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Klay Kimbell
Birmingham, Alabama
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I am 47 years old and I have almost 30 years experience in commercial and residential construction. I would like to get started in real estate investing by doing bird dogging, wholesaling, and getting into rehabbing single family homes. I'm also looking to find someone local to partner up with to help me while I get started.

Spending time with my 3 kids

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to the DG Family Klay. I do not check my account page that often and didn't notice your post on mine. If you haven't already noticed; this is an awesome place to be. Never thought of myself to be one for social networking, but they make it seem different here...very welcoming and most of all supportive! It will be our key to success, but only if we do our part.

Maybe we can exchange contact info and share some ideas,etc.


Hi Karen

Nice to here from you. I am just getting started. Really looking for which way to go.I thinks it is really nice to have a site like this one to go to.looking forward to using the tools and talking to people on this site.It is a lot to take in.


Just wanted to stop in and say hello, saw you are here in Alabama. I am just getting started. I am in the birmingham,Al area. feel free to drop me a few words trying to get to know some investors in the area

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