Weekly Wisdom #253 - My Best Success Secret

There's plenty of ways to say it..."go deep" or "read between the lines." The reference here is looking to find a hidden meaning in something said or written. More than that, try to uncover the truth that is disguised by something else. In this segment Dean shares how a troubling "father" moment, revealed to him what he thinks is the biggest reason for his success - and why it might be the key to yours as well.

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Thank you Dean

I have come to realize that I have to ask myself the hard questions and in doing so I find that I am doing battle with my own insecurities. Along with that overcoming objections and learning the art of negotiation is what I need and then as you say "just go for it", "just do it". I love your message. We have to ask the hard questions to get the answers.

You are an awesome Dad. I just love you for being such an awesome Dad and your children are blessed. I was always walking on eggshells with any conversation I had with my Dad as he was hot tempered. He was a good man but I saw the things that caused him to be the way he was and it was so sad. Nothing that I knew I could do to change things so I just learned to live with it. Dad passed eleven years ago so I have been allowing myself to heal and move forward.

Great advice for parenting, investing, and life

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The surface situation or the surface conversation seldom reflects what is really going on. This is sage advice to remember in all walks of life. I'll keep this freshly in mind when working with my team and my clients, not to mention my (mostly) adult kids.
Reminds me of something I learned from Robert Shemin. To get the real answer to a question, you have to ask 3 times. Always going deeper - where joy can be found.
Thanks for always sharing your gems of wisdom. Blessings this week!




You’re the bomb man. This the greatest weekly wisdom EVER. I love it. My old mans attitude was always “well if you would take a belt and wear there ***** out til they can't sit down it would cut out all that BS. Lots of love huh…. Man don’t get me started. But anyway. Thank god your not like that and you talked to her and got to the root of the problem. That will be life changing for her. She will remember that decades from now. That’s what you do for all of us everyday. I am SOOOO PROUD to be a part of the DG family.



can't wait to meet you at "EDGE' 14"

that was deep!

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thank you for sharing this Weekly with us. Your kids are very fortunate to have a dad who has the patience and wisdom to know when they need your love and understanding the most!
What an amazing way to turn a bad experience into a caring behavior! Even though it may seem like a small thing, this advice will have a deep lasting effect.

Grateful to be part of this amazing family!

I agree with Valerie

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Such an inspiration to us in how you dealt with the problem. Truly changed your daughters outlook to what she could do to empower herself and not feel bad about what is happening to her. No time, no money, afraid, naysayers, we too, have to turn the problem around to find a solution and you have shown us again and again how to tackle these little demons. Thanks! Great reminder of how to stay on track! Tammy

first post

wow dean that was awesome. your a great person. makes we want to think a little deeper.

thank YOU


There is no doubt

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There is no doubt that you have your finger on the pulse of what we are all going through. Your children will grow to realize how this applies to them as they get older too.
Things don't always seem what they appear, just as you found out with Bri. Good parenting on your part Eye-wink
Unfortunately, I didn't have you as a parent as I was growing up and I wasn't diagnosed with Dyslexia until I was a senior in High School and it was found by accident. ( I had a lot of "I'm too sick to go to school" days where I was just told to go.) I struggled with reading all the time. I became a better DOer than a READer and my path in life paid the price. But that was then and this is now. Now, being a DOer will help me for sure.

Another in depth and inspirational WW. Thank you.

Andy Sager
DG's AndyS
CFIC and IE member

You're an awesome dad!

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I know how tempting it can be to get frustrated by whining. How awesome to have a deep conversation with your 6 year old. Maybe you can help me figure out why I don't want my 5 and 6 year old to goto school starting tomorrow. I'm going to miss them Sooo much! (Even though they drive me crazy sometimes!)

Appreciate the message. I've taken a whole month off and have been doing a lot of self actualization and growing. I want to make sure I'm headed the right direction for the things in my life that are my top priorities, getting into the depth of my very existence.

Btw, Even though I took the time off, I still ended up with 2 properties under contract for the day I start back up. Lol. I'm a REI at heart.

Thanks Dean for always keeping it real. You've been pivotal in changing my life around.

great messages!!

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two great things I Got out of that...Always seek first to understand And get to the root of the problem if you want to solve it.

such great every day life advice

thanks for everything you do Dean!


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Dean, you are such a loving dad. You took the time out to really find out what was going on with your daughter. Not only do we learn about REI on this site, but great life lessons!

Thanks Dean!

Nice Job Dean. you could

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Nice Job Dean. you could have made a different choice, but you didn't you chose to do what you are very good at and that is growing and inspiring others. Your children are blessed. thank you for sharing

Nice Job Dean. you could

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Nice Job Dean. you could have made a different choice, but you didn't you chose to do what you are very good at and that is growing and inspiring others. Your children are blessed. thank you for sharing

Anxious to get started!

Hey Dean, my name is chase. I'm 19 and ready to be your youngest protege!Eye-wink
I ordered your "30 days to real estate cash" book the other night and have been waiting by the mailbox haha, can't wait to start reading it! Even though I'm not big on reading haha. As soon as I start reading and getting into deals ill post my SUCCESS for you. I'm so anxious to start! Can't wait to tell you about my success Smiling


Lesson to learn

Thank you Dean,
As a parent as well as a real estate investor, I experience these moments in my life quit often now. Thank you for sharing about your daughter I have 3yrs and a 10 months old . I sometimes lack of the skill of going deeper especially with my 3 yrs old son. Now I am practicing patience and understanding. Finding out the why's sometimes help a lot.
In my business patience is also a required skill.

I appreciate your wisdom a lot thanks again.

JR Joseph

Thanks Dean for a great

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Thanks Dean for a great wisdom, as always. Your children are very lucky to have a parent like you. Not all parents take the time out to simply talk to their kids-thankfully we do, too. Sometimes the why part is the simple part-it's the getting to it part that is complicated. We all need some help with that-that's why we are here. But what do you do when you think you found your why but still can't push though it? Hey Dean, we can use a little more of your parenting skills here! Seriously though, what do you do?!?
Again, thanks for listening & sharing!
Jim and Paula

My Best Success Secret

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Hi Dean,

Another very motivational weekly wisdom.....Thank You...
Not only are you a Great Real Estate Educator.....

you sound like you are a great Dad.......Smiling


Great Message

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This week's message made me stop and think about some of the hurdles I am facing. Why is it that my real agents on my team are not providing me with what I need? Why is it that my offers are not being accepted? Why? Why? Why?

The problem lies within me. Maybe I am not presenting my case correctly. Maybe I am not communicating clearly. Now I am not sitting here beating myself up.

Rather, I am going to sit with the agents and discuss with them exactly what I need and ask them about why they feel my offers are not accepted. Until i get to the root of the dilemma I will always be stuck in this rut.

Thanks again.


Monday Motivation

Thanks Dean for the thoughtful insight!

Positive Thinking

It's Monday morning and I am getting ready for work. I have had a few really bad weeks with a non stop cough and am not feeling well this morning. I look forward to your Monday morning weekly wisdom. I open it and listen to what you have to say. Lord and behold it is exactly what I needed to hear to get me going this morning. Thank You, I return to your realm of positive thinking. Gloria

How moving!

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Wow, what a sweet story. You really rock Dean in life and in work!
Hugs from Miami,

looking deeper

Hi Dean, once again thank you for sharing life's moments with all of us. I feel blessed to have been put on the right path. I looked deeper to see why I have been procrastinating on the things that would make me sucseed and depresion and grief of my husband passing seems to be at the root. How do I get pass this? I want to be more and help all around me. Just seem to be stuck in this rut. thanks Chris

Going Deep to find out WHY


Thank you for another great weekly wisdom and for taking the time each week to encourage us and give us the benefit of your experience and wisdom. We appreciate you.

And you're so right! I found out many things I didn't even realize about myself and the journey I am on when I did the 7 LEVELS DEEP exercise that you've talked about before. (I wanted to post a link to the exercise for those who have not come across it yet, but I couldn't find it on the website.)

I've also found that in addition to going deep on WHY you want to do real estate investing, it also works great to go deep on WHY you might not be successful yet. Going deep and getting to the root of the issues with WHY you might be procrastinating. Perhaps you're afraid of failure or afraid of success. Or WHY you might not be getting the type of results you want. Maybe you're trying to reinvent the wheel by tweaking a new strategy before even trying it the original way. We could all benefit from asking WHY something is not working and brainstorming to figure out how to make it work for us.

Going Deep has helped me get to the bottom of many of my own issues and helped me to find a way to get through, over, under or around those issues and obstacles so I could get on with my life and my career.


Handled like a true Dad and Mentor

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Hey Dean Thanks for your words of wisdom, funny that as parents we learn many of lifes most important lessons! Deep down I think I know what holds me back and I know I need to learn a few new tricks to move in the direction this journey is taking me to, scared every day, but even more scared to nothing about it! Havent missed a weekly wisdom yet!

Wow. Compassion and really

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Wow. Compassion and really finding the why in yourself and others will really take you a long way. I have found that if you are compassionate and find out the why in others as in why they aren't where they want to be it will change your very own why as in the why you want to do the things you want to do with your life. It helps build relationships with people because if you take the time to find out their why, they know you really care. That's something that missing in today's business world. Too many think its all about the money and don't really care about the people, not realizing if you learn to genuinely care about people then money will come and true fulfillment will also come. Not because of the money, but because of the connections you make with great people who know you really care about them.


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Wow Dean. You should be a psychologist. I've been buying rentals using a HELOC. It has been a slow climb the last 4 years. (prior 2 training myself with the help of your accadamy and books and website) I'm just finishing my 3rd rental and I'm thinking How can I make this go faster? I need 20 rentals in 8 years so I can retire at 62. Life and timeconstrans has been blocking me getting a momintum up. I've got to dig deeper to figure this out. Thanks for everything Dean. Beautiful story.

Barbara Owen
Wichita, KS

Thank you! It's a great

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Thank you! It's a great reminder to take the time and listen to others. It leads to success!

Thanks Dean

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That was great.We get so busy in our lives it is always good to be reminbded to Listen and find out the real problems.

Great talk

At times it is so hard to go deeper and figure out what the problem really is. However it is so much more rewarding to figure out what the real problem is and fix it. I have been doing this since January and I still am having trouble with finding buyers I do the 25 to 1 and still have not sold a thing to date. It seems to me that the so called buyers I find are not buyers at all but just lookers. My question to you Dean is where are the true buyers at? I am beginning to think that I am doing it all wrong because I have not made any money as yet. HELP

Last Week !

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Dean I was all excited that I had a job than on Friday, I received a call and was told he's giving the guy another chance.. So I asked what about me? he said if he doesnt work out i will give you a call.. i kindly said thanks for giving me a chance and have a nice afternoon..
Yeah i was a little taken back for i thought he called to say your ready for Monday.. but that didn't happen.. so i'm back looking for work!

We all have to dig a little deeper, and be positive, yeah believe in your ability to change, get out of that comfort zone and things will happen.. We all want to do better in life and it takes you to a different level of what life has to offer give it a chance and see where it takes you..

Digging deep enough

Starting Monday with an exercise that makes you think is a great tool. I listened and thought your mesage was good. Then I read the posts. That's where I found my "aha" moment. This week the post from Wholesaler resonated with me, deeply.

I know my big WHY for going down this path. I regularly stop and check to make sure that it is still my truth. Today Wholesaler posed the idea that we should be going deep to identify the big WHY we aren't having the results we want. Doing a gut check on WHY am I not succeding has to be a key part of achieving my big WHY.

Why this hasn't occured to me before I dont know. But I know it now and need to get to work on identifying what holds me back. What is that big WHY, and can I make it a little why?


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