Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #156 - You Are Oxygen

What do you want from real estate? Money? Security? To quit that miserable job? What if NONE of those are your real reason? Sure, they may be part of it, but Dean is betting it’s bigger. Much Bigger!

This week, his message is pretty raw and very real. You are oxygen, and in less than 3 minutes, you’ll understand what that means. It’s going to breathe life into you this week.

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Weekly Wisdom #156

A little boost and a kick all in one message!

Completely True

We are are here for various reasons, and we have to use those reasons to propel ourselves forward. As human, we complain for everything, when we know in our hearts we made decisions that was not necessary. We then blame everyone but ourselves for our failures/setbacks. Until we are honest with ourselves, it will be impossible to move forward. Thanks for sharing Dean.

I'm trying to take it up a

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I'm trying to take it up a notch right now. Great video Dean. Hope to see you soon at the top!

on point

Dean, u are all over it. Its about getting me together first then others.I love to help other people

Your right Dean!

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It's been the theme of the day for me, if i want to help out some people i need to help my self first by taking action now,

Thanks for all the help Dean someday I'll be able to say that in person..

thanks for everything

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I really getting close on meeting my goals

God bless you Dean.


Gerard Doret

Thanks Dean

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Once again for more of
That great weekly wisdom.

I know what you said Dean is the reason for us. We want to help our parents and our daughter out. Plus help our church.

Thank you Dean

Steve and Veronica

keepin' the faith

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when all seems naught...breakthrough is near!
Thanks for another perfect word of encouragement.

Opportunities multiply as they are seized.
- Suz Tzu

Great Weekly Wisdom as always

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Thanks Dean, I just signed up with PMI, spoke to Diane on Tuesday evening and I'm ready to take it up a notch. Can't wait to get to that point, were I'm able to help others around me.




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Great wisdom......and you r on when u say it comes down to helping others...WHAT BETTER FEELING THAN TO HELP OTHERS......but FIRST WE have to learn how to put on that oxygen mask..........we want to be SURE we learned how and it all starts NOW if you haven't already!!! KNOW that with work it WILL happen and ANYONE can be that SOMEONE who others want to LEARN FROM and be INSPIRED BY!!!!!
PUT THAT MASK ON AND TAKE A DEEP BREATH cause people r waiting to hear FROM US!!!!

Thanks Dean, I like to help

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Thanks Dean, I like to help people who help themself at lease try. Yet self is first in order to help someone else.

Thanks again Dean


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Hello Jay you are very inspiring as well what type of strategy did you start out doing? I am new and going threw the process.

God Bless

Eric V

Well, for one thing-

Your weekly blogs and all of your communications are to say the least -thought provoking. I know my why for REI and the reason I come to this site is for support. I am helping myself first and realizing and identifying my own obstacles as I go along. The oxygen mask for me is getting my fix of weekly wisdom. You know what they say - "birds of a feather flock together"(REI entreprenuers). I don't hang out at any other site. This one is the best and meets my needs. Living alone is not easy and most people can not do it (live alone that is)unless they are able to entertain themselves and have connections outside of home. I read the books for knowledge but nothing takes the place of conversing with another human being.

Dean The Man

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Dean keep up the great work it is nice that you do these videos every week it pumps me up. I was talking to your pal Phil Tyrone about credit he rocks as well. It would be a pleasure to add my story to your already super successful testimonials. I hope my story can help many people like your former students. I am in the beginning stages. If there is anyone from Los Angeles or heck anywhere else that likes to help each other out in these new times message me and I am also on Facebook.

God Bless

Eric Volkers

I love Wisdom!!

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I dont talk much because I had just about given up, but I have family depending on me. And i know I can do all things through "JESUS CHRIST". I enjoy wisdom greatly, and I enjoy hearing it from others that have been there and have gone through it. Thank you Dean for taking the time out to delivery that precious message, signing out from Phoenix, AZ,

P.S. I just signed up with the Success Academy, Im taking that LEAP!!!!!! NO MORE EXCUSES!!!

Your Books

Dean, I am ready for this new life I have been searching for and realized I found it through your books. I have been a Realtor for years and never felt so knowledgeable as I do now after reading your books in one night.

Very inspirational!

Thanks, Dean! You are so right because we can't take it with us but should leave the best legacy of which we are capable. Financial security gives a good start to those we are with today and those we leave behind. Thanks again!

True - reminds me of...

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The Scripture - "Love one another as you love yourself" There is something about taking care of ourselves that opens the door to reaching out and caring for others.
The Why - my husband - my children - vacations :)- my church - this country.
You do have to keep it in the front of your mind. I can get lazy when I don't.
Dean, thank you for reaching out to us regularly. I hope you are having wonderful days with your family!

All of the Above!

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thank you so very much for giving us another great message and encouragement-they mean so much to us!
my whys are pretty much all the ones you mentioned-and some more.
and the beauty of all of it, I get to feel good about helping others! how awesome is that!!

I am moving towards my goal every day,


Thanks for that true message

Thanks for that true message. You really touched me deep.

Thanks for the reminder

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Thank you for all you do to make this world a better place and as always your advice is always
right on target.I have been and always will be a
humanitarian and a philanthropist and my family
has always depended on me for strength/Faith to find a way to have everything work out right.I
guess when your the first born this is supposed to come naturally or so I've been told.I've embraced REI and this community because it allows me the
chance to network/interact with people I consider
to be kindred spirits and to acquire enough wealth
to establish a very strong legacy for my family
and a very powerful foundation for the philanthropic causes I am most passionate about.
This is my why but sometimes when you take on this much responsibility you forget to leave yourself in the equation so thank you for the reminder to remember to take care of myself too.Keep the Faith and God Bless you and the DG
community.Hoping you all have a Truly Blessed
Holiday Season.

Robin R. Knight
Storm Haven Property Solutions LLC
Kansas City,MO


Touching and Inspiring

Thanks : )


Get Started

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Hi Dean your messages are always so uplifting to me, I want so badly to get started especially now, more than ever with your latest book I placed an order for. I find it to be easier than the others.
But I won't lie I can really use some help in doing the "comps" after I locate a valued property an investor would want to purchase.
My sister and someone else told me i can't do this because of that (poor in math) so I felt bad not getting to. I have asked in here (your site) but no answer yet from anyone about it.
May have to figure it out for myself then?
I'm also presently going with out a printer but hope to get it fixed as it seems to need a "spooler" to get it working again. I am anxious to get it done, do it right from the start, the beginning like you teach us and with the help of Matt Larson, you both are wonderful, powerful motivator's. I appreciate all your endless advice and help to see all of us achieve our goals, our dreams made into reality. I appreciate all of you and your wonderful staff.
I sure don't want to let you down as you've stood by me like a good old friend never giving up on me; so bless you for that Dean.
Bear with me and God help me, I will see it through and I will be so excited my first deal completed thanks to you and Matt Larson and others who have gone before me in REI.


Inspiring - Yes!

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I am finally getting underway. Dean has inspired me for years and today he has inspired me to do it right for the right reasons. I have used the 7 levels deep method and this Weekly Wisdom fits into that scenario. These truly are the reasons I am (and I am sure others are) "doing it!". It is so hard to get it started and do it right, not because it is hard, but because all of the "things" that cloud our path. Thank you Dean. Every time you pour out your heart, someone is truly enlightened and inspired to finally get it going.

Thanks Dean!

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It's always nice to come in for a boost of encouragement for you every week especially when I need it most. Best wishes.



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Thanks for the inspiration every week it helps as we all need the extra boost to help us stay on track and focused.

Homerun Dean!!!!

Never let a statue tell you you how good you are!! I cant help anyone if I cant help myself!! I get it thanks Dean that was a little hard to swallow, but I felt your pain!!! I'll try harder, dont worry I'll get there! I been helping people all my life from being in the Military to being a EMT to Heart Research to being a Father, its all fighting for OTHERS and I have done them all!! So I can do this !!!!

Thanks for reminding us why

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Thanks for reminding us why we are doing REI. It's hard to stay focused when we get stuck in the everyday rut. Your reminders help us move forward.

Great Job Dean

Good encouragement to keep us going, wisdom to keep us moving forward.

Thanx as usual!'s picture

Thanx Dean for being my boost of inspiration, keeping me focused. A son of dear friends of ours died yesterday and he has been an amazing model during his battle with a rare form of cancer. He blogged right up to the end on a website we all followed. I'd like to share his daily words, "Today is your best day. Ride in a good direction".

It's these angelic voices and divine messages that we need to embrace and catch the motivation within...and move in a good direction.

Miss Tish

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