Real Estate Investing Weekly Wisdom #295 - Raise your standards

This week Dean read The Alchemist and spent a day with Tony Robbins, so you may imagine his head is spinning with Success Secrets he needs to deliver to you right away.

This video may be one of Dean's very best this year delivering you practical strategies to catapult your life, your success, and your income...

Do share Matt Thanks Dean

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Do share Matt Eye-wink

Thanks Dean for all you do!

Please Share

It has been my experience that whatever you give, comes back 10 fold....that includes wisdom, I'm sure. So please share.A


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This weekly wisdom is great & helpful, Dean! Thanks for the motivation. It's time to raise our bar, or raise our standards. I would also like to hear what Matt can share with us in the next few weeks on a live call. It's been said that whatever good & positive thing you give, you get back & more.

Matt... Just do it

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Awesome weekly wisdom Dean. Great stuff that I needed to hear. I love the Alchemist. My wife gave me that book, what a great read. Matt.. don't worry about sharing your secrets. I'm in a completely different city than you're investing in. I was questioning myself if I was going to workout.. raise my standards and have my running sneakers on.

You guys never share anything;)

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Thanks for another great WW Dean. Love all the action steps you give us including the book recommendations! Just finishing up the power of now for the 5th time so I'll be reading the alchemist next...and still loving the green drink/lemon/flaxeed oil.
Matt PLEASE SHARE, I'll pretty much do anything you say including pink underwear:)

my comment and the book

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Thanks Dean,
Come on Matt please.............
Also try this link for the book, scroll down the page it is a good read!

OK Matt......

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Dean did all the bragging on these new stratagies......time to share!!!

Yes, we would love any help

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Matt will give to us! More knowledge is more power to go out and do some deals!

Matt you are a giver

Dean thank you for the great weekly wisdom. Matt,share what you know, you've inspired us so much already. Why stop now? The knowledge you share gets results!


Dean, We need the recipe for the green smoothie AND the green drink. Thanks, LindaB


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I know we all love how much Dean has shared with us, including in the video and we love his enthusiasm. But I have to say this your method in teaching us how to be the very best by being an A player has truly hit home with us and we know you will keep us at A player capability....


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Matt there's so many of us that need that first deal or need to take advantage of this opportunity ASAP! Time is soon not going to be on our side! Do it do it do it!

Matt! you gotta, gotta,

Matt! you gotta, gotta, gotta, do it!!! pleeeeease!!!...


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Can't wait to hear some new & different techniques. Always wanting to strive to be better!

C'mon Matt!!

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Thank you Dean, for another Weekly Wisdom full of great energy and information.

I just got home from Tony Robbin's 4 Day Event in San Jose!!! It was awesome!!! I met there with several DGers (Brenda Boyd, Frank Guth, Pat Visser, Manuel and Gildardo Hernandez, Thom Gilbert and his wife Lisa, his parents, his aunt, and his brother);
it was unfortunate that we could not meet with you, Joe, Matt, and Nate (we did see you on the big screen though, and I spoke briefly with Nate and his father-in-law during one of the breaks Smiling
Also, I was able to shake hands with Tony Robbins!!! and I told him that we were DGers.

I read The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho many years ago, and it is one of my favorite books, so I will buy the kindle version to read again.

Matt, you are like our big brother, so I think that as such, you must tell us about your rei new wisdom! c'mon, be nice... share Eye-wink


Thanks Dean!!!

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Thanks for all the knowledge you share with us Dean and finding new and creative ways to bribe your top students out of their secrets! : )

Please share with us Matt!!


God will carry you through

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Dean, thank you so much for sharing your wisdom. I also am so thankful that you share you believe in God. My life is so different now than it ever was before. It actually has brought me closer to God, our real estate business has been built on faith starting with the first live event we went to. I am on vacation with my family and I am up early to get my real estate business done for the day, enjoying every bit of it, but you are right there are so many obstacles to push thru and my husband and I pray for God to lead us and He never fails and we push thru.

Matt please share your new secrets, all of your secrets have been huge part of my business!!!!

Have fun with your kids, take care.

Tina Scott

Please Share

Matt,please share your wisdom!!!! Can't wait to hear what you have discovered !
Dean, I love your enthusiasm and sincerity!

We need to hear from you

We need to hear from you Matt!

Great Weekly Wisdom

Great as always Dean. And please ask Matt to share his new secrets.

Remember, the skys the limit.

New Tips on Crushing It.


Hi Dean, thank you for the weekly wisdom awesome message. Matt, we need those new tips on how to crush deals.


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I need your help please!!!!!!!!!



Thanks Dean
Matt ya just got to share that information with all of us

Go Matt,

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Do it Matt, you know you want to.

Matt should share

Do it! You could save a life.


Wow Dean you did it once again. Amen to everything you stated. That was confirmation for me from Adonai. And Matt do it. Come on Matt, Come on Matt, Come on Matt. And as far as me going back to where I was Adonai made sure that was not possible because that's what I prayed. Please don't allow me to go in the direction where it is not going to be according to your plan for my life which is to lead me to a good and expected end. (Which is good) Psalms 66 says it better than I can. Thanks Dean.

Raise it!!

Thanks Dean. Always good to dig deep.

Matt, the information you share with us is always very succinct and timely. Please will help all of us in the DG family.

thanks dean

Hi Dean your pumped and thats awesome, great stuff, never heard fo the "The Alchemist" but going to find out, will get it.Ok Matt dont hold out on us, we would share with you what we had if you havent heard of it, we all are investing in other areas, I have high standards and wouldnt do anything not honest, were family only real family I have is here, have a great day everyone, much success, Jim

Psalms 66

Hi love that Psalms 66, GODS word has POWER, Thanks, Jim

Matt, you gotta share!

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Some of us can use all the knowledge, guidance, and motivation to get our businesses off the ground. We still haven't made our first deal - all the way through.
Please share...
Mark & Erica

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