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Glenda J. Brown
Cement City, MI
About Me: 

I am new to real estate investing trying to figure it all out excited to learn more and create my own destiny. I am trying to learn more about how to reply to dean's weekly tv blogs. When he asks for comment's. I am a work-aholic, I enjoy working but I want it to be for me and my future now and not keep chasing a dream of someone elses.

living with nature, and helping people, have a better life for all that I carae about

Basic Info

massage therapist
My Pets Are My Kids
Some College

Sites I Visit

Mainly Just This One


Hi Glenda

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Just wanted to say hi & welcome you to the DG site Smiling Don't hesitate to ask me anything about REI to help you on your way to success, so ask away & stay in touch on your progress...

Everyone Can Make A Difference!
John A.


Hi John

It's nice to meet you as I progress thru the learning part if I have questions. I will contact you. Thank you and Have a Great Day!

Thank you

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I just wanted to take the time out to say thank you for your comment. It really made my day. I have a lot to be thankful for and I wanted to make sure I passed that on to you.
Shane Weller
Runner Up