Weekly Wisdom #265 - The One About...Sleeping Dogs?

There is a saying "let sleeping dogs lie" and it means leave something alone if it might cause trouble. Well in this Weekly Wisdom, Dean Graziosi suggests that maybe there are some "sleeping dogs" that need a nudge. The challenge here is to wake up the part of you that desperately wants to change your life, but for some reason has gone to sleep.

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Thank you Dean!

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for another inspirational Weekly!

I love this site! This is where I find my motivation to keep going forward on my rei journey. It hasn't been easy, and I hadn't realized how much confidence I had acquired through your education, but as I take action every day, I realize how much I've grown since I first joined this wonderful family.
As you say, when you are knocked down, or people disappoint you, if you have the knowledge and the mindset, you get through it all!

Thank you for motivating us week after week, and providing us with amazing education!

Always with a grateful heart,

Ditto to what Val said!

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Dean, thanks for your inspiration. I'm fearful of being stuck in my J-O-B for years, so that is my leverage that I use to take action! Smiling

I'm very grateful for my family & friends. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Sounds like your talking straight to me Dean

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I've tried the success academy, Profit from real estate now, Thirty days to real estate, Be a real estate millionaire and even the EI site and still no deals yet. Trust me Dean I know its me, I know why I haven't made any progress..Some of your prior weekly wisdoms have pointed out why Im not progressing in this but Im still not gonna stop...Thanks Dean...

Who is in charge?

Your tools and instruction with my own desire and me taking action will get results and that will be me in charge. I am learning that being in the 98% teaches us to settle for whatever instead of designing the life we want. I have to break free from that. I am learning and growing with you as my mentor Dean. Thank you so very much. You will never know just how much I appreciate you. No Christmas shopping here as I am just doing my best to maintain. I am not complaining though and all things are temporary. This too shall pass. Happy Holidays to everyone. May each and every one of you be richly blessed.

Love the kick

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If being kicked gets me to be the best ten I can be then KICK away. I have had such a crazy year and it is still going...But so am I...I am pushing to complete one of my goals this year and I will not be stopped..At least it will not be me that stops me if I am stopped. I can't tell you what your first three books did for me Dean but I can keep showing you....See you soon..

Loving The Positive Energy DG.com and brought In My LIfe

Thanks Dean for sharing such an awesome, motivational, and inspiring weekly wisdom for us

I had a great thanksgiving and thanks for asking lol.

This year has been amazing for me and I'm thankful for being a member of DG family because I I know their are lots of people out there who doesn't have the great opportunity which I have now. my next thanksgiving will be a lot different for sure.

I'm never gonna lose my motivation for real estate. I have so much faith in my abilities because with God being my partner, I can do all things and nothing is impossible.

I don't think 2014 is ready for me yet. I'm more than ready together with my tools to crush those deals out there in 2014.

I 'm going to be the youngest millionaire in Miami in the two years I know that for sure without any single doubt in my mind.

like you always taught us "if you wanna learn how to speak french we gotta hang around french people". Same thing applies to REI " if we wanna be successful in RE we gotta hang around investors here in DG.com in order to be in the right mindset."

Best wishes to everyone this week investing!

Miami, FL

"If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you'll find an excuse."- Karen Ellsworth
"Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase." - Martin Luther King, Jr.
“Don’t worry about failures, worry about the chances you miss when you don’t even try.” – Jack Canfield
"If you are not making offers on properties you can not make any money" - Success Coach
Follow me on my road to riches http://www.deangraziosi.com/real-estate-forums/investing-journals/144538...

This weekly blog hit home Dean

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Your right about finding my enthusiasm, I think I kinda lost it. I mean I'm still in the game putting out my signs weekly but haven't close my first deal yet. Tomorrow I'm getting 100% back on track. Thanks for the motivation Dean!!

This week's weekly wisdom

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Thank you Dean. It's so nice that you care about all of us so much. I'm sure you have all the money you want and that you just keep doing all this because you sincerely want to help other people have the same opportunities you have.

You're the best!

Motivation for moving forward

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Hi Dean,
Working on this and trying to get better at all of it. Working at it one step at a time. I have properties and have to decide if I want to find and property management company of start one as I live in a small town without management companies. I feel like I'm following your path as I do almost all the work on the properties and I have to work on the system. Thanks for the inspiration and I know I'll keep moving forward. Have a great holiday season.

The One About...Sleeping Dogs?

SKL Properties's picture

Hi Dean,

Another great weekly wisdom........So true about the sleeping dogs.......

Yes.......we all need a nudge once in a while to keep us focused and on track......

So easy this time of year, and with all the modern tecnologies to side track us.....But I am Thankful for you being here to keep/get us back on Track....Smiling

Thank You Dean....XO


Changing habits

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Loss of motivation and excitement is probably a little natural, the same as with a new relationship the excitement or the newness wears off. What I have been trying to do as of late is change the "habit" of living life the way I used to. Sometimes it's just a matter of doing things in a different order or adding one small something to my day. These keeps me from falling into a rut and keeps me a little off balance in a good way. With a new routine or a change-up I have to learn to respond and react in a new way.
Thanks for always being someone I look forward to hearing from, thanks for providing us all with a place to come for support, encouragement and tough love (kicking that sleeping dog).

warmest regards,
Lisa Richardson


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Persistence is my favorite word to describe what it takes to be successful in this business of REI. I have to preach it to myself all the time! Going failure to failure until we reach a success. That Winston Churchill was a smart guy. I've had a lot of failures this year, some big ones. I get down. I doubt. I get discouraged. I feel like a big jerk. Then I get back up. I dust myself off. I change my state. I get grateful. I get appreciative. I don't let those lousy enemy voices in my head go any further. I remember how the road to victory is blocked by boulders, but how the boulders move out of our way as we determine to walk through them. They crumble into sand when faced head on. I focus on how fast can I recover. Then I walk on the path to victory.

#265 Sleeping Dogs

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Good topic it got me thinking a bit, I haven't lost my desire to be an investor. Its funny in a way, when we got into this last summer everyone thought we were getting into a "get rich quick scheme" Well we proved them wrong. But I'm keeping at it to show my persistence will over whelm this resistance.


weekly wisdom #265

Thank you very much! for your time!
Your video blogs keep me going towards
real estate. Thank you Dean!!


Thanks for the encouraging words at a much needed time in my life.

God bless you

Weekly wisdom

Thanks for your advice.Its hard when you doing it alone...buy i will not quit....


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It's funny.....

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It's funny how I seem to be just a week ahead of these wonderful weekly wisdoms. I was feeling down, frustrated, sad about my situation and upcoming anniversaries. I was really starting to rethink my RE adventure. But I made a phone call to my agent, prepared a letter to send to my buyer but before I sent it, Voila, I got a message from the agent and I am heading to go look at some houses tomorrow. The dream lives on!!! The dog has been kicked! Eye-wink I feel a new sense of hope and a better feeling of success. "If it's to be, it's up to me!!!" (Thank you to whomever said that first Eye-wink )

Andy Sager
DG's AndyS
CFIC and IE member

Great Weekly Wisdom

Hi Dean, the Weekly Wisdoms are always inspiring, thanks always for the motivation, and insightful message, hope you had a great Thanksgiving I did.

Thanks Ray


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I don't really have my heart in Holidays, but to be more THANKFUL. I have not let go of the education or staying in action, but I need to be more SUCCESSFUL. Education, Desire and Action= Results. LEVERAGE TO GET REINSPIRED. FEARFUL of Hell. I got to find a way to succeed. Thanks for being here for me.

Boots Up Side your Head For The Kick Off

Great reminder Dean on how we need to keep reading the instructions and then applying them in our every day life to get these deals done and make this world a better place knowledge is the leverage we need to over come all these set backs and nay sayers we got this DG family as long as we don't stop. Thanks Dean

Much needed motivational boost

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Thanks Dean,
I've kind of been coasting for the last 60 days. My usual build and keep building attitude had diminished a bit but you've put me back on track. Thanks again Dean!!

Thanks Dean for the inspiration and the training.

Some times it's not the sleeping dog but the never sleeping demon that get us down, or me I should say. My living has been base on production for quite some time, and again it is. So I will fight like the dog to get going and then keep it rolling.

Again Thanks

Always here for us...

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You are always here for us, Dean! Thanks again for sharing positivity and pushing us forward.


Needed That Kick!

Hi Dean,

Wow your Weekly Wisdoms always are on point, well at least for us.We've set our goals and we are truely having a tough time reaching them right now. I got side tracked by my other commitments, and of course the Holiday. I just told Joe this morning that we really need to get back on track. We need to get that "SPARKLE" back in our eyes.So Thank You for giving us that KICK/PUSH/NUDGE-- To wake us back up!

Gigi & Joe

Like you are sitting here watching me


Again, your message rings true. You asked, are you ....

um yes

thanks for the boot, i need the help to move beyond

thanks Dean

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After watching we just decided to get an American Mastiff. Smiling

New beginnings!

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Thank you so much Dean for sharing your knowledge and education. This year I am thankful for my family and thankful for you. Since we started your education our lives are completely different. I don't do anything or even think the same as I did a year ago. This year has had a lot of obstacles, but this is a business and every business has them. I am just grateful that you are so encouraging and have tools available to us to succeed.

Tina Scott

My Battle is Between My Ears (Head)

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I agree Dean, Nobody has any special gifts, talents, skills that I don't already poses. My issue is consistent effort over a period of time to get the results I desire. Your Weekly Wisdom was directed at me. Allowing my desire to sustain me through the failures to earn the success that I desire. Thanks for kicking me in the butt. I needed that.

Thnaks Dean!

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Great weekly wisdom. Thank you for the kick we all need it in one way or another!

Make it a great week!

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