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Welcome to the DG site. You will get a lot of valuable information here.

I recommend you use it wisely by reading as much as you possibly can.

Good luck.



Hey Dean & Matt,

GREAT job with the webcast last night, in spite of the blackout the information was like you said "AMAZING”. I’m already applying what I learned and have found 2 properties that meet the criteria that was set forth in the training(by the way I’ve only been looking for about 3minutes) so I see understand the earning potential. I will be making at-least 25 offers this week, and fully expect to have a deal going by next week. I’m not sure if I will have a realtor in place by then but who cares, I know what to look for and will do my due diligence and try not to make any errors.

I realize that you receive tons of email so I do not really expect a reply, but I would like some suggestions on building an investor / cash buyers list. We are looking for someone who would be willing to fund our deals and is willing to split the profits, also act as a mentor. Of course we will do all the boot on the ground work (ie: finding properties making offers etc.). We are located in Central Ohio and are focusing on the five county area surrounding (Columbus) Franklin County. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Even if we make a mistake, what I like to call a learning opportunity. We will finally be in the game and that’s EXCITING!!!

Hard Money Lender Question

We are still new to this and need a bit of advice and/or feedback from the DG Family. Has anyone used or know anything about the following Hard Money Lenders:

Any and all comments, suggestions,advice, and recommendations of any kind are welcome. We need a funding source and are trying to make the best decision for all concerned.

Thanks in advance. Looking forward to that first deal.

If you want to respond with a PM that is fine.


Best Wishes to ALL!!!


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Hi baby, this is how you will get a mssg from someone regarding prop for sale. Love you later~

In dayton but think we can help each other!

you wanna try to work together??


According to my profile I joined this site 2years 6 months ago Jan 30 2011. In all that time I have not closed one deal. WHY? I have had properties under contract. What I have found dis that getting properties under contract is one thing finding buyers is another. What good is it to get a property under contract if there is not a buyer in place or if there is any interest the other party wants you to lower you price. Are there any actual buyers out there or just a bunch of us trying to wholesale properties? I have no money for escrow or earnest and my FICO Score is below 400 if that is possible. I have been unemployed since 2010 so I have no money period. I have put a lot of faith and effort into this I've read the books, joined the REIA,even attended DG a 3-day workshop last August in Columbus, OH. Having done all of this not one deal done. I think you can do this with no money or credit but you WILL NEED ONE! If you have MONEY you can do this with NO CREDIT or If you have no MONEY YOU WILL NEED CREDIT! IF you have neither prepare for disappointment. AS of this date I have had 10 properties under contract you would think one would have closed. Any comments or suggestions?

your property for sale: Turnkey Opportunity in Columbus OH

Hello kevin

Are these 15 properties are single or town houses? or room in hotel? I am trying to know what type of perperties are they? Are they near to university? easy to rent?

thank you very much


Turnkey Opportunity in Columbus OH 15 CASH FLOWING PROPERTIES C

I just found the pictures of these houses, I am new to the system. I just send PM for specific quesitons regarding the property sales