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Im a girl originally from Chicago now residing in fabulous Las Vegas. I am an aspiring real estate investor and believe in working hard and NEVER giving up on your dreams. Your time is coming.

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Doing whatever Dean tells me to do!
My Pets Are My Kids

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hello what part of town live in? and how your progress with the book? I'm in Chicago

Title Company

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Hi, Tiffany

Congrats on your deal. I am in Las Vegas also, just have one question what title company did you use for your deal?

Way to Go

good job tiffany glad to here it works

Netco title

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Netco title

Netco title

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Netco title

Netco title

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Netco title


Great job Tiffany! We just returned from buying summit and a bit overwhelmed but great to hear this works and great job on your first deal!!

First Deal...

Was it hard to find your buyer and was it a cash buyer?

3rd Deal done!!

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This is for all who have had a rough patch or slow streak. It has been a long frustrating 2 years that since my last deal. And finally the phone rings from one of my Craigslist ads. Locked up the property for 83k and assigned it to a cash buyer for 90k who closed 7 days later. Peristance is key.Keep at it..Dont give up!