Assignments in NJ anyone??

Assignments in NJ anyone??

Is anyone doing assignments in NJ? Please come out wherever you are?



Im In Jersey And Im currently looking for people to partnerup with assignments ect i do have money lets talk pm me im looking forward to working with someone.


Assignments in NJ

I'm in Monmouth County NJ and am checking with my lawyer to see if assignment deals and or double closings are being done with no money down. If so I'll be out there looking for deals. Anyone else would like to partner up, let me know.

assignments in arizona

lookin for some help on understandinig what and how how assignments work new to the re but really motivated to learn any advise would be much appraicated thanks


I live in NNJ and I'd love to have a discussion with you.

Assignments Can be Done in NJ

Just met with my lawyer yesterday and I am now a LLC! An LLC protects you and your assets and only costs minimal dollars to do. He will be making me up an assignment contract to do deals. He said the best way to do assignment deals is to work with cash and not to do short sales just REO or pre foreclosure to make things faster and easier. Now I am out looking for the deals and will be looking for cash investors to add to my buyers list. If anyone knows cash investors send em my way here in NJ

Looking for cash buyers in NJ

I will be working on contracting some homes in Monmouth and Ocean Counties, if you are interested in purchasing them please send me private message with you contact info and what you are looking for. Thanks!

Contractors in New Jersey

Hi everyone, I have some properties that I will be acquiring soon and I need a contractor partner who will be interested in putting work into the property and then splitting the profits later on. Let me know anyone that's interested....

Hi Renda4

I also live in NJ and I'm actually a real estate agent serving Monmouth, Ocean and Middlesex counties. I'm a newbie investor and I'm trying to get started. so glad I found your post on assigning in NJ. Now I have the answer. I'll be setting up my LLC soon so I can get this going. If you don't mind - Can you give me your lawyer's name? maybe he doesn't live too far from me.. I livein Old Bridge. BTW, Great job in making things happen.


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Hey New Jersey!

I will be visiting New Jersey (and NY) this year and I want to hook up with someone while I'm there and do some deals.

Let's get together.

I'm in Cape May County NJ,

I'm in Cape May County NJ, and looking for anyone that wants to work together. I've just started the process of looking for properties, but already have a couple on my radar that I'm going to be looking to assign. Anyone that wants to get together and try to make some money let me know.


Sounds good. Lets all meet up with each other.


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Lake hopatcong, N.J. homes

Hi all I am also new to this would like to start birddogging for anyone looking for homes in the hopatcong area. I also have 2 brothers who are contractors & slow right now wouldn't mind making some money doing fixer uppers.

NJ Investing

Great to see that NJ is getting involved in investing here too. Just make sure you consult with your accountants regarding taxes in this state (especially if you are an out-of-state buyer). I guess that would hold true for any state, but I know about the 2% non-resident tax here that a lot of people don't realize we have.


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new 2 investing

i just also finished the deans book and looking to get started, will be more than glad to hook up with anyone interested, im from the freehold area

Northern NJ investing

I'm also new to this, and having trouble getting started. I'm in northern NJ and am interested in networking/partnering with someone on assignment deals. Please contact me if interested.

Northern NJ Assigment

Hello Carol, how are you? i just finished reading Dean's book(bearealestatemillionaire) and i too have decided to start with assignment. I figured it's the best way to start with minimal risk and raise some cash for better opportunities. So on page 209 it says, "write up purchase and sale agreement with a low earnest amount,such as $100, an assignment clause(which gives you the right to assign the contract to another person or investor), and 60-90 days closing date. I tried looking for that assignment clause under documents on this site but only found purchase and sale agreement. So i went on called my lawyer and asked him if he was familiar with process. He said all that has to be done is to add addendum to contract making the assignment clause clear and specific. This is my start. The neat thing about this method of assignment is that all you risk is earnest money if* you default on time to purchase the property.

I am open to the idea of partnering up with anyone that's has a solid good deal. I own a painting company and know many handyman thus doing work at really low prices(wholesalecost) and fast!

For those that got your feet wet already and have done a few deals, please provide tips on how to get a great start!

Looking for South Jersey Investors

I know of several prorperties in the southern part of jersey that are a bargain for renting, I need some cash investors, anyone out there interested in the southern part of new jersey.

Investors in South Jersey

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I know of several prorperties in the Southern part of New Jersey that are a bargain for renting, I need some cash investors, if there's anyone out there interested in the southern part of new jersey please contact me, I have a access to all types of properties.

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New Jersey

I'm located in Monmouth county,can do almost any type of construction.Would love to get something going.PM if interested. Silverhound (WHAT BOX?)


Silverhound(WHAT BOX?)

I'm in Cape May County...

Hope to see some of You at the SJREI me if you want to chat about REI...

Let's make things happen together

I am in Bergen. Is there anyone out there who wants to start RE journey hand in hand to make coming year better than this year ? PM me if you are serious.

I done deals in PA, looking to partner up in NJ

I done 10 deals around the Allentown, PA area and wouldn't mind helping someone out in NJ and making money together. PM if you are interested.




Partner Up in NJ

Hello Martin:

I maybe interested in partnering up with you. I live in NNJ also I just started with the Success Academy fast track program. Please PM me to let me know what your expectations are.




Good to see new jersey here

my name is frank ive been making offers on reos without much sucess. Decided to switch gears read deans books and really want to focus on wholesaling. Im down in ocean county originally from waldwick up in bergen county. Anyone looking to network or work together feel free to pm me anytime. Im in here alot reading and absorbing everything I can . Sucess to you all .


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Looking for Networkers in Sussex NJ

Hey, I'm from Sussex NJ and looking for anyone who is willing to help me out, I am still in high school but want to create a solid foundation for my future life and will be moving to Florida for College in August and want to have money by then, saw Dean's infomercial a few nights ago and decided twenty bucks was worth gambling on and it seems to have paid off. If anyone around here could lend a helping hand it would be great, thanks.

South Jersey Investors

I'm in Burlington County and still struggling to establish a buyers list in preparation for starting assignment of contracts. I need cash buyers whom I can work with, as well as power team members. Any referrals are welcome. I am also looking to network with others close by. It's been slow getting off the ground and its easy to get down when others seem to be successful with minimal effort.


Im a Real Estate agent but I am currently not utilizing my license. I've always had an interest in investment properties. I know what it takes to make a property stand out so lets get started. Just need an investor to have faith in me. Im unemployed right now and I need to start something that i can really enjoy doing.. How does getting a property up for sale in under 60 days sound. Let me know. This is a major part of my dreams.

Great to see others looking

Great to see others looking to invest in NJ here and hope to support each other in the near future.

Great to see this post! We

Great to see this post! We are doing deals in Ocean and Monmouth county's. PM if you are interested in working together.

Allen & Denise


Allen & Denise
Denal Enterprises

ocean county

Is there anyone looking to do assignments in ocean county nj ? Im from waretown and looking to network or work with other investors in the area. Feel free to pm me . My name is Frank .


" you make a living with what you get but you make a life with what you give "

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