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Tom Gerow
Brookfied, WI
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I am currently a 26 year journeymen printing pressmen depressed about how the industry has been diminishing and wages have decreased, and advancement oppourtunity is all but gone.
I am learning through Dean's 'Profit Now' program and the book '30 days to cash'. I have made myself a home office to work from, however I am still working my 12 hour days and usually 60 hour weeks, leaving me with just 2-3 days to learn what my next steps should be, and take action on each of them. I have not made my first deal yet, but I have joined my local REI club, started to meet other investors, and have connected with two agents sending me property listings I am not sure with what to do with because I do not have the funds to buy at this time. During 2012, I realised my interest in staying at what I do is gone. I was looking to try to make a living at something I can have more control over, be passionatte about again, have my effort and my drive and work be worth something. This was my first reason for joining the DG family, the teaching of how to get started, but having the possibility of networking and teaming up with other investors is very exciting! My core reason is to provide better for my family than 500$ a week. I am looking to get started with wholesaling at first before taking on rehab/'restore'.
Thinking more positive these days with my new career as an investor on the horizon.
Hoping to hear from any of my DG family, I am an Insider Elite member!Smiling
Thanks for listening- All my Best to You- Tom

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...just getting started...nervous, anxious, determined. -Tom

Hey Tom!

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It's nice to see you here and it was nice to see you at the the REIA meeting. If there's anyway I can help you out please ask we're going to get deals done we just have to stay doing what we are doing. Hope to see you soon!


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Hello there!!!

I was just looking around the website and came across one of your posts and saw that you are from brookfield!! I moved down to flagstaff az and my whole family still lives up there!

just wanted to say hi and see how your investing is going!! If i can do anything from down here family is huge in construction. maybe we could do some deals together!

hope to talk to you soon!!!

Melissa Palmer

Glad to here from You

Hi Melissa,

Recently, I have learned how to do Short Sales in addition to my wholesaling efforts, and I am looking at another FSBO tomorrow.

I am still a printing pressmen, but I am looking to get out of that profession, the wages are diminishing, and the insurances are increasing.

Perhaps you could hook me up with your 'construction family?' I am 46 years old, in good physical shape, I weigh 190 at 6'2".

My investing has been a slow road. I work 4 14 hour days at 17.85/hr -only leaving me with the three to handle my life needs, and spend two days working on becoming a real estate investor, with a small budget.

Only working at this 2 days a week for a year now, I have made 32 FSBO offers, had 2 yes' fall apart last minute, and I have recently attempted my first short sale, but was a no go.

I do get calls from my mail pieces and bandit signs, but they are from mostly unmotivated seller's.

I know my efforts will pay off one of these days, because;
1. I am an army of one! I have more ambition than my body can physically keep up with.
2. I do get leads from my efforts, and I even just mailed some info to someone willing to bird dog for me. 3. I have made good connections to many of my REIA members, to be part of my team when I get an offer accepted.

Thanks for reaching out, it was really nice to hear from you! Please, by all means, let's stay in touch!Smiling

Sincerely, this ever trying rookie investor... Tom