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Linda Ann Ventura
Rochester, New York (My husband and I hope to live in Marco Island, Florida someday soon.)
About Me: 

I am happily married to a very special man. We have 3 grand-daughters that we adore. Our 2 oldest daughters are married (our oldest daughter and husband have a darling daughter and our second daughter and husband have two darling daughters!). Our youngest daughter and only son still live in Rochester. I am a full time Middle School teacher who would love to create our retirement with real estate investing. Currently I have completed over 8 deals (have 4 houses...or rather, mortgages) and would like to learn how to build my investment "business" while inundated being a teacher and grandmother. I will officially be retired from teaching this June 25th!

Helping people, traveling and spending time with my husband and family

Basic Info

National Board Certified Teacher, recently (July 2011) retired!
Have Child(ren)
Completed Post Graduate

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I am enjoying climbing this learning curve. I am of course interested in connecting with like minded folks.

Miss Tish

Hello Linda if you ever need

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Hello Linda if you ever need help here let me know.

Jim Kendrick

Officially Starting (again)

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I have just flown back from an almost 2 month, out of the country, visit and am generating some motivation to re-start my rei work. I have so far today played 3 "Weekly Wisdom"s and one past conference call (with Matt and Dean). I am a bit "paralyzed" (and very jet lagged) as I am trying to decide what to do first. Listening to stored video here and reading rei's blogs and journals are a good pre-start start.
Happy to have returned!!

Miss Tish

Any suggestions about the next action step?

Back in the game!

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I officially retired July 1 and just put an offer (A KILLER DEAL) in a condo in Florida. I haven't even closed yet and I have tenants for all of February 2012 and March 2012!! These came to me! I just posted the property on craigslist for rent May and June (we intend to use it January and April!!)

I now know where my focus will be as I pursue wholesaling...near where we have vacation property!! Gotta love it!

Thanx Dean Family...YOU'RE MY INSPIRATION!!

Miss Tish

Need help

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Hey Jim:

I very recently bought the domain: www.RocBuysHouses.com
and now use it as my sign on name here...(use to use "Miss Tish". I have yet to "do a deal" but am at the brink...meaning I have lined myself up to create a seller's list...I want to attend an RE investors's meeting ... Would LOVE a local "mentor". It would be great to actually meet you...

Linda Ann