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I'm from a small town in Nc but now I live in Charlotte. I love it here and the market is great. Never thought I would be investing in real-estate. After everything thats has happen in the last year and a half. I seen Good opportunities that want be around forever so I had to take advantage. Dean G. is the only one I see on late night television that I would pay for there product. Both his books have been great on helping me on this journey in real-estate. Glad that there are people out there like him who made it and wants to give back. Awh I'm lost for words ,,,,,,, I love this site keep posting the great comments everyone, Keep GOD first and take care..

I love to travel and I love to learn about foreign cars.

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Owner of a Trucking Business
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we also live in NC Have you erally had luck with this program

Have you really had luck with this program? I an scared that I won't be successful, my husband is sceptical

Still at it.

Dean program is great. We can call the line anytime and get answers to the questions we ask. They are real helpful. We have alot of deals in the works but have not closed yet but we want stop.