Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #211 - How to Get a FMV Loan

This Weekly Wisdom reveals a little known strategy that, in most cases, allows you to pull 100% of your purchase price back out of your deals. This will give you tremendous leverage because you literally never have your money tied up. You can keep rolling it into new deals. Be ready to take notes on this one. Enjoy and then take action!

Wow neat idea!

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A live TV Show sounds like a great Idea to me. Thanks Dean for the tips on getting a FMV loan.

Great Idea ...

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Love the TV show idea, the excitment would be off the charts. Would be not only entertaining but educational. We would love to be apart, but I would have to drive, can't fly any longer due to the vertigo.

How to Get a FMV Loan

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Hi Dean,

Thank you for another informative weekly wisdom....This information is invaluable....I am also looking forward to your next live chat session....

I think it's a great idea about the television show...I would love to be in the audience,.......No doubt it would be very educational....

And than go to lunch with you.......your treat of course........Ha,ha......Smiling

Have a Great Week......




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Yes,A live TV Show sounds like a great Idea to me. Thanks Dean

are you kidding me?!?!

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are you kidding me?!?!? want to know how many of us would fly in to AZ to have opportunity be in a group with you------heck show is a bonus! Think it's an awesome idea!
Can only speak for myself....But honestly could say "come to AZ to sit on my front lawn, bring your own lunch.....but I'll let you ask me questions for 15 minutes" and I'd be booked in less than 5 min! forget packing, will buy what I need when get there.
Really???? Can't believe you even had to ask. LOL Smiling

Banks - Very clearly put! Clean, clear and easily understood!

Absolutely correct about banks! I've done it in my own market, but then when booked on 1-on-1. I've gone into markets I never even heard of til I got the client. Yet, had them apply this very technique and getting them a refi lender before leaving.
So you're applies everywhere!

However, it will ONLY work if WE DO!

Good stuff Dean!!

Thank you for being such a giver!

God bless,

TV Show

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Being apart of your TV audience would be great but I may have to wait till I leave the 9-5 job. I hope I can at least watch it. I have been doing so much studying that I have not watched any TV in almost three months. I hope you can let us know when and where it will be on.

It sounds like you are putting a lot on your plate over the next few months. I look forward to all of it.

Thank you for the bank tips I will be looking around this week for those banks in my area.


Just what I needed

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Well first I would love to be a part of your tv show. :0)

Second, this week's blog hit it exactly on the head. I have recently found a bank that fits this criteria and so excited to keep the money moving so that we can buy more houses! We recently got a FSBO four plex under contract that the owner is allowing us to rehab before close this week and I am hoping to get the appraisal scheduled before close and by the time we close we will be refinancing soon there after. Then we will use the money to close on a duplex and a SFH the following week, rehab and again refi soon there after. And we are looking to buy 5 more this month.

I have to laugh, because in the beginning of the month. I told myself I would be happy if I did two more houses by the end of the year. I have surpassed that goal in a week and will have quadrupled it by the end of the month, when we complete those five. I hoping to do at least 10 in the month of Dec!

This blog could not have been more helpful to me this week!

Way to go Dean! I love it! You keep me well informed to keep moving on! :0)


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i have to say one of your best blogs for me. i've heard many times about going to local banks here, but i don't remember reading or hearing about these qualifying questions and that they have to be yes or move on. great nuts and bolts video blog. oh yea, i'd make the trip. or if you did it on an extra day at the edge?
keep moving forward, rob

With Jen on this one

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Hi Dean
Would love to come fill the minds of new and old real estate students. I love this stuff and work it every day. I will figure a way to get there come hell or high water...NO GO GET SOME

I Like the Idea

The show sounds like a good idea if you can find a way to help control the costs...Travel,lodging etc.I would do it if the numbers make sense.I think
a lot of people would be left out if the numbers don't work.Any possible way you could take it on the road to different locations? Just a thought.

Great Idea

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I like the idea. Let me get my first deal done first and I'd love to fly out there and participate.

Just what I needed

The show idea would be fun, and you would be able to get alot of people involed. I did buy my first property using what I learned from you Dean. I wasn't going to the right place or asking the right questions. This wisdom today was just what I needed, the property is rented and producing income but my money is in the property.
Thank you Dean for all the information.

weekly wisdom 211

Thank you so much Dean! This weekly wisdom is awesome. I am so glad to know that your family is doing well and also that your step father is going to be just fine. The whole idea of having a family that understands what you are doing is great, but to have a show for the dg family to come to and take the concept to a total different level is amazing. I would come to AZ to be apart of the live audience! The energy in that room would be unable to be put in words! thank you for all that you do. Execellent work with Sandy assistance and I look forward to doing more with the family. Blessings and peace upon you, your family and all the dg family as we go enjoy this holiday season.

weekly wisdom 210

I am so grateful to have such a supportive group in the dg family. Every week I have a smile on my face as I face life and the reality of cutting that check. I do understand that if I could cut a check I would not have certain problems. I also appreciate the effort and the sincerity that goes into the site to help others. The openess of your heart and the invitation that is presented every week to help all the dg family be successful is beyond words. I have put deals together, I have experienced talking with investors, I am learning every day how to prefect my real estate business so that I do not miss my opportunity and it is great. I am growing which means deals are about to be closing regularly for me. Thank you for all that you do Dean and all the positive encouragement that comes from the tools that you and the top students provide for success. Congrads on your step-father good to hear your parents are home and doing well. God Bless

Be encouraged

Life is kicking my but at times and I fell like just my goals and dreams just are taking too long to happen! I get frustrated because life is happening and I am unable to keep up with it, I feel I am not learning fast enough to be a true asset to my family, friends, or community. But DG family, if any of what I said above flows through your thoughts be encourage and don't quit! If it was easy to learn everything in 5 mins everyone would be doing it! If there was no issues, obstacles, or hurdles to go over, the reward would not be as great when the task is completed. DON'T QUIT. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion. (Muhammad Ali) We are all champions in our own way so stay in the game, keep your head high, and understand that each action brings us closer to our goals.


I think that would be great Dean!

I haven't been in a good spot to really kick this into gear dragging my feet. Actually hooked up with an investor who's been trying to help me but I think its time to move on! I have to join the family and get some better guidance though and money is alittle bit of a problem.But I will fine a way!

Thanks Dean
Haven't given up!!!!!

Weekly Wisdom #211 - How to Get a FMV Loan

Thanks Dean, for the assignment. Good informatiom.

100% back from banks

hi dean & group very good weekly wisdom we are doing this with our home town bank but they only want to go our cost price. we are gong back to them and talk! I have been with this bank since they started 8 years ago, and also have a commercial bldg and line of credit with them would like to stay with them we will have to ad another bank thanks again john & sharon felgate

I needed this, this week.

I needed this, this week. I've been so wrapped up in life that I have been forgetting the reason that I signed up for this. Thanks Dean, I tried about 8 months ago and had gotten discouraged trying to find a bank, but I'm going to try again and not give up. The hard money loan I got on one of my rentals is killing me and I really need to get a better loan-( motivation) .

I Like the tv show idea, the more people that see how to do this the better.

Smiling Melissa

I would love to join you in AZ

Good Morning,

I loved your review on How to get a FMV Loan?
I would love to join you in Arizona as a guest on your TV show.

Kind Regards,

Lisa Mazzarri


We would love to be on your show. Great idea Dean. We would definately come out to Arizona all the way from Eastern PA. Brett had the opportunity to meet you at the Edge 2012 and loved every minute of the weekend. I would love to be apart of your show and meet fellow dgers.
Happy cyber Monday everyone Smiling
WOW another fantastic idea. I will be doing this one today! Thanks !!

Keep reaching for the stars


Great blog Dean!

TV show a cool idea! I agree with Jen on coming to your front lawn Shocked)

Thanks for the financing information. It will be helpful to all of us out here.


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I would love to come for the tv show idea but right now i cant....Maybe later though!

now on the bank situation....

Is there anyway to "Prescreen" them if you have several hundred banks to call?....yellowpage "Marietta Ohio" for the banks and see what comes up!


I wished I had those questions before I called the Community Bank last week The gentleman asked me to call back in two months.

I read the questions from Building My Power Team in the Class Room but, I didn't have those questions. Excellent questions, I'll ask those questions in on my next calls.

Gee, Thanks Dean!!

Signing Out!


I think the TV ides is fantastic. That would be extremely cool to do. Also great weekly wisdom. I kow what im doing my day off this week lol. Im gonna do my research, and try to make some phone calls this week. I;ve seen a few of these small banks in my area so i already have a few leads.

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Can anyone refer a title company in Minneapolis/St Paul, MN? I'm negotiating my first deal and need a title company to do a double close. Please reply on this site or send me an email to pg.brownstreet@****. Thanks!

Live show is AWESOME idea!

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A live show is an Awesome idea!!!

Also great tip on bank strategy. As always great tips and advice, thanks Dean!

Thanks Dean!

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Great post! I'm starting my homework assignment today. I'm sure to locate at least one bank that will essentially follow a no-season refi criteria. Also, I would definitely fly down to Arizona to get to meet you and other DG family members and participate in a show too.


T.V. show

I cann't stop smiling,that will be fun and i can fill the energy now and you brought it up and if u do i hope your ready.DO IT,DO IT,DO IT.Thanks for my WEEKLY WISDOM and i am going to make some calls today on this rehab i am currently doing,thanks again and have a bless week.LETS DO IT DEAN!!!!

tv show

dean i went to a local bank here in town got a line of credit using the eqity of my properties, bought a property with this line of credit using none of my own money, then went wells fargo and got turned down, you were right, we would love to come out for a tv show, this has been a great experience,the people iam meeting are amazing,it seems there are opertunities coming our way all the time

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