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charles williams
Bremerton WA
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Hi Everyone I'm a 29 year old full time college students and a full time father of five wonderful children and a full time husband to my wonderful wife of two years. My drive for success is driven by my family, they are my reasoning for make better decision in my life, and I think by getting this program was a great decision for us. I m from a small town in Goodwater Al, but I now live in Bremerton Wa about 40 min from Seattle Wa. I'm just looking for a better life for me and my family.

Getting to know God more, playing basketball, watching SEC football and NFL football

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Welcome aboard

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Thought I'd post my response to your PM in your guestbook and give you a "formal" welcome to the DG Family. This way, every time you log in; you'll see it. Hopefully, it will be a reminder to help keep you motivated.

First of all, it's great to see someone else from my neck of the woods. I've met a few, but not too many. I'm sure we both will find more "neighbors" as we continue to be active on the site.

As I am a Newbie also, yet to do my first deal; I'm only able to give you this advice. Study your course (is it the Success Academy?). Read all of Dean's books you can, and re-read them again. Make Action Plans daily/weekly...stick to them and follow up.

Most importantly; become active here on the DG site and DO NOT be afraid to ask questions! There will always be someone on here that can answer them or give advice. It is truly AWESOME and successful members seem to be more than willing to give back in an effort to see us newbies succeed. That's obviously why it is called the DG Family!

AS I learn; if there's anything I can do for you, just let me know. Good luck and I'll see ya on TOP!


PS - Just for kicks...WAR EAGLE!!!!


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thanks for the info but roll tide roll!!!! I hope that doesn't affect our buisness venture together. LOL

Welcome Charles

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I wanted to drop by and say hello to you and welcome you to Dean's board.
I know you will make many new real estate friends here who will help and encourage you along the way.


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Glad to see you here. their is a lot of great info on this site. and don't forget about the success academy if you haven't already joined.


Hi Charles...

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I read your comment in my guest book.... Glad you are a part of this great organization!!
Don't worry I think everyone when we start feel that way I think is because there is just so much information about REI that is unbelivable.... hang in there man... just take accion and things will happen for you!!
Take care
I sent you a private message too.. so we'll talk soon!!

Alex Rubio

Forclosure bid?

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Welcome aboard! I just wanted to post my response to your question regarding the foreclosure property that you were looking at here on the DG forum, so that others might be able to participate in the discussion. And in hopes that we can help all the other DG friends at the same time. You see, there are so many deals out there that we really have little competition. As this is just a numbers game, and nobody could possibly grab all the deals that they would like to get.

Now on to my response:
A good strategy is to first run comps to see what nearby homes are being sold for. I use to run comps. If the home is in good condition (not needing much repair) I then would go on to the next step which would be to make a very low offer (50% would be good). And stick to my guns. Make the same low offer every couple weeks util they give in. But keep your eyes peeled as there are tons of incredible deals out there. There are hundreds of REO and Foreclosures in my neighborhood, and I would bet that there are quite a few in yours as well.

Another thing you might want to do right away is to start building that buyer's list and do some sifting and sorting through it. Keeping your aim upon obtaining qualified buyers.

Stay positive and when you're talking to prospective buyers BE IN A HURRY, as this stimulates a greater interest in what you have as people generally perceive those whom are in a hurry as IMPORTANT. Basically, you'll gain great amounts of respect from people when they think you're busy. (Fake it till you make it, as they say).

Your DG friend,