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Rodger & Diane Allen
Waterfront On The Mighty Rogue River, in Beautiful Grants Pass Oregon
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We are a husband and wife team with some small assests in the good column. We started DG at the same time we are creating some new challenges in our life by just picking up, quiting 1 good job where I was making 40K as a trk. mech.(Diane was laid off 1 1/2 yrs. ago) & moving to the place we'd like to retire. I have a disabilty that I like to ignore(bum leg) & that has caught up w/me now. We have been interested in investing in real estate for several years and we have acquired 10 small pieces of land(1 1/4 acres...2 1/2 acres ect. home building lots) & two 160 acres each, Gold Minning Claims in a very well known Calif. Minning Town area along the way,(ya-know.....for investment reasons .....or in case Gold hit $2,000 overnite ....lol), now seems like the perfect time and are taking the leap into the current down market to buy a place to live.....First!!! We know we need help to acomplish all of our goals,(only goal @ moment is to do at least 5 deals in the next 2 yrs. after finding "New Home") we are looking forward to working w/others on this sight, learning & teaching when & as we can. We will always try to be helpful to those who come after us here! "The more you give the more you recieve!"

"God & Family"...Gold & Mining...Music...Shooting...Hunting/Fishing...Photography...Fossil & meteorite hunting...Morel mushroom hunting

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Great to have new members to the DG family. There is so much information available through this website. If you have questions, about anything concerning real estate, then somebody here has dealt with it and has probably posted the answers already. You'll find brand new investors as well as truly successful ones that will encourage and help you.

EHCO - Encouragement and Help gives Confidence to pursue Opportunities.

Good Luck!!


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Great to be here.....Rodger & Diane

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We now have our books, amazing info in just the first 100 pages, my mind is A-Whirl w/ possablities. We particulary like the idea of paying all cash for the right deals...(50% off FMV) & then doing a re-fi in w/ a new loan 30 days later, & after a "Paint & Plant" to the property if it's necessary. Wonderful way to make $$$$!

our progress;

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What a great place I love it here!! To watch our progress please follow up on us at the Topic "Something for Nothing" Thanks for the cool coments so far....the name Pipeline refers to the fact; I want to build a "Pipeline" of money through RE, funneling into the bank acc. for me.....or I can always keep carrying home a couple of buckets of pennys from my job every 2 weeks. I have always joked I'd change my name to "Rich Happy" if I made a million doing this....lmol....Rog & Diane Allen