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Lane McCaw
Davenport, Iowa
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30 Years Old, Single Dad, Christ Follower, Tech Writer, Real Estate Investor.

I specialize in wholesaling single family homes in the Davenport, Iowa area.

Paying it back!

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Tech Writer/Wholesaler
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Does it really work?

Does it really work?

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Does what really work?


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It was a pleasure meeting you at the real estate investment club meeting on 12/21. This is a greta busienss and you are in a great group that is lead by Greg. The DG website is a great place to learn, network and share information. Dean's books, live events and programs are the reason we got to where we are today. You can do it too. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe and Stacey

I was a pleasure meeting you

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I was a pleasure meeting you and Stacey as well Joe! Thank you so much for coming and speaking to our group! I hope to see you at EDGE 2011! I plan on making a name for myself in REI!


I hope you dont mind but i am going to follow and try and do what you do..You have a plan of action and thats what i need.
Im watching and learning


Thanks for coming by, that

Thanks for coming by, that was really nice of you. Picking up a lot of great nuggets in here...thanks again.


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Hello, I think you are right on what you wrote on the DG site. I asked myself, why not and just do it? If I don't win, at least I gave it a try. HOw do I apply for the Edge contest? I couldn't find a link or a clue where I can. Could you help me? Please? Thanks and good luck to the people who are applying for the contest!

"EDGE 2010" and "DOM"

Hey, Lane:
I read your 1/8/11 post to Matt wherein you said you had just watched him in EDGE 2010. Where and/or how did you watch EDGE 2010? I've tried to find it here on the DG website and in my emails from DG, all to no avail.

Also, you mentioned you were getting started on "AS Is" properties with "DOM of 100 days or more that are estates". What does "DOM" mean?

You sound like a man who is determined!

I appreciate and thank you in advance for your reply.

Hi Lane

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Hello Lane,
We are friends on fb and I wanted to say "hi" and introduce myself.
My wife and I are working on our first deal in Oregon. We just got our bandit signs, and are building a buyer's list. We are going to do wholesale deals for a while, and then buy and hold.
Hope everything is going great for you, happy investing!


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Thank you for speaking with me on wholesaling I can always use the assistance from experienced people like yourself no matter how much I learn it always helps to hear it again or from any other possible angles so THANK YOU! Smiling

option contract

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hello, i am from peoria,il
i saw you are from quad cities. if i could ask you a question, have you ever used an option contract with an agent? and if so how do you do that, tell them you are using it. or do they fight you on it and want you to use theirs. thanks for any help