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Naples. FL
About Me: 

Full Time Real Estate Investor who focuses on creative investing.

Creating a win win senario is our business model.

I am curently working out the details of opening an Investment Company in Florida.

I am looking to partner up with like minded investors, who are new or veterans in the business.
just remember...
" A Clear Understanding leads to a long lasting relationship" (unknown)

In this time and place I am working Lease Option deals, and I have a pretty good Idea of how it works, reason I have chosen to persue this type of RE investment, is I get to help people who are flipped and unable to make payments out of their property before they destroy their credit, and people who's credit are bad into a property with enough time so they can fix their credit and purchase their dream home.

Real estate, my hobbies are in the RC industries i love flying toys my dream is to own an airplane! :P

Basic Info

Real Estate Investor
Have Child(ren)
Some Post Graduate

Sites I Visit

Mainly Just This One


Sorry, Thought you might be


Thought you might be in Naples CA. Good luck.

No problem

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yes i am in naples fl! great place to be.
good luck to you too


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Welcome and congratulations for being part of the DG website community. The website is packed with great information and inspiration. I just wanted to stop by your guestbook and wish you good luck with real estate investing. Each day continue to increase your knowledge with real estate and before long good things will happen. Go for it, you can do it! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

can I use my va loan to use in a lease option deal??

Hi,my name is felipe and Im new to the DG posse.I see that you have this down to the science and you seem to be the man.If you dont mind cpould you please tell me how I can best utilize my va loan in a lease option deal and a tax sale deal.Im a right side brain thinker so thanks for the details.

use your va loan very carefully

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I'm not sure equity is the problem you should be worried about concerning your VA benefit. The VA loan guarantee is not designed for investment, as there is no good exit strategy other than paying the loan in full, and disposal as well!
(Your BUTT BELONGS TO THE GOVERNMENT UNLESS AND UNTIL THEY LET IT GO... remember the speech the Drill Sergent gave about that, same idea!)

I Please consult your copy of the paperwork for the VA or the pamphlet(s) that may be available to be sure that I am giving you an accurate opinion, but non the less...

1. The VA gives you a certain dollar sum Allotment for your benefit and is legally declared on VA Form 26-8320a . for the amount you are allowed you may use it for one or more houses. That form is as valuable as the money itself so don't let anyone borrow it to copy unless you can trust them to immediately return it.

2. When you purchase the home, it must (usually) be used for your primary residence. If you decide to buy another property, the first must be placed in secondary position and may need to be declared some form of commercial property, e.g. rental. The second property may then be purchased as long as it is declared primary residence. The VA doesn't set the rules for this as it is usually a requirement of the mortgage underwriters, so pick your lenders very carefully, especially when concerning a VA Guarantee.

3. You may renew your allotment granted in the Certificate of Eligibility (aforementioned VA Form 26-8320a) back to its original amount once you have sold the home(s)and paid the obligation(s) IN FULL, however there is a catch... you MUST dispose of the property COMPLETELY unless you have read and understood the terms of 38 U.S.C. 3702b which may allow for partial disposal. You may wish to consult Black's Legal Glossary to fully understand the meaning of "disposal", but it doesn't sound pretty.

4. Don't EVER, EVER let anyone assume your loan (even though you are allowed to do so with written permission from Lender And/or VA), because you will not be able reclaim your eligibility until the loan is paid IN FULL. YOU are still responsible for paying the balance still owed if the assuming party decides to default. pamphlet:
"The fact that you will receive a cash payment representing the difference between the sale price and the balance of your GI Loan which is to be assumed by your purchaser will not prevent you from obtaining a release of liability from the Government.

Your entitlement cannot be restored when you are released from liability to the Government unless VA is also released from liability on the guaranty by the holder, and you are otherwise eligible for restoration. Normally, VA is not relieved of its liability on the guaranty unless your loan is paid in full, as VA continues to be liable on the guaranty even though you have been released from liability from the Government." Rerpinted from: POINTERS FOR THE VETERAN HOMEOWNER, VA Pamplet 26-5 Revise June 1997.

5. ALWAYS retain the services of an attorney when doing anything with your VA loan. If something goes wrong it may very well mean that you will permanently lose your benefit!

Sorry for the verbose response, but I feel this is very important subject, not to be taken lightly.

In summation, I would submit that you use your VA benefit ONLY for your personal property that you wish to own free and clear, because casual buying and selling can invite risks that may not be worth the value of the benefit. the rate can drop as rapidly as the Government wants, but VA capps any increase in rates to 0.5% PER YEAR MAXIMUM! What a Benefit to protect with wise financial choices. u can always refi again without credit checks or appraisals if u need to if u haven't defaulted.

Good Luck with your investing and hopefully this has been helpful. If you have any other concerns about VA check with your local VA office first.

PS. Make it a matter of business as pointed out in Deans books to retain the services of a TRANSACTIONAL Real Estate Attorney, and in your case one that has working knowledge of VA Loan Programs. You must insure you do not encumber or endanger your VA loan with other personal business that may force your mortgage into recievership, because that will default your VA Loan Guarantee and Government will still hold you liable even in bankruptcy.

Hey Indiana Joe

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Thanks for the worming welcome, I am sorry I totaly missed your message because I usually do not come to this page, I have been doing jst that, as a matter of fact I jst received my 5th and 6th empowering conversation cds and I am actually going through them right now. I want to get this show on the road and fast!! Eye-wink

thank you so much for the support and if you need anything plz don't hesitate to ask


80 ways to find buyers list by J. Jensen

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80 ways to find buyers Exit Strategies Part 3
by Jeff Jensen

80 ways to find buyers:

1. Freebie Newspaper Ads
2. Minor Newspaper Ads
3. Newspaper Weekend Edition Ads
4. FSBO Magazines
5. Business Cards
6. Paper Signs
7. Bandit Signs
8. Door Hangers
9. Bulletin Boards
10. Handouts
11. Flyers
12. Real Estate Agents
13. Expired MLS Listings
14. Open Houses
15. Title Companies
16. Closing Agents
17. Accountants
18. CPA’s
19. Attorneys
20. Mortgage Brokers
21. Lenders
22. Property Management Companies
23. Financial Planners
24. Financial/Money Advisors
25. Investors
26. Home Inspectors
27. Appraisers
28. County Records Employees
29. Escrow Officers
30. Hard Money Lenders
31. Private Money Lenders
32. Secondary Lenders
33. Developers
34. Contractors
35. Local Employers
36. Rent-to-Own Stores
37. Referrals
38. Your Existing Occupants
39. Sub-Contractors
40. Handymen
41. Door-to-door Canvassing
42. Free Gift Advertizing
43. Postcards
44. Promotional Materials/Calendars/Note Pads/Magnets
45. Cooperative (Co-Op) Advertising
46. Legal Newspapers
47. Grocery Store/Wal-mart
48. Flower Carts
49. Benches
50. Bus Stop
51. Adopt a Street Sign
52. Laundromats
53. Car Washes
54. Yellow Pages
55. Restaurants
56. Restrooms
57. Mail Center
58. TV Guide/Newspapers
59. TV Ads/Commercial
60. Special TV Programming
61. Radio Ads
62. Billboards
63. Walking Billboards
64. T-Shirts
65. Hats
66. Community Business Organizations
67. Chamber of Commerce
68. Sponsor Sports Team
69. Sponsor an Event
70. Charitable events
71. Charitable Raffles
72. Host a Charitable Function
73. Local Churches
74. Weekly Hotels
75. Property Brochures
76. Magnetic Vehicle Signs
77. Vehicles Wraps
78. Real Estate Auctions
79. White Vehicle Lettering
80. Club Membership Bulletin Board

i thoughtit would be great information to place here so i can always find it LOL

Hey Luiz!

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Hey Luiz!

Hello Harris

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hello Harris.