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I just turned 27 in October and I'm proud to be part of such a great group of ppl that make me feel right at home from the beginning. I have a wife and we have a 3-year old, that's enough for me to want to be successful. However, it's not just for them-although I love them dearly. For me it's about paying it forwar. My life has dealt me a pretty tough hand, but no pain...you know the rest. I have a severe case of real-estate addiction and I know that even in my success I will mentor young, or even old ppl who are looking for something different out of life. I believe that nothing comes easy except failure-

Real estate, education, family, working out, traveling

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Where Do I get the "Investor Disclosure Notice"

Where Do I get the "Investor Disclosure Notice?" Is there a place on here?

Investor Disclosure Notice + Forms

You'll find most, if not all forms you need right here.


Whats up Reggie!

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You sound very similar to me. I really connect with your bio about how you will mentor people who want to invest. Right now I am mentoring my father. I am 25 years old with a 6 month old son. I do not know your situation with income but I hope it is working out that you don't need to go back to work because you do have an immense advantage with the 40 hours a week that does not need to be spent on a time card.

Would you like to start a forum with me about the different ways we all have to schedule our time to Invest, work, chores, and spend time with family. Right now in my life I feel that crunch of not enought time. I own one duplex right now and it is rented. Before it was rented I feel as if I deffinently spent to many days leaving work at 3PM go to the duplex and get home by Midnight just to be awake at 6AM to be on my way to work, UGGHH.

I will deffinently be interested in your progress with how your time is managed between Family and Investing.



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I just wanted to say welcome to the board and I wish you well in your journey for RE riches. It is very possible. Just work hard and read all you can here on the board.

I am in Chicago

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I am a new investor who just purchased the Dean Graziosi tax lien program. Dean says, for one time only, he will give me (one time only) one of his properties that he bought from buying tax liens, for what he paid it. That means a house for maybe $10,000. I dont have the $10,000 to buy it. I am offering 50cent on the dollar for whichever investor who will come up with the ernest money and I will do the rest. Contact me soon because soon after I go through the program completely I will post this offer. Thanks. I am Mike.


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