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Miyuki "Coco" Best
New York City, NY
About Me: 

I've been involved Real Estate Investing since 2004 and I have sloooooooowly aquired 3 rental properties. Now I want to take my REI career to highter level!

My goal is to become financially free and build enough asset, so I can assist my family and friends to achieve their goals!
I really enjoy being a real estate investor and I have found the burning desire to succeed. I look forward to becoming a 100% full time doing real estate.

Beside Real Estate, I love spending time with my family, Salsa Dance (my friends call me "Salsaholic" LOL), exercise, and also travel exotic places in the world.
I really appreciate the support and information provided by the DG Family Members!
I hope everybody's dream will come true!!!

Spend time with my family, Real Etate Investment, Salsa Dance, Running, Basketball, Travel, Books

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Partner Opportunity

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Hi Miyumi,

I saw a post that said that you are looking for a Real Estate Investment partner.

Please give me a call or shoot me an email as I'm looking for short sale properties to buy & resell. I need partners to help me find them.


Partner Opportunity

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Hi Kenny!

Thank you for your e-mail.
I was just downloading Dean's mini book & realized I got a message from you.

I would like to help you, just let me know how.
Are you looking for only short sale deal?

You can e-mail me @
If I didn't answer the phone, please leave me a message and I will call you back.
I have two kids (3 years & 4 month) and it makes difficult to be on the phone sometimes...

Looking forward hearing from you!


would like to hear on any advice

Local Realtor

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Hello Miyumi,
I am sorry that I was unable to get back to you sooner but I have not been on DG in a long time. I would love to help you out with acquiring or selling property if you are still looking for a realtor. Best of luck with all your investments and you can email me at dbrozyna@weichert.com if you have any questions or real estate needs.
Talk to you soon,

Dan Brozyna
Weichert Realtors
(973) 779-1900 x 236
(201) 679-2857


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Sorry for not responding sooner!
How's your REI going?
Let me know if you need any advise or question Smiling


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Sorry for not responding sooner!
How's your REI going?
Let me know if you need any advise or question Smiling

Partner Opp

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I'm in. What location, local or all over....

Thanx, for the Great Info Too!

Hey CoCo!!!

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Hey whats going on CoCo it was nice meeting you at the REIA NYC social event last night. I must say the highlight was seeing my DG family member. You keep on rocking and rolling and everything is going to work out. I will see you at the TOP!

Best Regards,
Shane Gore

Hey Miyuki

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Sorry i didn't get the message on time, But i am really interested in meet you and others in the REI Club Please pm me to let me know if there is another meeting ;D

God Bless


Gerard.investor@ G Mail . C o M

Hello Miyumi!

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I have never had one of those back carriers, but that sounds like such a fabulous idea. Not as strenuous as a front sling! Kids are wonderful, I'd have even more if my husband was up for it (he's not Sad)

Keep working on your lists and structuring your marketing and business! Once you get those complete, you start to focus on the 'fun' stuff! The real estate!

So wonderful to see another mom with youngins doing this as well. My husband thinks I'm moving so slowly and doing nothing, but setting up the business and getting the lists done is really a tremendous amount of work! As he sits in front of the tv, I'm pining away at the business and preparing to be successful! Keep going at your own pace, and you will be successful soon! If you put forth the effort, success is guaranteed! Best to you! Smiling

Hey Coco

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Hey Coco so i saw u posted the rei meeting i would love to come by and meet u guys , it's great that people in NY area are active and network together....