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Philip Henry
Bangor, ME
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My wife and i moved to Bangor 4 years ago and have slowly aquired 3 rental properties. We recently purchased Deans books and joined his success academy. Looking to continue to invest and grow in the real estate market.

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Mainly Just This One


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If you are a REAL ESTATE INVESTOR and have plenty of inventory but not enough BUYERS or cannot find Funding for your deals....I AM THE MAN that will help you pour in tons of BUYERS leads! Drop your INFO on my Squeeze Page! I will Personally call you!


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Congratulations for reading Dean's book and being a part of the DG website community. The website is packed with a tremendous amount of information and inspiration. It sounds like your off to a great start with real estate investing.

Also, congratulations on being part of Deans' Success Academy. I know the academy has been instrumental in helping many of the DG students. I am sure you will be finding more great deals soon and I look forward to reading about them. Continued success and good luck on all your future deals! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Hi Philip, i hope all is well, i am following ur thred on th site and was wondering if how is ur deal going on with Brookview financial? I am planning to work with them too and was wondering regarding ur progress with them...


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Hello there Daynah...

My experience with them so far has been good, although it is painful pulling all the necessary information for them to approve a deal.

Supposed to be closing a deal March 4th, so I'll let you know how things go at closing and funds transfer etc.

How'd your DEAL go with Brookfield go?

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Hey Philip,

Are you right in Bangor or just outside like in Stetson or some other town? Are you near Dysart's? You mentioned in your profile that you just moved there a short time ago, were you previously from a bit further north?
I'm always interested in meeting DG Family members to Network & Partner with. Keep in touch!

First Deal

I just found your first deal post and was wondering if it was a local small bank or one of the national large banks, I just joined the success academy myself but we are also trying to close our first deal but stuck on financing none of the hard money lenders want to work with us right now so we need to look at bank financing which we seem to be into the 20/30% down. This is great news for you, we are going to keep trying to close this deal. Oh yeah by the way my parents live in Athens Maine. Maine is beautiful but too cold for us..