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Paula Weisner
Kansas City, Missouri
About Me: 

Happily married.
Children: 2
Grandchildren: 2
Work: Automotive Industry (18yrs) / Real Estate Investing since 12/11/11
Greatest Joy: My family

Basic Info

Service Writer / Office Manager
Have Child(ren)
Completed High School

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Mainly Just This One



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Being the newbie that I am I didn't realize you get messages here!

Deals going well so far. We bought our first to buy and hold but I think we are rehabbing and flipping with all the response we have had on it. Have an offer in the final stages of negotiation on the house across the street from it. Thought I was working on a short sale but it has become a note sale, not sure how that will work out but I'm willing to see.

How are you?

Hi Paula

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hope things are going well with your rei in Kansas City!
Did you hold or flipped your first property? It is amazing how your options start opening as you take action...

Wishing you great success,

Thank you Valerie!

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As you can tell, I have been very busy! We have had such a time with our first fix and flip but we are counting the days till it's finished. We had contractor issue after another. I became a Realtor in the time frame and hope to sell it very soon after completion.

I have (luckily) been more skilled at buying non-performing notes. I think this will probably be my niche. I get the due diligence and can seem to make a profit quicker than the house flipping thing....but who knows, this was the first flip and a lot of bad local advice.

Thank you for the motivation today,

Paula Weisner