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My career field has been in construction for over 25yrs.I am married and have a great wife we are truly best friends,We have two children which we love so much.I always had a passion to make money in Realestate but never took action.I have built my own home and its a gem.I will now dare myself to fail to make money in RSI.

RSI, fishing,football.

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Construction (field superintendent multi family)
Have Child(ren)
Completed High School

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Mainly Just This One


Not Giving Up!

Hello DG members,My name is robert.I have been unemployed now for four months from my construction job and its been so strange to have this feeling every day,But I am not giving up.After buying and reading DG's books I realize there is another path to make income so I am taken the bird dog approach.with no money and bad credit I am daring myself to fail,and last night after listening to DG it helped me alot.thanks DG!
Cannot afford the edge study coarse now but I will someday.
Bird Dog Bob!

Hi Robert

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My names is James. I also live in the Atlanta area. I got deans books back in July and finished it that same month. Didn't take any actions towards it either, but last last week my company layed me off after five and a Half years. I also am in the construction industry. So now I am looking into doing reassignments also. If you want maybe we can just drop each other some helpful info every once and a while.


Hey James,Sorry about your job layoff.It's been 8 months for me now and still looking,But I try to stay busy and focus between still looking for work and looking foward to make money in RSI.This method of assignment deals look rewarding.I need to get more serious about calling for buyers and looking for sellers.I"ll keep in touch and let you know if I find anything interesting until then go for it!.Construction trade has never made me rich yet.

Hello James and Robert

I too, am in Atlanta; however, I've bought DG's newest book and also the Blue Print but have not received them yet so I'm browsing the sites trying to learn anything and everything I can. Its nice to know that I can find fellow-DG members here,in ATL and look forward to keeping in touch and learning.