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John Haughton
Chesterfield, England
About Me: 

My wife Christina and I bought our first "buy to let" property in 2006. We then continued to buy steadily until mid 2009 when we hit a brick wall due to the banking situation. After a while we moved on to lease options and have since taken on several more properties using this method. To date we are mid-twenties and always looking for more.

Property, travelling and looking after our grandson are our main pastimes.

Basic Info

Full time property investor/man of leisure
Have Child(ren)

Sites I Visit

Mainly Just This One


looking to build my team

hi john. Where are you from?

I am looking for other investors to join me team.

Want to work together?

Let me know how I can help you.

alane leo

Hi John

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I read your post where you stated that you live in England; what part of England?

You may want to fill out some info on your profile so that other investors on this site can know a little about yourself and network with you.

Wishing you great success on your journey.



Welcome aboard

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Welcome to the site and the family. Take time and fill out some more on your bio. This is where we come to see who you are and what it is you are trying to do here. If you need help with mentoring or have a question shoot me a PM.