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Larry Ferriola Jr.
Philadelphia, PA (Delaware County)
About Me: 

I am constantly expanding my real estate business, and right now we are doing Wholesaling, Short Sales, Lease Options, Subject-To and mortgage assignments.

This year I am looking to get started into doing my own rehabs as well. I am always open to training birddogs and property scouts in my area to help me find some motivated sellers (and pay them a finders fee).

I also started my own blog at I am always posting updates on tips and strategies that I use in my own business that has allowed me to close anywhere from 3-10 deals a month.

Sports, Real Estate, Internet Marketing, Traveling

Basic Info

Real Estate Investor / Web Designer / Internet Marketer
My Pets Are My Kids
Some College

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I ''m new to the Dg program and located in the delaware county area. Any resources will be helpful ,

Wholesaler/Investor in South Florida

Hi my name is Greg Sands, I live in South Florida and I realtor for a wholesale real estate investment firm where we get at least 20-25 new wholesale properties every month. I thought that it mioght be a good idea to let some of the other users know about it since most people have a hard time finding the deals. I also would like to network with other wholesalers or people down here in my area. PM me and let me know what you are trying to do and maybe we can work together on some deals.
my company is called Meridian Trustllc

Hey Flip Kid

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Thanks for the heads up, and nice job on the website ;D

I am looking for short sale / no equity leads!! I will pay $1000

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Hello Flip_Kid,
Just wanted to touch bases with you to see if you're still interested in looking for Short Sales in the Atlanta area. Your original post was was posted in April 2010...if your offer is still on the table, let me know something.


Offer Letter

Hey Flip Kid would you have an offer letter I could use on an assignment!?

New Mexico Doll!!

Hi, I am new to the DG program, I am just finishing up one of his great books. Born and raised in NM I know everyone and everything in this town. Let me know if you would like to partner with me. I am extreamly motivated and, currently a realtor in NM. Got some good places in the area to invest in. I am ready but, lacking in the first step, just a bit scared, but very ready to give it my all!! Need your assistance. Good luck and Look forward to hearing from you. God bless you.

Property in Tyler Texas

Hi My name is Tom, I have a question for you. i know that you are in Philadelphia,PA I'm wonder if you know anybody who is investing In Texas, i have a client who want to sale property in Tyler.let me know Please
Happy New Year !!!

Wholesale deals

Hi Larry

Is there a place to go to see one of your wholesale deals in detail? I am trying to do wholesale deals in Northern CA. Our focus is flipping properties. Maybe we can help each other. The wholesale deal was just to see if we could get it done. We did but it was a very interesting process. How much do you usually make on a deal? If anyone is interested in how the deal worked out send me message and I will be more than happy to share all the details.

seeking cash buyers in Florida

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I have properties in floridA THAT I need to move asap, any one has buyers?

I share a lot of stuff on my

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I share a lot of stuff on my blog at There are definitely some deal examples on there as well as other great info.

Hi from an hour and a bit north of you

We have properties in Allentown, Reading and Pottsville PA. PM for details and would love to network WIN WIN WIN. Love the web sight blog. Any pointers with starting a web sight we finally got to that point with RE.
Thanks Smiling