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J D East (Jennifer)
Western North Carolina
About Me: 

61; long-time "not quite starving" artist, designer, and weaver who had to leave off-grid property near Santa Fe 8 years ago and start from scratch again in order to take care of elderly mother.
Completed AAS in Advertising & Graphic Design; working part-time as college adjunct instructor now.
Seeking constructive ways to integrate my writing and design skills with varied sales and service experience, support myself, my mom, and a small zoo, and find "home" somewhere here so I can get beyond renting and plant a garden.
Born in Paris, France (Air Force gypsy); traveled extensively, and lived in a number of states.
Have rehabbed several rent houses in TX and NM and done home staging and furniture remodels for fix & flippers in Charleston, SC, area.

arts and crafts, good design, organic gardening, solar and off-grid living, alternative medicine and health

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Mixed-media artist/designer/weaver and adjunct college instructor
My Pets Are My Kids
Completed College

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Thanks for the explanation of your photo. I can totally relate!


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Welcome to the site! This is a wealth of info for you. Take advantage and read as much as you can.

Sounds like you already have some RE experience.

We are all here to help you in any way we can.

Good luck!



Hi Jennifer, thanks for your message.. Keep me posted on any progress, or thoughts you have on giving back etc.. Ah old muscle cars, your explaination was cute ha, i just sold my 69 GTO . Please keep in touch, mike.

Hi Jade

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thanks for stopping by my journal- it gives me great satisfaction if anyone can learn something from my scribbles and apply it to their own strategy to succeed in rei.
I am very impressed with your bio write-up! Sounds like you already know quite a bit about real estate-now you can apply some of DG's strategies and build up from there!

Wishing you success on your rei journey,

Can I call you Jennifer?

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I joined the family the last week in August of last year. I completed reading three of Dean's books about a month afterwards. I assembled my real estate team as I completed the last of the three books. My brokers backed out when I was ready to make offers even though they both knew (clearly) what my intentions were. I learned to have 'back-up' people in place after that. I'm currently working part-time as I build my real estate business. I would love to stay in touch with you if you are okay with this.
Your NC DG Family,