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Linda L. Bauer
Sonoma, California
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Like being a Real Estate Investor but I need to make reading Dean's books and reading more of the posts I see in here, etc. as I have postponed too long...
After that, I am interested in Bird Dogging to start, save up most of the money, and keep searching property for other investor's locally in my area of Sonoma County and will do this globally also. I am a stay at home person so all my work in this business will be online.
I purchased a book on Wholesaling by Carol Stinson, now vary successful because of one of Dean's books, and other materials. I plan to do likewise once I get going with it, please wish me luck so I to, can be independently successful my own self by following these expert examples I find in here and the free tools we're given so freely by Dean himself..and eventually, will like to partner with someone after I gain more knowledge about this exciting business. I will need investors that want a Bird Dog eventually, so I have some information on that topic as well..
I am glad to be here and to thank Dean for a wonderful site to get aquainted with!

As mentioned

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Stay @ home doing REI and coming to this cool site to learn
Have Child(ren)
Some High School

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Hi Greg,

I was reading about many of your successful deals (you are the one dean talks about in the book "Your Town-Your Profits" right) and how you help those who have not so good credit or just bad credit into a home of their own? But if not, I still appreciate hearing from you and your offer of help if I need it or partnering with you.

How long did it take you to actually do the deals you do? Did you have to learn quite alot first like me?
I am a renter and don't know if you can help me at present, but I have a fixed income and bad credit and need getting into one of those rent to own type deals. If I can't right away, I will eventually be doing deals with the "no money down" methods as those will get me on my way.
In the mean time I remain a renter and rents go up and low income has stayed the same.

Thanks for the "WELCOME" it is appreciated greg.

Hi Linda

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just noticed you're not too far from me... about 30 miles northwest...

Dean's books are great!

wishing you success,


Hi Linda

My name is Scott. Wanted to say hello and introduce myself.
If I could be of assistance to you, please don't hesitate to contact me.
To your success,