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Pensacola, Florida
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I was the first hearing impaired funeral director in the nation and I inspired alot of people. So my job got harder on me due to my hearing loss and they let me go and I am trying to find another career and hoping REI will work out. Most jobs requires phones !!

real estates and horse back riding

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License Funeral Director
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and remember "Create a definite plan for carrying out your desire and begin at once, whether you ready or not, to put this plan into action". Napoleon Hill


Thanks and good luck to you !!

Paul Smiling


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Hey Grace

Hope you had a great day !! I always have a great day.


Hey Paul, just stopped by to

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Hey Paul, just stopped by to say hello and welcome to the DG family. REI is definately the thing that can spring you to a comfortable and fulfilling life. Work hard at it and Never give up.
good luck


Thanks for your support ! I also wish you well too.


hey paul

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thanks for the note man. glad to see someone close by!

see my website if you're interested in networking.


Looking for more investors

I am looking for a nice group of people to work with me and we all can make a nice profit together. Hope to hear from you all soon.


Paul T. La Moy

Best Strategy

Hope I am asking the right question. I found a FSBO, good neighborhood, what deal should I use to get this property. The owner is fixing it up and wishes to sell. The comps show that if the market improves over time, it could sell for 95K, right now it is up for grads at about $50K. How to approach, I want this house.

Just Starting Out

Hello, I am just starting out, with no money and bad credit and a job that may be ending in September. I,m interested in REO's under 5,000 found 2 one 2,000 the other 1,500 the bank wants cash, they need some repairs, How would I lock up these properties with no money down? or should I try to come up with the money,since they are already really cheap. I just don't know which direction to go in. I'm in Michigan the housing market and employment situation is in shambles. Please advise. I hope this question is not dumb or confusing. Thanks Jayval


Hello fellow sojourners:

I am a newbie and just wanted to say how much I appreciate being a member of this sub-group and look forward to encouraging you and being encouraged by you. I am sure that each one of us will become successful at this in time, especially since we have such fantabulous people supporting us like
Dean!!! Have a great day!

Question for you Paul


Is this just a group to join and then nothing?



hey paul...hope the surgery goes well for ya...and you can meet up at the next meeting...regardless of what happens with the surgery...

I keep my eye on the post you started, so i can keep updated also...

New here

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Wanted to say hello. I'm a new DGite! Hoping to do a deal real soon. But I have tons of questions, prolly ones asked over and over. But could use some help and hand holding to ensure I do this properly and everyone is a winner! If you have time PM me?




just wanted to say hi and see how u are doing with real estate, mike

Get started now

I am a seiner but stil trying to work a full time job,it takes up all my time and dont allow me any time to find deeals.I need agood deal or two to free up my time so I can do what realy want to do,as my job dont pay much anyway.EXPERINCE NONE, Credit bad,and no money.I am in NC not a great area for business, Need sllthe help and coaching Ican get Thank you.


Hey there,

Haven't heard from you in WAY too long - Hope all is well. Please let me know how things are going for you.


Alaskan Success,Inc

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is doing REO in area's where real estate are at...

pm me lets network.
11 states have done so already

hey Paul i hope your still in the real estate game i live in ulster county ny my name is Frank if interested in networking email me