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James Taylor
Atlanta GA
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I have been thinking about investing in real estate for quite sometime now. Fear has kept me back. In all honesty I am the type of person who needs direct directions. Not really use to thinking out of the box. I also havent had the time. I went to school and worked. As soon as I finished my trainig, the company I have been with for 5 and half years just laid me off. I am a part of a union but there wont be another job for me for quite sometime. So now is the time to make a move and cast fear aside. I deserve a better life for me and my daughter. So here I go, wish me luck!

Fishing, Playing pool, video games, spending time with my daughter and just learning new things.

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Hey dewdevil James, welcome to the dg family. We are all here to help...and make some money!! Wholesaling is the way to make some really good money in lump sums. The idea is to find buyers who are looking for certain types of properties. You will find buyers at the auctions, "I buy houses" signs,etc. You go out and find these properties, get them under contract and flip/sell the contract to your buyer for an assignment fee. I usually get a fee of 10k or more in my area. Hope this helps-If you have any ??? contact me and will help you out. Take care and have a great day. BTW your daughter is beautiful. Mike


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It was once an individually owned company that went MLM about 5-8 years ago(not sure exactly. The owner's story had holes in it. I tried to market it without success. I also tried to use it but the attorneys wanted large retainers. I would stay away from it and concentrate on the real estate.