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John Doss
Flagstaff, AZ
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58 Years old and would like to help family and friends to see their dreams come true. Now I don't work myself to death and have the time to invest in my education.

Fishing. outdoor activities, and now real estate

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Disabled and investor
My Pets Are My Kids
Completed College

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I have a question. Do I need to start a LLC before I start do some deals? My problem just like many is no money and no credit. I am currently going thru a short sale on a house that I own in Phoenix and until I get rid of the house I have no extra money to spend, let alone what it is doing to my credit score. Luckily the loan was just in my name and does not affect my wife so I am trying to get her involved in the program, Then we could use her credit until we get established. Will the fast track program help me get started? I really want to get this off the ground. I currently work for the State of Arizona and there are going to be layoffs and I want to make sure that I have money coming in before that happens. I am also partially disabled and will be going out on medical disability and this will work so I won't lose my benefits from that. Please answer as soon as possible. I am getting very nervous and I know that this will work. I found 5 properties in Kingman that they are willing to sell for $200,000.00 and I know that I can get it for less. The houses are in various stages of construction and I am pretty sure that I can make some startup money from just this one deal. Please help.

John Doss

PS where do I find the answers to my questions.