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Joseph Sullivan
Salem, Oregon
About Me: 

43 and humble.

My Chidren & Wife, Computer Repair and Builds, and REI.

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Have Child(ren)
Completed College

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Mainly Just This One


welcome joe !!

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welcome joe hope to hear about all you will learn from this site.there is some fantastic knowledge and people on here as you will soon see !!

also in oregon

Hi Joseph, I'm in McMinnville, would like to know hows it going. I started about 3 weeks ago reading deans books and lots of posts. Looked at a couple house but was disappointed. Any good real estate agents/brokers that you recomend? Thanks Rick

Hello Joe

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My name is Eric and I also live in Oregon and I'm just starting out. I'm so glad there is a web site and service like DG on the net. As with being new but having a clue, could you give me an idea on what the Oregon housing market has to offer for REIs? I know tax properties are a wash....Anything????



Hi Joe

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Im not gonna say welcome because youve been a DGer longer than I, BUT im interested in learning how your surgery and your REI endeavors are going....I hope really well on both counts!!