Conference Call REPLAY- Tuesday, July 21st, 2009 @ 9PM EST

The EDGE is selling out fast. Presale orders were closed at 12:30am EST after the call. The official launch started TODAY at 6:00 am EST. About 70% of the sets that we have were sold tonight, so the rest should be gone by today - there is only a limited number of sets we have left to ship, so first come - first serve.


PS: Great job on the call Joe and Stacey, and as always, Dean as well...!

July 21, 2009 Conference Call

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We are looking forward to the July 21, 2009 conference call. I hope everyone gets registered and is ready for another great call with Dean. It is sure to be packed with great information, tips, information and content. Good luck on all your deals! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

J 21 conference call

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Can't wait! Look forward to the next step. Continued success as always.......Lubertha

Ahhhhh..... Help.....

I've been listening intently to the blitz with growing excitement only to learn I will be out of the country on Tuesday. While its great that I will be traveling with my family I will miss the teleconference. What can I do? I don't want to miss it.

Don't worry!

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We have all of our calls recorded, so you can always come back to this site and listen to the call re-play. You won't miss a thing! Enjoy your vacation Smiling

excited newbie!!

with excitement and nervousness, look forward to the call!!
something off the mark...i just looked at a house that has been vacant for 2 yrs. asked one of the neighbors bout how to get in touch with owner,but they had no idea. is there a tricky way to find the has potential with some rehab..thx for any response!


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I will be traveling too. Finally taking a vacation in over 4 years. But I will be calling in to listen... Not missing this!!!



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I setting on ready for the Tues. call. I lost a little momentum but I am out looking crosstown' for another good deal..


I will tune in on time!


I'll be there!

Can't wait. Thanks Dean, keep the Blitz comin' our way! Smiling
-Mike Hutchins

Sounds like great stuff !

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I will be there - I am ready to take the next step !!

Can't Wait

I'm so excited. Can't wait to hear. I had a chance to browse around, and I was impressed.

Conference Call

My first - looking forward to it. Based on every thing else I've heard or read, expectations are high. jimbobs

July 21, 2009 conference call

I just attempted to register and was denied; is it too late??

No, it's not too late

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You should still be able to register for the call. I am assuming it is a problem with your computer because the link to register is working on my end. Try again by clicking on this link:

bring it

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Thanks dean for setting up another call this blitz info is something that I look for everyday and everyone else info on this site I'm ready for another call just so good to hear more motivating steps I am not going to miss this call for nothing!!!


Yes we will be on this call,looking forward to hearing all of the established persons deals, I know we will learn more to get going ourselves. thank you so much for all you do.....Diane and Brian

Conference Call ...........July 21st !!

I am looking forward to the conference call on the 21st!!

The last conference call had so many great ideas on marketing that it was unbelievable !!

Call on the 21st !!!!!

I'm signed up and ready to go! I'm so excited I'm actually about ready to fall over. This call is going to be great, I can't wait Smiling

SuperMoneyMan Cool

can wait

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i'll be there

Anxious with anticipation....

Looking forward to first blitz. Ready to get started and propel my RE investment to the next level of success..

looking forward to it

I am really looking forward to the conf call. I always get valuable information. As a newbie, im sucking up as much information as i can to get a better understanding of what I am doing. My confidence level increases daily.

cant wait...

Can't wait

Looking forward to making this a life changing experience. Can't wait for the call tonight

SOOOOOO Excited Cant Wait

SOOOOOO Excited Cant Wait Smiling

The excitement is building,

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The excitement is building, this is gonna be GREAT!

Ready to Learn!

I've just joined up a few days ago.
If the conference is an eye-opener like the book I'm reading - let's go!

I'm Ready

Hello everyone I joined today and i'm really looking forward to learning a wealth of information from this site.
I've read the book over and over and I can't express how excited I am about this. I'M READY

Five Minutes to D-Day

Looking forward to the call Dean...Looking forward to joining you in the ranks of Financial Freedom....




I am so excited waiting patiently for the call to begin...


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