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I am the owner of an office equipment, supply and service company(3rd year). I've been interested in real estate investing for about 7 years now though not nearly as actively as I would want. During that time, was a silent investor/partner with a group of friends investing in land purchases that would later be built on, then the properties sold for a profit(hopefully!). As the economy began to tank, investment opportunities with this group dried up and we found ourselves saddled with debt and properties that wouldn't sell. I picked up 2 of Dean's books over the past few months and after reading them, discovered that there was indeed an opportunity in real estate even in these 'down' times. Fast forward to today and I'm 'working my tail off' to keep my office equipment business going while at the same time learn what it takes to succeed in real estate using Dean's techniques. I feel pretty good about my progress so far as I've already read 'Profit From Real Estate Right Now', 'Your Town, Your Real Estate Profits' and I just started reading 'Be a Real Estate Millionaire'. With the help of the books, the DG website, the blogs, and all of the other resources available, it's just a matter of time till I submit that first offer. I look forward to hearing from other members of the DG 'Family' in the future to share ideas, inspiration and the like!

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Just wanted to welcome you and say hello. I do like to Network, cause ya never know what the future may bring. Keep in touch and have a Merry Christmas/Happy Holiday!



Hello all

Just wanted to check in and say hello to everyone. Im currently working several deals and would love to partner up and work some deals with other investors in Ohio. Im having tons of success with ghost ads and bandit signs.
Those interested please comment back hope to hear from you soon.

Hello ConradE

Sorry it took so long for me to respond. Great to hear you're achieving success from your efforts. What part of Ohio? I'd be interested in talking.

Here's to your continued success!!

Welcome aboard

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Welcome to the site and the family. If you need any help or mentoring please email me or pm me..Keith

Investor cash out refinance opportunities available

Good morning all! I haven't been on the site in a little while so I want to quickly catch you up on what I've been doing recently. I recently aligned myself with a funding source that offers cash out refinance opportunities on investment properties. The best part is that approval for the loans are not based on your credit score. It's based on the property itself. I'm going to be using the source myself for investing so, if anyone is interested in discussing the opportunity, IM me and I'll tell you more.....