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Les Long
Greencastle, PA
About Me: 

My beautiful wife and I live in Greencastle,PA with our two Sheltie boys: Mordecai & Noah. We have lived in CA, CO, GA, FL, WV, MD, IN. So yes, we love to travel! We both have worked in distribution and manufacturing since we've been married in 1992. Real Estate has always been an interest of mine. I am a student of Dean's Success Academy and I am currently working through the QCF of the Rock Bottom Blueprint and loving every minute of it! We are very excited for our future; especially knowing that we will be able to help our families and friends out of financial difficulties. We really enjoy going on mission trips with fellow believers in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. We have one vacation spot yet to experience and that is Israel. When we become debt free and $10,000.00 to spare, we will definitely make that trip. I look forward to working with fellow DG'ers some day!

I love real estate,sports, music,reading, horses, motorcycles, ocean beaches, my two Shelties (Mordecai & Noah), traveling with my wife (Mindy) and above all "The Word of GOD".

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Real Estate Investor
No Children
Completed College

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Thank you

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I am glad to hear that ghost ads work for you. I don't use them anymore, but I did to get 2 serious investors. I now call for rent ads and investors from cash sales in the last 90 days from MLS. Best wishes!......Les

Hi Les

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Welcome back to your rei journey!
I read your comment about SA and RBBP, and I totally agree with you!
I believe that we do have all the tools available at this site- we just have to go out there and make them work for us.

Keep up your great work and your faith!
hope that you do get to go to Israel soon.
Wishing you success,

Hi Valerie

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Thank you for your encouraging words! You are a very nice person. I wish you great success as a REI!
May Peace and Grace be multiplied unto you daily!