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Florida Investing

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Just thought I'd send you a quick note as I live in Maine, but have a mortgage through suntrust in Florida and they have a large number of bank owned properties online. and then go to the link for bank owned..... If something works out, send me a few bucks... or perhaps partner on the next florida deal...would love to get a place on the gulf coast to use and rent out...


My partner and I are Canadians and are considering investing in Florida. We would be the buyer. Went to Sun Trusts website. Prices are unreal. We are looking in the Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach to Lake Worth area. Also looking for someone to partner as property manager.

Tampa, Florida

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Good afternoon,

I currently live in Tampa, Florida and we have some great deals going on in Tampa. CNN gave a report on Tampa, Florida being the 5 place in the US for highest rental income and properties rising.

If you guys ever want to do any deals in Tampa, I would be more than happy to work with you guys.

take care,


re: how to calculate referral fee

Hi Kathy,

I don't know how you would necessarily go about calculating it. However, I asked a similar question a couple weeks back about this subject, as I have an investor who's offering me 10% of what he profits from w/e I bring him. In my opinion, the larger the deal, the higher your fee; $15 mil probably would constitute a reasonably high %.

On another note, I was wondering if you could share how you went about finding the right people (buyer & seller) for such a large deal?

PM me or comment back if you can.
Celisse Smiling

how to calculate...

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Hi Celisse

thank your for your reply, I have talked to many people and what I came up with was the fact that if I brought the seller to the buyer and I was the only middleman here then it would be 1% of the acquisition, if there are others such as IM who will come between me and the seller or me and the buyer, then ofcourse it would be less, just pray that it would get done, still trying to get it done,so hopefully in the next couple of weeks, the way I came to stumble upon it was the fact my friend did not have time to find a buyer, he is an actor and was shooting his film,so he told me to do it, and I do have lot of connections and that is how it happened. we'll see what happens,it's a lot of money but some people do have that .

thank you,


Consider Central Florida ?

I think you should consider Central Florida. Property values are low and there is a demand for rentals. I would be glad to help you if you are interested. Thanks

buy property from you

just read your classified ad about bank wanting to get rid of property and that central florida you feel is a good area. Could you tell me the towns that you are speaking about? and how is the rental business down there? could u refer me to someone or some rental management?
Let me know


What are your terms for rehab loans? Non-owner occupied investment properties?

thanks for your attention to this matter.

Brent Jaquess

Re: Working with bad-credit potential home buyers?

Thanks for posting to Dean's forum. I'm
writing to find out if you work with
those potential buyer's (end -buyers)
with less than 700 credit ratings who
want to own.

This is in keeping with some of Dean's
book content that deals with placing
people with 620 ratings in homes.

Thanks for any forthcoming comments.
Continued Success To You,
Marv Y.
Property Review Touchstone Ventures
P.S. Please recommend anyone of your
colleagues if possible who do work
with low credit buyers.

April 4-6th Seminar (Tution Satisfied)

I need a "partner" to attend this RE seminar. Attend all 3 days and $500K Line-of-credit will be available to purchase RE meeting the guidelines explained at seminar. ** NO SALES PITCH(ES) will be made at seminar. ** Call 360-357-9001 (PST) if interested.

By ALL MEANS, bring plenty of business cards!