Signature Release on Title, Water, Gas, Electric and Misc Utilities Shutoff/Switched, Monies Deposited, Checks Exchanged to Agent as Finders Fee, Final Net Check of Approx. 50k released to us at Final Close of Escrow. Taking into consideration of pulling the 60k on the front end we stood to Net over 200% original FMV.

(9/24/10) Rebate Checks for Insurance Overage Payment & Mortgage Overage Payment Received. Totaling close to $200.00

SEVENTH DEAL - 10/26/10 (Which Just So Happens to be my deceased Mother's old birth date)
12:05p.m. - Initial Start of the Contact/Negotiation Stage. I haven't a clue what the property even looks like. Just basing this one on Location, Location, Location. Got Through the initial "gatekeeper" then passed on to three other parties - Finally, dealing with the "lead" on this property.

11/blank/10 - A lot of running around, dodging the holiday rush, prospects fell through, revamping a bit, spending some time with family and networking as well. Have a few more viewings scheduled. Have to get in touch with the Realtor and look at about 15 or so potentials.

Update and Vol. #2 to be posted at a later date.


Shortened Version ----Everything I just Typed Got Deleted
SO....Just a Very Quick View of the NEWLY REMODELED ----DINING ROOM--No Before Shots of Room Just After, Removed Wallpaper, Cut into Main Frame and ReFramed, Re Drywall, Mud, Sand Refinish, Re Texture Ceiling, Prime, Paint, Cauk, Clean, Decorate---AND an IMPORTANT NOTE to you Northerners that want to come down to FLORIDA and escape all the snow:

It will take a minimum of 1-2 years and YOU WON'T get ANYTHING Done!.......maybe a bit if your significant other pushes and pulls you along Smiling...We've been here now for just about 4 years .........AND.......let me just say We've taken............OK we're STILL TAKING days, weeks, years to ENJOY...........'cause it's kinda like you're on VACATION...........as a matter of fact......We're on Permanent Vacation...........very easy to get sidetracked and distracted with .......I LOVE FISHING......Water all around me........Beaches, Attractions, The Sites to see.......Exploring......getting the lay of the land.......So.......BACK, INTO the swing of things and RAMPING Up!........I enjoy doing many things if not ALL --MYSELF.........I know my limits.......but still take bigger chewing chunks than swallowable like any. Sticking out tongue So, There is about 2-3 rooms left before I am complete with the COMPLETE REDO of the Place......AND Then of course the outside........EVERYTHING in the Tropical or Warmer areas GROWS, GROWS, GROWS........like Weeds.......and No......I mean literally WEEDS.....Meh......not to mention everything else.......Now I Highly Recommend a Landscape Service or Maintainance Service. But, I don't follow my own advice simply because I tend to be a perfectionist......just takes more time, effort and energy........Rewarding tho....for you sick people out there that know what I am talking about!.......REWARDING LIKE: Almost falling out of a Palm Tree.......Having a Stroke From Cutting the Grass at HIGH NOON in Like July.......It's frickin' AFRICA HOT....I'll never do that EVER.....Anywhere! So, DELEGATE or Pay someone else to do what you can do but are certainly worth more NOT DOING!.....Because your time is well spent on other more important matters.

MIND YOUR DISTRACTIONS --------- We ALL have Family
Members, Life, Social, Jobs, Careers, Excuses.....
And, That's all they really all are, excuses that
get in the way of our REI or just plain SUCCESSES
and ACTIONS*****

SO Take a look at Progress--------and the Best Part
Just Keep on Investing, Learning and Growing in Your REI
and Yourself.

MOVING the EQUITY Around and PULLING OUT, Consumer Debt Free, THAT IS KEY, Also, Be Mindful of Consumer Debt----Do NOT use Credit Cards for things like Food, Restaurants, Movies, or Short Lived Good Times....

1. Appliance Purchase
2. Knowledge - Deans Programs, Books, Materials
3. Services such as Major Repairs or Replacements
4.Cash - To Invest, that can be Quickly turned around and Paid Off. i.e. DP's, Funding, Escrow, etc.
5.DIY, Beautification of Property to FLIP-SELL
6.To Build Credit
7.Establish Business, LLC's, Corps, Websites etc.
8.Paying Virtual Assistants, Helpers, or Business Style Account for Related Items
10.Property Management, Landscaping, Services
or for a single property's expenses to manage and organize all your expenditures in an orderly fashion.

Thank You ALL for listening, learning & keeping me accountable.


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I think it is great how you have listed the meaning of words as well as given a brief overview of what you have done. I will continue to watch for posts you do because I believe it is encouraging and motivating. Thanks for the post.

See ya around.



Expand my knowledge about REI and read 2 more books.
Never Give up and Succeed!

Thank You

Thank You very much! I will try to be as brief and descriptive as I can


Congratulations on all you've done!! Way to keep your eyes and ears open!
And thank you for sharing with everyone. Look forward to hearing many great things! Smiling



"Obstacles can slow you down, but they can only stop you with your permission." Dean Graziosi (BARM pg 101)

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

For a little about me, welcome to the site, and a few tips for new DG family members, click on this link: http://www.deangraziosi.com/user/3249

You Bet! (Jason,)


Thank YOU, for ALL that you've been doing, are doing and have yet to do!
My Wife and I got off to an earlier start with REI. I had Fear. She had Fear.
I actually picked up other PMI programs and didn't do any following through with that. Been around others who dabbled or "fell" into Real Estate, Landlording etc. Kept an inconspicuous but watchful eye on them and their successes and failures. Gained a sliver of an edge.....SO I thought. Much much more to continue to learn.
Especially, from yourself, others, and well Dean Graziosi.

As the years progressed so did some of the Fear. 2005/06 were specific years for the "Benchmark of Change". These being the particular downward spiral of my Mother's health with "Breast Cancer" gone awry. LADIES: Get Checked, Get Checked, Get Checked. Mom could have prevented it or bought much more time. However, she totally overlooked it or swept it under a rug, under a skeleton in her closet. It was tragic. In the words of Mr. Jimmy Buffett ----"some of it's magic, some of it's tragic But I had a good life all the way." Soon thereafter, my wife's Mother (actually about the same time as my Mom) got diagnosed with "Colon Cancer" ...A Double-Whammy. So, both my wife and I vowed to live life to it's fullest, embrace change and Do the things we can!
I read: "Be A Real Estate Millionaire" cover to cover in the hospital while my Mother was dying. This was the second book completed while not being entirely a reader of enjoyment. The first being: "Blink". I am side-stepping. Apologies Smiling

As Long as this site remains Active, You will hear from me. My REI journey. Progress. Obstacles. Scenarios. Deals. Thoughts. Perhaps, Failures, although I hope to elude those. Whatever tools, resources, info or help I can give or pay forward is always my pleasure. In lieu of everyone else pitching in and educating someone like myself I like to do my part.

EVERYDAY someone can get out of bed on their OWN accord is a BLESSING! Make each one of these days count.

That is ALL for now-------Jason

Enjoyed reading Vol. #1


You are doing great things. I am curious. What state was the waterfront property in?

Chesloe Properties, LLC


Chesloe Properties, LLC
Middlesex County, CT

Re: Enjoyed reading Vol. #1


Florida, Texas and I want to do some in Cali but I like to keep things in a relatively close vicinity. Cali is just a bit too far. Plus I have relatives there so I can always visit Smiling


i need help i forgot the

i need help i forgot the link that dean gave out could you help me it was on the confernce call tonight



jason:thanks for sharing in vol 1 and its great to read your posts.YOU have a great way of explaining things !!


Click Here For homepage www.jaysthilaire.com
need to sell ? http://www.jayhousebuyers.com
Need me to FINANCE a home ? http://www.jaysrenttoown.com
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Re: i need help i forgot the

dbeef1977 wrote:
i need help i forgot the link that dean gave out could you help me it was on the confernce call tonight


Right on the front page, download or listen to MP3 file




Jason, you are truly an inspiration to me. you take time out to share. congrats to your success I am looking forward to read more. Happy investing to you both.

Re: congrats

v53Garnett wrote:
Jason, you are truly an inspiration to me. you take time out to share. congrats to your success I am looking forward to read more. Happy investing to you both.


I am flattered! No Problem as the Sharing part is KEY ----SO that WE may All learn and mold and fashion our REI techniques for one another and continue to help others as well as ourselves by default! ----------Really have to get going, trying to answer ALL replies and PM's etc.---------About to LOAD UP a 26' Cargo Truck and clean out the remaining contents of a property as I type LOL.

HAPPY & Successful Investing you As Well--------100 fold!



I'm sorry to hear about both of your mothers. I am a cancer survivor myself. My mom actually saved my life. She, my gramma, my sister and other relatives have had breast cancer (we're lucky in that we have the mutated gene :/) and she begged me to go get checked when my sister (a year younger than me) was diagnosed. Sure enough it was there Shocked. Scary stuff, but I'm here! I need to get over my fear (ugh!) and move forward with this RE stuff. Nice posts, they're encouraging Smiling


"Persistence Pays, Procrastination Delays!" - smurfy

"I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me." - Philippians 4:13

"He will keep in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee" Isaiah 26:3

"Those who wait on the LORD Shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint." Isaiah 40:31

View my journal here: http://www.deangraziosi.com/real-estate-forums/investing-journals/59850/...

Re: Wow.'


God Bless You and Yours!!!!!........Now Help make a difference in other peoples' lives. Dive and Jump right on in. There is only one thing to do.......Buy something and make your profit.........Do it Again, and Again, and Again. I try to keep all of my posts encouraging and informative. Especially, with my journal.

Great Success on Your Journey!


I just wanted to stop in and say thank you for sharing the flier info you so generously shared with everyone. It will be helpful to many of us. We are planning on using it soon once we have a property we are working on under contract. Smiling It's much appreciated.

Thank you for sharing your REI journey with us too.

I'm sorry about the loss of your mother and your wifes mother. I know those were tough years for you. I lost my Dad in 07, Denny's Mom passed in 08 and his Dad passed in 09.

I wish you great success!




You Both are Soooo Sooooo very Welcome!
My Heart is with you and everyone enduring the trials and tribulations of losing loved ones, Young or Old!

I too wish you Great Success on All of Your Journeys!

May the Best Be Yet to Come!

Hi Jason,

I have been reading your journal entries explaining the process and the numbers for your deals. I appreciate the information. It is always helpful to be able to see what someone else has done. It helps me be prepared for buying, closing and selling for myself. Thank you so much for sharing with all of us.



Keep on Keeping On !!! Expect it, God has already given it to you. You just need to get out there and grab it!
If you want to follow my journal:

Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. Isaiah 41:10


Jason, Thank you for the post, you are an inspiration to us! I would like to believe that my house is worth more than what I paid for it because of all of the work we have done on it but that is not the case here,I would be lucky if i could find someone to buy it for what I owe...yeh you guessed it I bought it before I saw Dean,before I read his books ,before I joined the acadamy,before I knew anything about real estate!!! If I knew then what I know now WOW what a turn my life would have taken. I put every thing I had saved down on this house just to find out a year later that its not worth what I paid for it. I know cry me a river, Im over it now but I would like to stop this from happing to my friends and family. I would love it if everybody could get equity from there house if they needed it. Any way thank you for your wisdom..Diane and Brian

Thanks JJD

I just read a comment you left on my profile page and then I found your postings here on Chronology Vol#1. Thanks for putting the time and effort in to give all those details. Tells me you are a very organized person. Something I need to work on!
I hope to keep in touch in the future with you and the other DG'ers on this site.

Roger Schafer
Jaguar Investment Group


URL for Journal : http://www.deangraziosi.com/real-estate-forums/investing-journals/43293/...

All things are possible to him who believes! ----- Mark 9:23

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity ------ Albert Einstein

Re: Hi Jason,


Thanks for Stopping By & You are Certainly most Welcome!
I am always obliged to be an inspiration for others.

Put in your Time, Dedication and Sincerity to your deals,
education and Do your Due Diligence and it will be amazement
right before ones very eyes what it is that can be accomplished.

Great Success to Everyone on their Journeys!,

Re: You

Diane Brian,

Once Again, Due Diligence. It certainly isn't just about seeing Dean, reading his books or even parroting his every move. It IS, However, about, learning, researching, asking questions even if you THINK you know the answer, getting more than just 1,2, or 3 opinions or suggestions.

I can certainly, but surely won't (and that's guaranteed) make even the most heart-breaking story or scenario feel like a blessing if I painted every brick of my story with the vivid brilliance of tragedy, loss, self-pity and depression. On the Flipside, I didn't let certain things STOP me.

All I WILL say though, is Keep Going, Do a few deals or more to make up for your initial loss/es, and who knows where we will see you guys in the future!


Re: Thanks JJD


Perhaps, Although I really must say after migrating out of the Midwest I do not get to the Twin Cities as much Smiling

If you are ever down in Florida or the Tropical areas of the South, leave me a note!
Great Success on Your Journey my Friend!


Aloha and Mahalo

Hey there Jason,
Here's to those whom we have Loved and Lost. "I say a little prayer for you" Burt Bacharach and Hal David vocals by Dionne Warwick. Thought it was about time I signed your guest book. Thanks for everything Brother. Warmest Regards to You and those You hold Dear in your life, Past and Present.
Aloha and Mahalo,
from Kahului, Maui, Hi.
ps: This thread has brought tears to my eyes.


For every adversity there is the seed to an equivalent or greater benefit
( W.Clemente Stone ) Founder of Combined Insurance and Author of The Power Of OPM

Seeking Advice/Experienceand goode Karma

Dear Jason, I have a friend in dire need of help and I a trying to find a solution to help her before she loses everything built up over 60 years. A common scenario if that family members are trying to take over and literally rob this poor grandmother of her assets to the point that she has moved to Seattle to get away from the family bickering and fighting over property that she built up over the course of her life time. She knows that I am beginning to get involved with real estate and has asked for my help. I want nothing by way of compensation but to help some one who deserves a break and live the rest of her life with a little peace of mind and no stress. If you are willing please let me know and I will supply the details. If you don't have the time I understand but knowing your background thought maybe I could reach out to you. This is strictly for my experience and good will/Karma. Any response would be greatly appreciated.

Warmest Regards to you and those who are Dear to your heart.

Your friend and DG associate.

Blessings to you and those you hold Dear to your Heart,

Daryl Mau


For every adversity there is the seed to an equivalent or greater benefit
( W.Clemente Stone ) Founder of Combined Insurance and Author of The Power Of OPM

Re: Aloha & Mahalo


I didn't mean to put tears in anyone's eyes Smiling
Just telling part of my story Smiling
I am glad you've been enjoying and taking part!

Great Success on Your Journey!

awesome post

Well, I definitely bookmarked this journal and will follow it along - what great explanations and wonderful inspiration! I am looking forward to my first deal as well. Are you currently using the SA or SFL program? Just curious. I am not able to swing the SA right now - 10K is a bit much and I don't have the credit card to put it on (they are already maxed out!). But will keep the faith, make offers, get a buyers list together, and have faith that the results will come soon!


Re: awesome post


Thanks A Million! Nothing Gives me Greater Pleasure than to have those who actually read the posts comment with such great appreciation!

Work within your means, certainly when the time is right for you, (and only you can decide that) then you may be able to enroll in the SA or SFL programs. All you need is one "right" deal and you may very well be on your way to eliminating your consumer debt. You can certainly do some great deals with a bit of creative thought and action. If both parties agree to an arrangement, you can custom tailor the right deal for yourself. Try to help others, yourself and potential financially distressed people and you will have an abundance of respect!

Great Success to You My Friend on Your Journey!

a good read

Hi Jason-
In an effort to keep myself and my husband going with positive momentum I look for reads like yours for inspiring spin, and to get by in this tough environment. We seemed to have it all together and of late (really the past year) we have stalled and seem to be losing ground. We have been in the building and home improvement business for many years. Things were going well. We acquired vacant land (mostly in PA) and built on it with great results. The past couple of years have been tough. Carrying high debt load from funding projects using our own equity has left us fretting over the future and possibly having to sell our own beloved home. While we have some money still in the bank we need a better direction. We are holding two houses that we have been trying to sell one in PA and one on Long Island. We have drastically dropped the prices and still are waiting to hear an offer. The one on Long Island had a buyer who jerked us around for a month and did not sign contract. Trying to think of another exit strategy or way to pull out equity again that would put us in a better place. My brain is fried and trying to think and juggle what we have is of itself a job. I would hate to go the hard money route as that would really add to our debt load and if we have to hold for a longer time all profit would be gone...

anyway thanks for listening and any ideas at all would be appreciated-

looking for the bright spot Smiling

Re: a good read


A definite: Place 2 classifieds here in the DG community for both your properties.

B. Get the word out, especially to the Birddoggers and Watchmen to spread the word on your places (it would also help if you offer an incentive for this, commission etc)

C. Lots of Photos, Especially of Upgrades and unique attributes.

D. Perhaps a website or 2 for each individual property.

Just take a look at my profile page and find the link for free websites.


DEAL #7 - Initial Start


Started the Initial Contact & Negotiation Phase of DEAL #7 - More to Come as we see how the progression goes.

Great Success on Your Journeys

great ideas


Great ideas for us novice investors - I love getting insight from the DGers on this site. Keep up the great work!


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