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Married with 3 kids.Unemployed for 2yrs and now im a stay at home dad.Wife is the only one working and would like to help her out asap.Now, that im a DG family i have faith that i will do that plus more.With my situation being the way it is.I'm going to start off by wholesaling.If you are a cash investor and want to invest in Phoenix Az.Tell me where you are interested in buying propertys and what criteria.... Thx

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Still Looking for Attorney?

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Hey Steve, I'm not a flake. But i am sorry for NOT getting back to you sooner. In my defense I ran into a personal problem... and just got behind. I've been e-mailing back in forth with Dallas Chapman in Coolidge a bit, but I owe you an Attorney.

I'm going to call my Attorney tomorrow, Friday the 13th. Don't know when you'll get this personal message; I will call you tonight or tomorrow. I need to go to Cave Creek tonight but should find a window - not too late for you and family - to give you a jingle.

Cordially, Joseph Reesha, Avondale


i was wondering if you could really truly do this with no job or money i have no job no money in the bank how can i pay closing costs?how can i pay attorneys costs? i read the book profit from real estate right now and i want to be a millianaire book help me please

Im in the same boat as you

Im in the same boat as you brother!I have been a member for quite some time and people are not signing my guest book as you can see.I have reach out to people here and they have not responded back.So, I kind of gave up.I would really like people to respond and give me inspiration to let me know that I can do this,let me know that I can ask any question that I want,and pretty much be there if you know what I mean.


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I responded to your private message, so call me and we can talk!


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Steve O to the DG Family. Heres the link

Best wishes,

Hi Steve

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I read your PM-I will keep you in mind if I decide to venture out to Phoenix.

I hope you are progressing with your rei journey-it does take time and a lot of effort, but by doing a little every day, you can reach your goal!

You may want to start a journal on this site-it does help to write down your goals and your achievments...

Wishing you great success,

Any updates

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Hi Steve
Wondering how you are doing with your investing lately in phx, if you're needing any help with pointing to resources, so much available here!